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Firefox's New Voice Controls Make It As Good As a Smart Speaker

Lifehacker - 21.1.2020 15:00

Lifehacker - 21.1.2020 14:59

Cutting Books in Half Is a Hack

Lifehacker - 21.1.2020 15:30

Microsoft Tests Office 'Ads' in Windows 10 Wordpad - 21.1.2020 15:29

InWin Shows Off New Signature Chassis, mini-ITX Chassis, and Cooling Solutions - 21.1.2020 15:29

Studio Ghibli has embraced streaming, and the world is better for it - 21.1.2020 15:30

Tuesday's Best Deals: MSI Gold Box, Rechargeable Lighter, Anker Truly Wireless Headphones, and More - 21.1.2020 15:30

Qualcomm’s three new phone chips skip 5G for a good reason - 21.1.2020 15:33

Doom Eternal - 21.1.2020 15:33

Nvidia resurrects old Pascal tech to create budget laptop graphics cards that might not suck - 21.1.2020 15:33

Today’s top deals: Crazy $199 Roomba sale, $10 wireless charger, AmazonBasics batteries, PS4 deals, 4K Roku TVs, more - 21.1.2020 15:35

Here's more evidence that Apple could be planning to bring back the smaller-sized iPhone in 2020 (AAPL) - 21.1.2020 15:35

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is a collection-based RPG that's available for pre-reg (Update: Beta test live) - 21.1.2020 15:38

How to get iCloud storage on your iPhone, MacBook, or iPad - 21.1.2020 15:40

Brad Pitt Took Dax Shepard On The ‘Pretty Woman’ Date Of His Dreams - 21.1.2020 15:40

Lego’s latest space set is the International Space Station, complete with tiny space shuttle - 21.1.2020 15:42

The New York Water Crisis That Nobody's Talking About - 21.1.2020 15:43

Amazon offers Black Friday pricing on most Fire tablets - 21.1.2020 15:44

A VC firm led by a Net-A-Porter cofounder just made a big bet on cannabis beverages. Here's an exclusive look at the pitch deck that helped Cann raise $5 million. - 21.1.2020 15:51

Uber Is Testing Letting Drivers Set Fares - 21.1.2020 15:52

CPU: Intel likely to invoke price reductions in 2020 - 21.1.2020 15:54

Deal Alert: Microsoft takes $200 off Surface Pro X - 21.1.2020 15:56

Nothing has been done to save the planet: Climate campaigner Greta Thunberg

International - 21.1.2020 08:15

US seeing world's biggest economic boom, American dream is back, says Trump

International - 21.1.2020 14:10

Davos 2020: Poor social mobility and inequality recognised as a crisis

International - 21.1.2020 15:29

Back immigration or risk missing out on tech boom: Microsoft' CEO Nadella

International - 21.1.2020 15:38

Adding a PostgreSQL Database to a Node.js App on Heroku

JSFeeds - 21.1.2020 15:56

Glovo exits the Middle East and drops two LatAm markets in latest food delivery crunch

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 15:00

Equity: Uber sells its Eats business in India, Qonto raises, and Tesla says no

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 15:14

Lego made an International Space Station kit, including Space Shuttle and robotic arm

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 15:23

Skylo raises $103 million to affordably connect the Internet of Things to satellite networks

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 15:52

Behind the Gas Lamp (2007)

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 21:20

Mach2 – Windows Feature Control Multi-Tool

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 14:51

Every Google result now looks like an ad

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 15:38

Five methods for Filtering data with multiple conditions in Python

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 13:14

All ProtonVPN apps are now open source and audited

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 14:31

WordPad Is Gettings Ads in Windows 10

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 13:37

Omnieq: Credit Spread Scanner

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 15:04

Show HN: Train a language model to talk like you

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 14:30

What is Rust and why is it so popular?

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 13:03

Seq – A Language for Bioinformatics

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 15:06

People who sleep naked, what is your plan in case of a fire or murderer?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 10:34

Megan and Harry new life in Canada.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 11:03

49ers' Katie Sowers to make history as first female and openly gay person to coach at Super Bowl

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 03:27

[OC] We Spent a Year Tracking our Sex Trends

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 04:57

PoOr CaT iS FoRcEd tO JoIn ThE MaFiA

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 12:06

An ancient aquatic system older than the pyramids has been revealed by the Australian bushfires

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 11:26

Its going to be okay :)

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 12:50

I made a timelapse of my daughter making a lego stop motion about her lego minifigs crew filming a movie.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 13:25

Jumbo: Πωλήσεις 512,5 εκατ. ευρώ στο εξάμηνο- Ποιες είναι οι επόμενες κινήσεις - 21.1.2020 14:52

Ο Όζι Όσμπορν παραδέχτηκε δημόσια ότι πάσχει από Πάρκινσον - 21.1.2020 14:52

Σε λειτουργία η πρώτη πιλοτική μονάδα παραγωγής οξυγόνου από σεληνιακή σκόνη - 21.1.2020 15:00

Έρχεται στην Ελλάδα η μεγαλύτερη έκθεση ρομποτικής της Ευρώπης - 21.1.2020 15:35

Τα Γιάννενα γίνονται κόμβος τεχνολογικής καινοτομίας - 21.1.2020 15:47 Special Defacements - 21.1.2020 09:01 Special Defacements - 21.1.2020 09:11 Special Defacements - 20.1.2020 21:11 Special Defacements - 20.1.2020 21:11 Special Defacements - 20.1.2020 21:11

TestProject — A Perfect Test Automation Tool for DevOps 2020 Feed - 21.1.2020 14:39

Istio as an Example of When Not to Do Microservices Feed - 21.1.2020 14:40

How To Make Progress In Your Agile Career (After Scrum Master) Feed - 21.1.2020 14:40

Who Are You, Agile Architect? Feed - 21.1.2020 14:40

Are You Doing This With Your API? Feed - 21.1.2020 14:40

Build a Skill for Amazon Alexa Feed - 21.1.2020 14:41

Relational vs NoSQL and RDBMS to NoSQL Migration Feed - 21.1.2020 15:23

Functional Increments in Web Services Feed - 21.1.2020 15:23

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X, XS and 11

Lifehacker - 21.1.2020 14:30

Honor View 30 release date, news and features - 21.1.2020 14:31

Disney+ to launch in UK, Western Europe earlier than planned - 21.1.2020 14:35

New SAP co-CEO 'runs simple' to Davos in Mercedes hydrogen car - 21.1.2020 14:40

Watch Awkwafina Answer Really Bizarre Questions From Jimmy Kimmel - 21.1.2020 14:40

Save $160 as iPad deals return to Black Friday prices - 21.1.2020 14:40

Sanders Apologizes For Surrogate’s Op-Ed Claiming Biden Has ‘Corruption Problem’ - 21.1.2020 14:40

Uber Tests a Feature That Lets Some California Drivers Set Fares - 21.1.2020 14:41

MIT researchers invent a light-sensitive ingestible medical device - 21.1.2020 14:42

The Last of Us 2 release date, trailers, news and rumors - 21.1.2020 14:43

Disney+ now launching a week earlier in the UK and Western Europe - 21.1.2020 14:44

The best smartphone of 2020: 15 top mobile phones tested and ranked - 21.1.2020 14:44

Save up to $150 on an Arlo Pro 3 wireless security camera system - 21.1.2020 14:45

Accused scammer Burkov to plead guilty to 'some' charges after extradition dispute - 21.1.2020 14:46

5G will fuel smartphone industry growth -- but it is only a temporary push - 21.1.2020 14:48

The $50 Anker true wireless earbuds people flip out over are $29.99 today on Amazon - 21.1.2020 14:49

Tesla says there’s no unintended acceleration in its vehicles, blames short seller - 21.1.2020 14:50

Leaked trailer offers a new look at Godfall, the first game announced for PS5 - 21.1.2020 14:52

Capella Space reveals new satellite design for real-time control of high-resolution Earth imaging

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 13:27

Cann, the cannabis-infused drink company, moves 150,000 units and raises $5 million

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 14:01

Intezer raises $15M for its DNA-style ‘genetic’ approach to identifying and tracking malware code

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 14:05

FloQast raises $40M Series C led by Norwest on record of strong ARR growth, ACV expansion

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 14:32

Venmo woos retailers with branded, animated stickers for its newsfeed

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 14:46

Know your penguins!

newest submissions : coolguides - 21.1.2020 14:19

The perfect cookie!

newest submissions : coolguides - 21.1.2020 14:55

Joshua Reynolds’ General Truths

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 21:50

Summer Sea Ice Could End This Decade: The Voyage to the End of Ice

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 11:28

The Germany Shock: The Largest Economy Nobody Understands

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 14:00

WikiHow's bizarre art is created by an army of freelancers in the Philippines

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 14:40

Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 13:08

Giffer-Man: Into the Reddit-Verse

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 10:36

Climate experts demand world leaders stop ‘walking away from the science’

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 22:27

A church gun buyback in honor of MLK runs out of money within the first hour

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 03:35

Screensaver prank

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 22:50

The Greediest Streamer on Twitch

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 01:53


reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 10:47

Indiana Jones boulder cosplay

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 09:33

In Minions (2015) When visiting VillainCon, a young Gru can be seen with his mother buying the freeze ray.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 11:07

Dating a person born on the 29th of Feb makes you a pedo

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 11:48

While the tallest man has experienced everyone else’s height and the heaviest man has experienced everyone else’s weight, the richest man almost definitely hasn’t experienced everyone else’s wealth

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 11:31

My dad rigged up this pulley system for adjusting volume from across the room.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 10:51

The American Dream is much easier to achieve in Canada

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 02:00

I’ve wanted a puppy for years. At long last meet Penny! Part basset, part springer, all very good girl

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 10:30

Sam by day, Captain Ravioli by night

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 11:14

NPR Poll: Majority Of Americans Believe Trump Encourages Election Interference

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 11:08

Community News: Latest PECL Releases (01.21.2020) - 21.1.2020 14:05

Tσίπρας: Θα ψηφίσουμε ομόφωνα την κ. Σακελλαροπούλου, χωρίς μεν αλλά - 21.1.2020 13:48

Tην πλατφόρμα «» παρουσίασε ο Kυριάκος Πιερρακάκης στον πρωθυπουργό (βίντεο) - 21.1.2020 14:05

Σε επαγρύπνηση ο ΕΟΔΥ εξαιτίας του νέου κοροναϊού- Υπάρχει περίπτωση να φτάσει στην Ελλάδα; - 21.1.2020 14:26 Special Defacements - 21.1.2020 02:27

TIL: MLK’s “I have a dream speech” was given to an audience Detroit, well before DC.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:04

TIL Nintendo converted old bowling alleys into light gun shooting ranges in 1973. In 1974 the system was shrunk down to an arcade cabinet and featured films of cowboys that the player could quick draw against. This became the basis for the NES Zapper games like Wild Gunman.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:07

TIL that the most requested product at the Vatican City Pharmacy is "Hamolind", a remedy for hemorrhoids.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:13

TIL: Greenbar distillery in LA offers carbon negative drinks, using as much recycled material as they can and putting a portion of their profits toward reforestation efforts.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:21

TIL that civil ware General Ambrose Burnside was renowned for his distinctive facial hair. He sported a wraparound curtain that swooped down over his cheeks and met in a full mustache, while remaining clean-shaven everywhere else. Men today remember him by wearing Burnsides, now known as sideburns.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:33

TIL that one of the earliest known serial killers was Liu Pengli, a Chinese prince from mid-100 BC. He would go on expeditions with others, murdering people for sheer sport. He had over 100 confirmed victims. When he was uncovered, his uncle the emperor banished him instead of executing him.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:40

TIL the UK does not have separation of church and state. The Queen is the head of state and the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:43

TIL that Jack Albertson, the actor who played Grandpa Joe also voiced Amos Slade in The Fox and the Hound.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:46

TIL UK surgeon Simon Bramhall marked his initials with an argon beam on the livers of two of his patients. A colleague saw “SB” on a liver during a follow-up surgery. The marks aren't believed to be harmful to the liver but Bramhall pleaded guilty to assault.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:46

TIL that the boots worn by the actors portraying American soldiers in Saving Private Ryan were made by the same company that supplied boots for American soldiers during the Second World War.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:47

TIL that professional actor, singer, and author Christopher Lee originally auditioned for and wanted the role of Gandalf in movie adaptation of 'The Lord Of The Rings', but it was suggested that he as a better fit for the role of 'Saruman' instead.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:49

TIL Michael Malloy was a man who survived many murder attempts. This Included an unlimited drink tab where the booze was replaced with antifreeze and then rat poison, rotten fish and carpet tacks (he wanted seconds) and being covered in 19 litres of water and left naked on a -26C night in the snow.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:49

TIL that actor Kato Kaelin was staying in OJ Simpson’s guest house at the time of the infamous 1994 murders. He testified as a witness in the murder trial and later won a $15 million libel lawsuit against the National Enquirer for the headline “Cops think Kato did it!”

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:49

TIL that we spend actual money on studying whether or not high school students will buy more junk food from vending machines when junk food vending machines are present versus when they're not. Seriously. No joke...

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:52

TIL A study filmed people sitting in a room. Of 153 subjects, 85 touched their nose with their hand at least once. They then recorded the nasal airflow of 33 additional subjects and found that when a hand was at the vicinity of the nose, nasal airflow more than doubled over baseline.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 14:54

Qualcomm unveils mobile chipsets supporting Isro's NavIC navigation system

Technology - 21.1.2020 13:01

Don't Forget Your Vitamins With This Amazon Gold Box

Lifehacker - 21.1.2020 11:11

How Exactly Do the Iowa Caucuses Work?

Lifehacker - 21.1.2020 14:00

Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained - sources - 21.1.2020 13:16

Netflix’s TV app is making people really angry – here are the 5 things everyone hates most - 21.1.2020 13:17

Kate Upton Chokes Jimmy Fallon: ‘I Was Really Passing Out A Little’ - 21.1.2020 13:18

Uber experiment lets California drivers set their own fares - 21.1.2020 13:20

Apple Reportedly Dropped Plan to Allow Encrypted iPhone Backups Following FBI Complaint - 21.1.2020 13:20

Disney+ expanding to Europe sooner than expected - 21.1.2020 13:21

iPhone 12 release date, leaks and what we're expecting - 21.1.2020 13:22

Acer Announces New Chromebook and Windows Notebooks for Education - 21.1.2020 13:22

Citrix issues first of several patches for critical bug - 21.1.2020 13:26

The best cheap gaming mouse deals in January 2020 - 21.1.2020 13:29

What is OLED? The premium panel technology explained - 21.1.2020 13:29

BOJ says central bank group to assess digital currency possibilities - 21.1.2020 13:29

Apple dropped plans to encrypt iCloud after the FBI complained - 21.1.2020 13:35

US court rules: Just because you can extract teeth while riding a hoverboard doesn't mean you should - 21.1.2020 13:38

One of Amazon’s rarest deals is back: A Roomba robot vacuum for just $199 - 21.1.2020 13:40

Fart noises disrupt Snooker Masters Finals: "Not very funny at all" - 21.1.2020 13:45

Scientists have discovered strange objects orbiting our galaxy’s black hole - 21.1.2020 13:45

Download: Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.1.3 - 21.1.2020 13:47

AppsFlyer raises $210M for ad attribution and more

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 13:16

Snyk snags $150M investment as its valuation surpasses $1B

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 13:16

Ghacks Deals: Whizlabs Online Certifications: Lifetime Membership (98% off)

gHacks Technology News - 21.1.2020 13:02

DuckDuckGo Lite: efficient search without ads

gHacks Technology News - 21.1.2020 13:23

Διαφαινόμενη ιταλοτουρκική προσέγγιση για γεωτρήσεις - 21.1.2020 12:50

«Ρεκόρ» απαισιοδοξίας των CEO για την παγκόσμια ανάπτυξη - 21.1.2020 13:25

Νταβός: Από το κέντρο της παγκοσμιοποίησης ο Τραμπ «υμνεί» την εθνική αναδίπλωση - 21.1.2020 13:33 Special Defacements - 20.1.2020 04:42 Special Defacements - 20.1.2020 04:42

Dew Drop – January 21, 2020 (#3116)

Morning Dew - 21.1.2020 13:11

TIL of The Morgenthau Plan - Post WW2 Germany was to be divided into occupation zones, its industry destroyed, crushing reparations imposed, and large sections of its population forcibly resettled to wipe out the German capacity for war once and for all.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 12:12

TIL Agatha Christie started becoming tired of her long-running character, Hercule Poirot after almost 20 years and approx. 19 books, describing him as “insufferable”. She wrote another 28 Poirot mysteries after that.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 12:21

TIL of the rose of Jericho, a plant that can survive years without water and sun. It curls up into a tiny dry lump and can wait for dozens of years till water comes. Then in slowly unfolds and starts blossoming again.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 12:22

TIL: Seagulls stomping on the ground is called the rain dance. This mimics rain by vibration, and brings earthworms and other bugs to surface.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 12:25

TIL that the modern game of polo is derived from Manipur, India, where the game was known as 'Sagol Kangjei', 'Kanjai-bazee', or 'Pulu'. It was the anglicised form of the last, referring to the wooden ball that was used, which was adopted by the sport in its slow spread to the west.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 12:52

TIL during WWII, gemstones from the British Crown Jewels were hidden in a biscuit tin and then buried deep underground at Window Castle. A trapdoor used to access the secret area where the tin box was kept still exists today.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 12:54

TIL that there's an asteroid and a rock band named after great mathematician, Fibonacci.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 13:22

TIL that from 1961 to 1991, one Soviet Ruble equaled one Pound Sterling

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 13:24

TIL of Norman Morrison, who was a Quaker that set himself on fire under Robert McNamaras office in the pentagon. He was protesting the innocent lives that were being taken in Vietnam at the time. The city Da Nang has road named after Morrison in memory of his acts against the US-Vietnam conflict.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 13:29

TIL Madagascar, off the coast of Africa, was settled by Malay peoples from Maritime Southeast Asia. The language of the country, Malagasy, is related to Tagalog, Javanese, and Fijian. It does have some influences from the Bantu languages of Africa.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 13:39

TIL: In medieval France there was a strange case of mass hysteria wherein all the nuns in a monastery started meowing like cats, sometimes for hours at a time.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 13:50

TIL about Godwin's law, which asserts that if an online discussion (regardless of topic) goes on for long enough, someone will inevitably compare someone or something to Adolf Hitler or his deeds, at which point the discussion often ends.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 13:52

TIL that when auditioning for the title character in House MD, Hugh Laurie initially thought the central character was Dr James Wilson. He assumed that House was a supporting part, due to the nature of the character, until he received the full script of the pilot episode.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 13:58

TIL of the Kani Saizo. A.k.a "Bamboo Saizo." A samurai during the Japanese Warring States Period (16th- Centuries-1615), he is best remembered for marking his kills by putting bamboo branches in the mouths of his slain opponents. Hence his nickname.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 13:58

What to Watch on Netflix the Week of January 21, 2020

Lifehacker - 21.1.2020 13:00

Pocophone F2 is coming, according to trademark application (Update: Poco confirms) - 21.1.2020 12:21

Greta Thunberg makes it clear at Davos 2020: You should be panicking - 21.1.2020 12:22

Tim Cook’s favorite showerhead is now smaller and cheaper - 21.1.2020 12:22

Foldable displays will drive smartphone sales in coming years as prices fall further - 21.1.2020 12:22

The Typewriter, by Leroy Anderson - 21.1.2020 12:23

Samsung’s foldable clamshell Galaxy Z Flip rumored to have a 12MP main camera, not 108MP after all - 21.1.2020 12:24

Save on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - buy three months, get three months free - 21.1.2020 12:24

Uber Eats sells Indian business to local rival Zomato - 21.1.2020 12:24

Jeff Bezos rode around in an electric Amazon rickshaw to show off the company's new fleet in India - 21.1.2020 12:25

Apple hasn't abandoned Touch ID in flagship iPhones yet - 21.1.2020 12:27

'Mario Kart Tour' opening multiplayer test to all players - 21.1.2020 12:29

When contracting with Chinese manufacturers, it's very hard to avoid forced labor - 21.1.2020 12:29

New details about Apple’s huge iPhone 12 redesign were just revealed in a fresh leak - 21.1.2020 12:31

Central banks announce cooperation on digital currencies - 21.1.2020 12:32

2020 iPhones leak point to larger sizes, similar design - 21.1.2020 12:33

Apple reportedly abandoned plans to roll out end-to-end encrypted iCloud backups, apparently due to pressure from the FBI - 21.1.2020 12:33

Nintendo Switch Lite deals bring price crash worthy of Black Friday sales - 21.1.2020 12:34

The Morning After: Disney+ will debut early in Europe - 21.1.2020 12:39

What is 4K resolution? Our guide to Ultra HD viewing - 21.1.2020 12:41

Disney+ is coming to Europe, where people will finally be able to watch 'The Mandalorian' - 21.1.2020 12:46

Why do we fall into the rewrite trap?

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 12:39

Amazon to ramp up counterfeit reporting to law enforcement

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 12:29

Malaysia has sent back tons of plastic waste to rich countries, saying it won't be their 'garbage dump'

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 04:45

I’ve never seen a ping so ponged in my life

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 06:42

Things can get pretty harsh in Mario Kart

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 08:48

Η Δίωξη Ηλεκτρονικού Εγκλήματος προειδοποιεί για προσπάθεια εξαπάτησης μέσω e-mail - 21.1.2020 12:03

Τι σημαίνει η είσοδος της Σκλαβενίτης στα online supermakets - 21.1.2020 12:21

Δημόσια απολογία της KFC για διαφήμιση στην Αυστραλία που ξεσήκωσε θύελλα αντιδράσεων - 21.1.2020 12:27

Δύο προϋποθέσεις για να απαλλαγείτε  από διπλές εισφορές - 21.1.2020 12:30

Citrix ships patches as vulnerable servers come under attack

Naked Security - 21.1.2020 12:32

heksa - CLI hex dumper with colors

Reverse Engineering - 21.1.2020 11:20

AI more feared than atom bomb now, but technology is for good: Huawei CEO

Technology - 21.1.2020 10:05

Huawei CFO's legal team to contest U.S. extradition in day 2 of Canada hearing - 21.1.2020 11:07

Emotet malware operators now using new spam template to demand $50 extortion from potential targets - 21.1.2020 11:13

France offers to suspend digital tax in dispute with U.S.: source - 21.1.2020 11:13

How Apple’s acquisition could bring the Siri boost we’ve been waiting for - 21.1.2020 11:15

Apple lawsuit tests if an employee can plan rival startup while on payroll - 21.1.2020 11:17

Windows 10 Your Phone app could get a nifty feature for swapping files between PC and phone - 21.1.2020 11:18

SpaceX ponders its next mission to blot out the Sun with another 60 Starlink sats - 21.1.2020 11:23

Michelle Obama’s New Workout Playlist Will Make You Hit The Gym Hard - 21.1.2020 11:28

Greta Thunberg has a crisply articulated demand - 21.1.2020 11:30

Nobody can see all of CES. But I tried - 21.1.2020 11:30

Greta Thunberg warns that time is running out to keep global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees - 21.1.2020 11:30

Joy-Con Stylus patent is as ridiculous as it sounds - 21.1.2020 11:31

Tim Cook subtly dinged Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg by saying augmented reality doesn't isolate people like other technologies - 21.1.2020 11:31

Disney+ Launching Earlier Than Expected in Europe - 21.1.2020 11:32

Iran Acknowledges 2 Russian-Made Missiles Targeted Ukraine Jet - 21.1.2020 11:33

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite now available in India at a starting price of Rs 38,999 - 21.1.2020 11:35

"Edge AI": encapsulating machine learning classifiers in lightweight, energy-efficient, airgapped chips - 21.1.2020 11:42

Windows EFS Feature May Help Ransomware Attackers - 21.1.2020 11:45

Berlin’s Home pulls in €11M Series A for its landlord and tenant solution

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 08:45

Stasher, the luggage storage app for travellers, raises $2.5M additional funding

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 09:00

African fintech firm Flutterwave raises $35M, partners with Worldpay

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 11:00

Germany to ban memes over 128x128 pixel

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 10:19

Ask HN: How do you manage your bookmarks?

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 09:53

Houston's sprawl drives up transportation costs

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 01:54

Show HN: UK Invoice and Vat Making Tax Digital Compliant iPhone App

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 11:34

Pipeline and chain operators (|| and and&) now in pwsh

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 11:13

Bill in US Senate to exempt 95% of crypto transactions from capital gains tax [pdf]

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 11:13

The cost of giving birth in America is now more than an average month’s salary

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 20:54

Every single time

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 06:46

Maybe Maybe Maybe

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 05:52

Not sure if this applies to all of the Celtic britons, then still a good laugh.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 07:07

TIL about serial killer Pedro López who after being charged with the murder of 110 girls was set free in 1998 for good behavior and is still free today

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 11:03

TIL that the inventor of the X-Ray, Wilhelm Roentgen discovered how to X-ray accidentally. I guess TIL who accidentally discovered X-Ray also!

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 11:07

TIL of Nedelin catastrophe at Baikanur Cosmodrome when 78 people burnt alive after a Soviet ICBM exploded during tests, everyone but rocket designer who was out for a smoke during launch - died. And there is a video of it.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 11:11

TIL that in a Saxonian noble family, the House of Reuß, *all* men have been named Heinrich (Henry) since the 13th century until today. In order to prevent confusion every Heinrich gets a number.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 11:19

TIL: According to the Bank for International Settlements the total notional value of all the Derivatives in the World is $1.2 Quadrillion. The size of that amount of money would be longer than 50 soccer fields and higher than Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world (829.8 m)

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 11:57

Επιστολή στήριξης των ΗΠΑ από τον Μάικ Πομπέο στον Κυριάκο Μητσοτάκη - 21.1.2020 10:55

Βουλευτής από το Ιράν προσφέρει 3 εκατ. δολάρια σε «όποιον σκοτώσει τον Τραμπ» - 21.1.2020 11:14

Νταβός 2020: Ο Τραμπ χαιρετίζει την ανάκαμψη των ΗΠΑ- Οι εμπορικές συμφωνίες το μοντέλο του 21ου αιώνα (Βίντεο) - 21.1.2020 11:16

Μπορεί με την Κίνα οι συζητήσεις να πάνε καλά, όμως οι ΗΠΑ ανοίγουν νέο θέμα δασμών στην Ευρώπη - 21.1.2020 11:44

China and US top user data requests in Apple transparency report

Naked Security - 21.1.2020 11:53

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite pre-orders begin, sale starts Feb 3: Know more

Technology - 21.1.2020 10:31

TalkTalk sells fibre network to CityFibre - 21.1.2020 10:18

Motorola Moto G8 Plus, hands on: A worthy update, but is it enough to stand out? - 21.1.2020 10:20

Looking for a great value broadband deal? War-torn Syria will do you proud - 21.1.2020 10:20

Facebook plans UK expansion - 21.1.2020 10:21

Republican Group Uses GOP Senators’ Own Words Against Them In New Impeachment Ads - 21.1.2020 10:22

Google backs EU ban on facial recognition - 21.1.2020 10:25

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 and 3070 leaked specs seem too good to be true - 21.1.2020 10:26

Apple now sells refurbished versions of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max - 21.1.2020 10:27

Microsoft is testing ads in WordPad in Windows 10 - 21.1.2020 10:28

This robot vacuum uses lasers to navigate around your home - 21.1.2020 10:28

When Social Media Is Too Much, Some Teens Tune Out - 21.1.2020 10:30

Tesla Stages Encore to China in Germany - 21.1.2020 10:30

IBM Sales Expected to Dip Despite Red Hat Purchase: What to Watch - 21.1.2020 10:30

Everyone should always have their read receipts turned on - 21.1.2020 10:30

Qualcomm announces three new mid-range mobile processors with several improvements - 21.1.2020 10:31

Disney Plus is finally coming to the UK and Europe on March 24, bringing 'The Mandalorian' and Baby Yoda with it - 21.1.2020 10:32

Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for global corporate tax reform - 21.1.2020 10:43

Exposure to air pollution could depend on your class, ethnicity, and gender - 21.1.2020 10:45

Italian Court Orders ISPs to Block IPTV Sites Over Serie A Piracy

TorrentFreak - 21.1.2020 10:41

DEC Answers Leap Year Complaint (1983)

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 01:49

Deaf man sues Pornhub over lack of closed captions in violation of the ADA.

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 10:30

US pressured Dutch Safety Board to downplay tech faults in 2009 Boeing 737 crash

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 09:40

512 people would be more odd won't it?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 06:35

his soul left his body

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 07:42

TIL that old typewriters did not have a number 1 key by design, you were meant to use the 'l' key.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 10:02

TIL that when we shake each other’s hands, we’re likely to subconsciously sniff our own hands afterward to detect their scent

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 10:03

TIL: Don Bradman needed 4 runs in his last innings to finish his career with the unimaginable average of 100. He made 0 and finished with 99.94, still almost double anyone else.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 10:07

Today I learned that beetle species account for 25% of all species on the planet

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 10:14

TIL the Jamestown colony was founded with money made from holding a lottery. Harvard and Yale were also built with profits from a lottery. In these small-scale games, people could find out if they won a prize immediately after buying a ticket, similarly to scratch-and-win lotteries today.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 10:18

TIL there are more than 5000 captive tigers in U.S.A which is more than the total Tiger population in the wild

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 10:20

TIL that The Big Beat, a 1980 song by Billy Squier, has been sampled in more than 260 recordings including Jay-Z's “99 Problems”, Alicia Keys' “Girl on Fire” and Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Higher Ground". The original song never charted.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 10:55

Τυχαία ανακάλυψη ανοσοποιητικού κυττάρου μπορεί να οδηγήσει στη θεραπεία όλων των καρκίνων - 21.1.2020 10:00

«Έτοιμο» κοίτασμα στην Κυπριακή ΑΟΖ έβαλε στο μάτι η Τουρκία - 21.1.2020 10:38

Στα 334,2 δισ. ευρώ το ελληνικό χρέος λίγο πριν το τέλος του 2019 - 21.1.2020 10:41

What do online file sharers want with 70,000 Tinder images?

Naked Security - 21.1.2020 10:50

Talks on digital tax with U.S. remain difficult: France's Le Maire - 21.1.2020 08:33

How Many Lies Has Trump Told? Kimmel Explains In A Way Even POTUS Can Understand - 21.1.2020 08:33

Uber sells Indian Eats business to Zomato in move to cut losses - 21.1.2020 08:35

Disney Plus: UK release date change, price and what we know - 21.1.2020 08:35

Microsoft announces climate change plan, will be 'carbon free' by 2030 - 21.1.2020 08:42

Disney Plus UK to launch early with new March 24 release date - 21.1.2020 08:45

Carl Bernstein Hits McConnell With Scathing New Nickname That Explodes On Twitter - 21.1.2020 08:54

Disney+ is launching a week early in the UK and parts of Europe - 21.1.2020 08:56

AI privacy startup Mine raises $3 million to help users ask companies to delete their data - 21.1.2020 09:00

Acer announces new Windows laptops and a Chromebook for education - 21.1.2020 09:00

Tesla: Claims of unintended acceleration are 'completely false' - 21.1.2020 09:01

MTG shares dive as China e-sports talks fail - 21.1.2020 09:11

New study: 162 million IQ points have been stolen from US children - 21.1.2020 09:12

Talks on tech tax with U.S. still difficult: France's Le Maire - 21.1.2020 09:13

John Oliver Reveals The Worst Thing On Your Cellphone And What To Do About It - 21.1.2020 09:18

OnePlus 8 Pro hands-on photo shows display refresh rate settings screen - 21.1.2020 09:24

How a Kaggle Grandmaster cheated in $25,000 AI contest with hidden code – and was fired from dream SV job - 21.1.2020 09:24

These Huawei smartphones will get the Android 10 and EMUI 10 update - 21.1.2020 09:40

How to make a Campfire

newest submissions : coolguides - 21.1.2020 09:22

Do you guys believe?

newest submissions : coolguides - 21.1.2020 09:44

A small DIY air purifier

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 07:06

Tricks to start working despite not feeling like it

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 08:33

Packers fans leaving the game

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 03:07

That’s gotta hurt

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 06:25

Three lion brothers lying down.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 04:57

Dads are the best

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 05:36

TIL that Hugh Laurie struggles with severe clinical depression. He first became aware of it when he saw two cars collide and explode in a demolition derby and felt bored rather than excited or frightened. As he said: “boredom is not an appropriate response to exploding cars".

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 09:30

TIL Martin Luther King Applied to Carry Concealed for Self-Defense But Was Denied

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 09:39

TIL in the Philippines, all Filipinos who reach the age of 100 years old shall be honored with a cash gift of Php 100,000 (≈2000 USD).

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 09:48

EY: Απαραίτητος ο ψηφιακός μετασχηματισμός των υπηρεσιών υγείας - 21.1.2020 08:41

Νέα δημοσκόπηση: Στο 13% η διαφορά υπέρ της ΝΔ έναντι του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ - 21.1.2020 09:05

Γκρέτα Τούνμπεργκ από Νταβός: Ο χρόνος τελειώνει και δεν έχουμε κάνει τίποτα με την κλιματική αλλαγή - 21.1.2020 09:19

Κινεζική επέλαση στην αγορά κατοικίας- Έως και ένα δισ. ευρώ οι εκτιμώμενες επενδύσεις - 21.1.2020 09:29

Τέλος εποχής στο Μπάκιγχαμ – Ο πρίγκιπας Χάρι αποχαιρετά την Μεγάλη Βρετανία και πηγαίνει στον Καναδά - 21.1.2020 09:30

Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran joins platform LinkedIn as influencer

Technology - 20.1.2020 12:35

Qualcomm launches mobile processors with built-in support for India's NavIC

Technology - 21.1.2020 08:17

Delegates at World Economic Forum urged to commit to financial technology - 21.1.2020 07:45

Qualcomm, MediaTek to enjoy double-digit growth in mobile chip sales - 21.1.2020 07:47

US spends $4.5m on heat-based facial recognition that works at 1,600ft - 21.1.2020 07:47

Kingston releases 2TB-version of KC600-SSD - 21.1.2020 07:48

Inventec expects 10% revenue expansion in 2020 - 21.1.2020 07:55

Peter Cochrane: Technology is not a threat - people are! - 21.1.2020 08:00

Canonical announces Anbox Cloud allowing users to host Android apps in the cloud - 21.1.2020 08:00

AMD Radeon 5800 XT (big NAVI) to get 80 Compute units? - 21.1.2020 08:00

Office workers would welcome automation of repetitive digital tasks, says survey - 21.1.2020 08:01

Diode firm Eris expects revenue and profit growth in 2020 - 21.1.2020 08:02

ITRI uses AI to train collaborative robots - 21.1.2020 08:06

Windows 10’s Wordpad is getting an upgrade adding Ads - 21.1.2020 08:12

Mini, micro LED catch eyes at CES 2020 - 21.1.2020 08:14

Trump Jr. Tried To Make MLK Day All About His Dad And It Didn’t Go Over Well - 21.1.2020 08:16

Tucker Carlson Issues Ominous 2020 Warning To Trump And All Republicans - 21.1.2020 08:17

Britain's TalkTalk sells fiber network to CityFibre for 200 million pounds - 21.1.2020 08:17

Never-before-seen virus hits China, outbreak spreads 'human-to-human' - 21.1.2020 08:20

Looks like the party's over, folks: Global PC sales set to shrink as Windows 10 upgrade cycle tails off, says Gartner - 21.1.2020 08:30

Highlights of the day: IT firms gearing up for 2020 - 21.1.2020 08:33

Disney+ is coming to Europe a week sooner than expected - 21.1.2020 08:40

Iran's aviation authority confirms two missiles fired at Ukrainian airliner

International - 21.1.2020 07:10

Gartner forecast: 2020 to see 0.9% bump in global device shipments thanks to 5G, then 2 more years of decline

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 08:29

Show HN: Bash Script to Install a Webserver and PHP on a Clean OS

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 00:49

The Hunt for the Fastest Zero

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 05:49

Trying to kick an idol out for getting married

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 03:14

Indian police slapping Men who were travelling in the ladies coach of the New Delhi's metro

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 05:25

TIL in the United Kingdom, it is an offense to watch or record TV without a valid license. The TV Licensing authority can prosecute you, and the fine can be as much as £1,000. The TV license fee goes towards the services provided by the BBC, including TV, radio and online content.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 08:03

TIL Zhao Bingjun, the third premier of the Republic of China, was previously a public security official during the Qing dynasty. He was directly implicated in the assassination of Song Jiaoren, the man most likely to be his successor. Later, he was mysteriously poisoned

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 08:04

TIL Gordie and Mark Howe hold the record for most NHL points by a father and son: 1850 for Gordie, 742 for Mark.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 08:53

File Synchronizer is a freeware tool that compares 2 folders and lets you sync them

gHacks Technology News - 21.1.2020 08:55

Ακόμα ένα σημαντικό επίτευγμα για τον Γιάννη Αντετοκούνμπο - 21.1.2020 08:00

Στο Νταβός ο Τραμπ- Σήμερα ξεκινά η δίκη για την καθαίρεσή του - 21.1.2020 08:18

Το Facebook ετοιμάζεται να κάνει 1.000 προσλήψεις στο Λονδίνο - 21.1.2020 08:26

Motorola Phone turns on automatically - 21.1.2020 06:54

The best TV deals from the biggest brands - 21.1.2020 07:00

New Research Provides Evidence of Strong Early Magnetic Field Around Earth - 21.1.2020 07:00

16in MacBook Pro review: bigger battery, new keyboard, new Apple - 21.1.2020 07:00

SpaceX hits new milestone, successful Crew Dragon escape test in HDR - 21.1.2020 07:06

Top 25 Computer Vision Project Ideas for 2020!! - 21.1.2020 07:07

Why a social credit system is so scary. Mass surveillance is all around us, and the potential consequences should freak you out - even more so with facial recognition. - 21.1.2020 07:09

Toshiba's new PC algorithm is 10x faster than laser quantum computers - 21.1.2020 07:20

How Not To Celebrate: ‘Daily Show’ Mocks Some Colossal MLK Day Fails - 21.1.2020 07:22

Fly me to the M(O2)n: Euro scientists extract oxygen from 'lunar dust' by cooking it with molten salt electrolysis - 21.1.2020 07:27

Britain's TalkTalk sells its fiber network to CityFibre for 200 million pounds - 21.1.2020 07:27

Uber offloads Indian food delivery business to Zomato in all-stock deal - 21.1.2020 07:27

AMD Renoir Ryzen 7 4800U Gets Geekbenched - 21.1.2020 07:33

Acer Announces the TravelMate Spin B3, a Convertible Notebook - 21.1.2020 07:37

Trump impeachment set to begin in the Senate, 10 months before US elections

International - 21.1.2020 06:15

The daily routine of the famous creative mind.

newest submissions : coolguides - 21.1.2020 07:37

Since it’s flu season, here’s a guide directly from the CDC to distinguish between colds and the flu. Stay healthy!

newest submissions : coolguides - 21.1.2020 07:53

F-35 Logistics System to Be Replaced

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 05:27

Roam: Why I Love It and How I Use It

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 04:44

Filling large arrays with zeroes quickly in C++

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 05:22

.NET everywhere apparently also means Windows 3.11 and DOS

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 06:30

i like it rough so don’t hold back

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 02:20

These fluffy bread rolls

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 04:02

Follow me for more recipes

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 03:02

The picture that made my cat famous for 6 months

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 03:56

When you reach 100 years old in Barbados, you get a stamp in your honor

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 04:24

What would your 13 year old self think of you now?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 02:45

TIL that golf balls bounce on concrete

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 07:12

TIL There is a town in Japan that is filled with scarecrows. Basically the entire town has left or died and this woman has filled this tiny town with handmade scarecrows.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 07:37

TIL that professional wrestler and actor André René Roussimoff or better known as 'Andre the Giant' (the largest professional wrestler of all time) was dubbed "the greatest drunk on Earth" as he managed to drink 119 12-US-fluid-ounce (350 ml) beers (over 41 litres (72 imp pt)) in six hours!

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 07:47

TIL the name of bird Turkey got its name from Turkey Merchants of the Ottoman Empire that import them into Europe.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 07:49

Süddeutsche Zeitung: «Πόλεμος χάκερ στο Αιγαίο» - 21.1.2020 07:02

Παγκόσμια ανησυχία για τον κοροναϊό στην Κίνα- Τέσσερις νεκροί, δεκάδες κρούσματα - 21.1.2020 07:11

Αύξηση της ανεργίας παγκοσμίως «βλέπει» ο Διεθνής Οργανισμός Εργασίας για το 2020 - 21.1.2020 07:24

Ρέγκλινγκ: «Η εκτίμηση για την ανάπτυξη της Ελλάδας είναι καλύτερη» - 21.1.2020 07:43 Special Defacements - 21.1.2020 06:58

Bernice King Swipes At Kellyanne Conway’s MLK Impeachment Claim - 21.1.2020 05:29

AMD "Renoir" Ryzen 7 4800U Geekbenched - 21.1.2020 05:38

Facebook to hire 1,000 new workers in the UK to help fight toxic content - 21.1.2020 06:00

CyberCX floats government loans to help startups comply with open banking - 21.1.2020 06:01

Facebook targets UK growth with 1,000 hires this year - 21.1.2020 06:05

Stephen Colbert takes apart team Trump's legal arguments ahead of impeachment trial - 21.1.2020 06:16

Xbox boss in Japan talking about gaming in 2020 and beyond - 21.1.2020 06:21

Server-side Swift's slow support story sours some: Apple lang tailored for mobile CPUs, lacking in Linux world - 21.1.2020 06:28

Qualcomm's new mobile chipsets pack more features for the non-5G crowd - 21.1.2020 06:30

Qualcomm announces new 4G chipsets including the Snapdragon 720G, 662, and 460 - 21.1.2020 06:30

Facebook name translation fail, Chinese President named 'Mr. Sh*thole' - 21.1.2020 06:31

javascript: Implement a simple Finite State Machine library in JavaScript

JSFeeds - 21.1.2020 06:25


newest submissions : coolguides - 21.1.2020 06:57

Modern Treasury (YC S18) hiring first product designer

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 06:03

Dependent Type Systems as Macros [pdf]

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 07:20

What is the worst first date you have ever been on or seen?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 22:58

"Dragon Ball" Narrator and voice actor Brice Armstrong Dead at 84

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 01:41

Trump Lawyers Argue No President Can Be Impeached for Any Abuse of Power

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 01:59

Those that game together, stay together

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 02:39

TIL That the 'Bit' key is often incorrectly called a Skeleton Key. While an actual Skeleton Key is a type of master key in which the serrated edge has been removed so that it can open numerous locks, most commonly the warded lock.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 05:13

TIL that the first official international game was a cricket match between US and Canada in NYC in 1844

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 05:36

TIL there is a species of blind cave beetles named in dedication to Adolph Hitler-- due to taxonomical tradition the name cannot be changed. The Anophthalmus hitleri has become popular among Hitler memorabilia collectors.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 05:51

TIL there is no global consensus with regard to what constitutes brain death

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 05:55

TIL Nikolay Shvernik was the titular Soviet head of state, but in fact had little power because the real authority lay with Joseph Stalin as General Secretary of the Communist Party. During WWII, Shvernik was responsible for evacuating Soviet industry away from the advancing Wehrmacht

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 06:14

TIL during the German retreat in WWI, accurate shellfire raked the British at Nueve-Chapelle. Officers quickly determined that the German spotters were using a crucifix to coordinate their fire. In darkness, British soldiers moved the cross, making German spotters "recalibrate", to an empty field.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 06:29

TIL Researchers found that people were more interested in learning from scientists who were seen as physically attractive and who appeared "competent and moral". But the better looking and more sociable they were perceived to be, the less they were expected to be conducting high quality research

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 06:30

TIL about the time some poor folks spreaded Cesium radioactive powder downtown and contaminated enough houses, in the end having 12000 people needing screening and 4 dead. That's after a radiotherapy centre in Goiânia, Brazil, shut down and equipment was left behind, later to be harvested for scraps

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 06:32

TIL Einstein freely discussed his affairs – and complained of being chased by the love-crazed women – in letters to his second wife, who was also his cousin, and even to his stepdaughter. Einstein had at least 10 lovers in addition to the two women he married after affairs with them

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 06:37

TIL Alain Mabanckou is among the best known and most successful writers in the French language and one of the best known African writers in France. He is also controversial, and criticized by some African and diaspora writers for stating Africans bear responsibility for their own misfortune

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 06:55

TIL Generic Drugs Are Way Cheaper Than Name Brand ($250 Inhalers Available For $24)

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 06:58

Climate Finder: find places based on temperature and other data

gHacks Technology News - 21.1.2020 06:49

Ξεκίνησε η αντίστροφη μέτρηση για την έναρξη των έργων στο Ελληνικό - 21.1.2020 06:46

Mohegan- ΓΕΚ Τέρνα: Πάνω από 7.000 θέσεις εργασίας για το καζίνο στο Ελληνικό - 21.1.2020 06:55

Schools Took Away Students’ Phones. Now They’re Treating Separation Anxiety - 21.1.2020 04:03

Local food delivery and restaurant discovery platform Zomato acquires Uber Eats in India - 21.1.2020 04:34

Clearview Ai founder responsible for IM worm - 21.1.2020 04:37

Meet the cheapest PC in the world: Android goodness for less than $15 - 21.1.2020 04:46

Mobile voice minutes start to decline in Australia - 21.1.2020 04:57

Subaru plans to sell only electric cars by the middle of the 2030s - 21.1.2020 05:03

Uber sells its Eats business to Zomato in India - 21.1.2020 05:09

Google and Microsoft spar over EU plan to ban facial recognition - 21.1.2020 05:10

Behold the incorrect 2016 electoral map Donald Trump keeps on his desk for emotional support - 21.1.2020 05:25

World-record-breaking boffins reveal the fastest spinning thing on Earth – and it's not George Orwell in his grave - 21.1.2020 05:36

China Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou's extradition hearings start in Canada

International - 20.1.2020 19:10

Nearly half billion people currently unemployed or underemployed: UN

International - 20.1.2020 20:15

War crimes, not genocide committed against Rohingya: Myanmar probe

International - 20.1.2020 20:55

Amir Mohammed Salbi confirmed as new Islamic State leader: Report

International - 20.1.2020 21:15

3 rockets hit near US embassy in Baghdad's high-security Green Zone: Report

International - 20.1.2020 21:45

Boris Johnson's Brexit bill hits hiccup on EU citizens' right to residence

International - 20.1.2020 22:10

China coronavirus claims 4th life, more nations start screening travelers

International - 21.1.2020 04:10

Thunberg, Trump to offer conflicting visions at climate-focused Davos

International - 21.1.2020 04:45

Challenger business bank Qonto raises $115 million round led by Tencent and DST Global

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 05:00

Lockheed Martin to develop ground-launched hypersonic missile

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 04:11

Beware or Canadian road rage eh!

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 01:51

Whoops wrong exit, glad nobody saw that

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 23:59

After Denver hired homeless people to shovel mulch and perform other day labor, more than 100 landed regular jobs

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 23:40

Just try your best

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 00:58

[OC] Some things never get old...

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 01:33

True to form

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 01:03

I’m so happy for both of them. Such a bonding moment

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 01:11

Metallica Donated More to Australian Wildfire Relief Than Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 01:10

Overprotective stray dog acts as a crossing guard for kindergartners

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 02:10

Pegavision expanding contact lens production capacity - 21.1.2020 03:17

Radiohead’s new online public library offers tons of goodies for fans - 21.1.2020 03:30

Yangtze Memory gearing up for transition to 128-layer 3D NAND flash - 21.1.2020 03:31

At Least 3 Dead In China As Officials Say New Virus Can Spread With Human Contact - 21.1.2020 03:41

Best cheap Apple Watch deals for January 2020 - 21.1.2020 03:46

Big W has continued to slash the price off the already discounted Google Pixel 3 - 21.1.2020 03:47

Migrants Going To U.S. Clash With Mexican Forces At Guatemala Border - 21.1.2020 03:51

Uber sells Indian food delivery arm to Ant Financial-backed Zomato - 21.1.2020 03:56

Tasker 5.9.2 will let you run ADB commands without a PC - 21.1.2020 03:58

GDPR has led to $126 million in fines over data privacy - 21.1.2020 04:03

A FreeBSD Desktop - 21.1.2020 04:06

Pig Bungee Jumping Stunt In China Prompts Global Outcry - 21.1.2020 04:07

FTC issues green light for WPG offer to buy 30% stake in WT - 21.1.2020 04:09

Colbert Finds A Truly Horrifying Comparison For Trump’s GOP Defenders - 21.1.2020 04:12

The European Space Agency is going to make oxygen out of moondust - 21.1.2020 04:14

Guide to making a salad

newest submissions : coolguides - 21.1.2020 04:19

Reverberations: An 8-bit approach to J.S. Bach

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 00:43

Cursedfs – Make a disk image formatted with both ext2 and FAT at once

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 03:09

'Universal memory' research passes new milestone

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 13:00

Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 03:40

Actors Roundtable: Adam Driver, Shia LaBeouf, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Jamie Foxx, Adam Sandler

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 16:19

Joe Biden moments after playing his first video game (2020)

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 01:56

APEXCharts Laravel Charts Library

PHP Classes: Latest entries - 20.1.2020 14:34

TIL: the average person (or Australian at least) does not exist

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 04:34

Tesla strongly rejects claims of acceleration issue with its cars - 21.1.2020 01:20

How to download songs from Spotify - 21.1.2020 01:39

How to set up an Apple TV and Apple TV 4K - 21.1.2020 01:45

Deloitte says 41% of Aussie execs want new tech to tackle climate change, social issues - 21.1.2020 02:06

Loot boxes push kids into gambling, says England's NHS mental health director - 21.1.2020 02:21

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max join Apple’s refurbished program - 21.1.2020 02:46

Huawei is barred from using Google Maps on its phones, so this is what it will use instead - 21.1.2020 03:12

Xbox Adaptive Controller mod for Nintendo Switch brings joy to disabled kids - 21.1.2020 03:19

A Newly-Discovered Part of Our Immune System Could Be Harnessed To Treat All Cancers, Say Scientists. - 21.1.2020 03:30

A singer apologized, closed his eyes, dropped his head and died onstage

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 02:44

Short Term Rental (2018)

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 02:04

I told my dad that I bought the game “Risk” and wanted to play it with him. He said he’d never played. I show up to his house and find him with printed out battle plans and map strategies

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 19:48

Wait, Where Was the 6th Hand?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 23:20

Breaktester gets what he deserves

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 00:37

Flew home to visit my parents, first time in a year. Decided to see my old dentist as it’s cheaper to get any work done here. This is what he shows me...

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 19:32

This saber I found hidden in my ceiling

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 00:28

[Highlight] Jaylen Brown murders LeBron

reddit: the front page of the internet - 21.1.2020 02:06

TIL about "Canada 2", an ambitious plan that attracted government interest in the 1960s to build a "second Canada": a new east-west corridor in Canada's north.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 03:05

TIL that at the Tehran Conference Joseph Stalin proposed shooting 50,000-100,000 captured German officers. Churchill stormed out in disgust, and Stalin followed him in to the hall and said he was just joking. FDR joked, "maybe 49,000 would be enough."

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 03:13

TIL 34% of Indian MPs elected in 2014 have criminal indictments against them.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 03:26

TIL in the 1870s, the city of Liège, Belgium hired 37 cats to deliver mail. It was unsuccessful.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 03:27

TIL that Donovan Patton, the second host of Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues, voiced the character "Bot" in Nickelodeon's Team Umizoomi. Additionally, TIL that Patton joined the first host, Steve Burns, in a cameo in the first episode of the 2019 reboot of Blue's Clues. Also, TIL that that's a thing.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 03:43

TIL 90 years ago, hundreds of white men armed with pistols & clubs terrorized Filipino American men in Watsonville, CA for 5 days. They threw Filipino men off bridges into rivers & fired gunshots into Filipino homes.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 03:52

How to know if you’re actually getting Dolby Atmos sound - 21.1.2020 00:53

Alphabet CEO Sides With EU on Facial-Recognition Tech Moratorium, But Microsoft Isn't Convinced - 21.1.2020 00:54

Kanye West Headlines At Evangelical Student Conference In The Bible Belt - 21.1.2020 01:07

A $100 million investment pulls an EV startup out of stealth mode - 21.1.2020 01:13

Uber Sells Food Delivery Business in India - 21.1.2020 01:22

Ultrafast camera takes 1 trillion frames per second of transparent objects and phenomena - 21.1.2020 01:24

Loot Boxes Push Kids Into Gambling, Says England's NHS Mental Health Director - 21.1.2020 01:30

Fortnite on iPad Pro just got a huge frame rate upgrade - 21.1.2020 01:34

Amazon hand recognition could be the future of payments - 21.1.2020 01:39

Amy Klobuchar Addresses Her Time As A ‘Tough On Crime’ Minnesota Prosecutor - 21.1.2020 01:50

Lenovo VR Classroom 2 soldiers on without Google Daydream - 21.1.2020 02:10

Leak says ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ won’t be ready for PS5 launch this fall - 21.1.2020 02:10

Google's Pixelbook Go is finally available in 'Not Pink' - 21.1.2020 02:11

Personio, the German HR platform for SMEs, raises $75M Series C at a $500M valuation

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 00:01

Uber sells food delivery business in India to Zomato

TechCrunch - 21.1.2020 02:51

Map of Baseball Teams from Class-A to MLB

newest submissions : coolguides - 21.1.2020 02:25

Google Boss Sundar Pichai Calls for AI Regulation

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 01:06

Pachyderm Is Hiring React Devs, Go Engineers, UX Design, and Sales

Hacker News - 21.1.2020 02:26

Starbucks Cosplay

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 21:08

CNN poll: 51% say Senate should remove Trump from office

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 21:06

Have you ever woke up in the middle of a dream and the dream was so interresting that you wanted to to back to sleep to see the end of it? If so, what was the dream?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 19:05

MDMA-assisted psychotherapy has proven so effective for PTSD that the FDA approved the treatment for Expanded Access, allowing certain patients access to the therapy before Phase 3 trials are concluded. Full approval is estimated for 2022.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 22:47


reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 22:27

"Imagine the Fire", Arizona, USA,OC[1067x1600]

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 22:26

MDMA for PTSD granted Expanded Access by FDA, patient treatments begin

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 21:38

TIL Butanone, an industrial solvent, is also used as model cement for plastic models. However, instead of "gluing" the pieces together, it welds them together by melting the plastic.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 02:05

TIL the quote "Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing!" was NOT said by Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi, but by UCLA football coach Henry Russell ("Red") Sanders

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 02:15

TIL that J was not universally considered a distinct letter in English until the 19th century.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 02:20

TIL Kate Bush pioneered the use of a wireless headset microphone in concerts enabling her to perform rehearsed choreography of expressionist dance and sing at the same time.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 02:21

TIL Japanese doctor Tetsu Nakamura devoted his life revitalising deserts in Afghanistan, making forests and wheat farmland and contributing to peace. Nakamura was decorated with the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun and Afghan National Medal. His Afghan community nicknamed him "Uncle Nakamura"

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 02:28

TIL that NBA superstar ‘Greek Freak’ Giannis Antetokounmpo obtained his Greek citizenship less than two months before getting drafted into the NBA.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 02:35

TIL The Vietnam government executes corporate executives convicted of financial crimes or corporate malfeasance.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 02:40

TIL Tony Romo has the same number of American Century celebrity golf tournament wins (2) as NFL playoff wins (2).

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 02:41

TIL that in some rare cases laser hair removal can instead stimulate hair growth

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 02:46

TIL: Leonardo da Vinci was famous in his lifetime, but not as an artist or scientist (he never completed a commissioned art work in his life and never published his research). He was celebrated as the producer of lavish theatrical pageants with elaborate costumes and innovative mechanical props.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 02:53

Find the WiFi Password For Almost Any Airport Lounge Using This Free Map

Lifehacker - 20.1.2020 22:35

African Internet Slows After Undersea Cables Break - 21.1.2020 01:00

Rumor: 'iPhone 12' will look like a slimmer, taller iPhone 11 - 21.1.2020 01:00

Galaxy Z Flip camera leak shouldn’t be a surprise - 21.1.2020 01:03

Updated Apple Watch app adds missing features we’ve waited years to see - 21.1.2020 01:08

Instagram deletes the IGTV button no one was using - 21.1.2020 01:10

Let’s check in on the .org sale fiasco: Senators say No, internet grandees say Yes – and ICANN pretends there's absolutely nothing to see here - 21.1.2020 01:13

Thought the Mavic Mini's guide was kinda cool

newest submissions : coolguides - 21.1.2020 01:39

SAMPLERTIMES MADE THIS Wallace sculpted from a 40lb block of sharp cheddar

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 20:36

Time lapse of braces

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 21:07

Trump White House Really Doesn’t Want to Let Lev Parnas Speak at Impeachment Trial

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 19:31

Obsidian looks so smooth.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 20:35


reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 20:41

If it wasn’t for their fame, Harry, Ron and Hermione probably wouldn’t have gotten jobs since they didn’t attend the last year of school and didn’t take their leaving exams.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 21:45

Just watch

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 22:46

This is how a grown woman decided to act toward someone peacefully protesting a fur store

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 17:56

My ice cross season has started! Here’s my first race!

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 23:05

Wow "Other" is doing really great in the polls

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 20:55

TIL more Americans died at Antietam (Sept. 17, 1862) than any other day in American history, including Pearl Harbor, D-Day, and 9/11

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 01:10

TIL the Mississippi flag celebrates the confederacy

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 01:18

TIL that zebras make barking sounds.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 01:22

TIL in Fleetwood Mac's Never Going Back Again, to capture the optimal sound, producer Ken Caillat had Buckingham's acoustic guitar restrung every 20 minutes

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 01:35

TIL The first electric guitar was mass produced by Rickenbacker Electro Guitars and was created by artist George Beauchamp in 1931. It was nicknamed “The Frying Pan” due to its elongated neck (the handle) and circular, flat shaped body.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 01:35

TIL of Timothy Dexter, 1700s American businessman that wrote a book containing no punctuation and random capitalization. In the second edition, Dexter added an extra page which consisted of 13 lines of punctuation marks with the instructions that readers could distribute them as they pleased.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 01:48

TIL a 2017 study found that by shifting high school start times back to 8:30am would result in an $83 billion annual gain to the US economy a decade after implementation, and increase to $140B annually after 15 years

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 01:59

TIL that potatoes contain one of the highest percentages of pesticides.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 01:59

Mitch McConnell Proposes Quick Impeachment Trial With No Guaranteed Witnesses - 20.1.2020 23:46

Huawei CFO's lawyer attacks U.S. extradition case in Canadian trial - 20.1.2020 23:53

Robot tanks: On patrol but not allowed to shoot - 21.1.2020 00:00

Rumored 6.7-Inch iPhone Said to Be Thinner, Have Larger Rear Camera Sensors, and More - 21.1.2020 00:00

HR startup Personio raised $75 million from top-tier Silicon Valley investors without a pitch deck - 21.1.2020 00:01

'Little America' review: Apple's big, hopeful love letter to immigration - 21.1.2020 00:01

Top auto consultant explains why Tesla’s Cybertruck could be incredibly profitable - 21.1.2020 00:06

'Dying Light 2' is delayed indefinitely - 21.1.2020 00:09

Huge PS5 Leak Spills a Bunch of Info On Sony's Reveal Event - 21.1.2020 00:10

Kellyanne Conway: Martin Luther King Jr. Would Be Against Impeaching Trump - 21.1.2020 00:10

Rumor: 6.7-inch iPhone 12 to be thinner than iPhone 11 Pro Max, more sizing details - 21.1.2020 00:10

Score of 2TB of cloud storage plus organization for just $49 - 21.1.2020 00:15

Wave goodbye: DigitalOcean decimates workforce as co-founder reveals lack of profitability, leadership turmoil - 21.1.2020 00:15

Apple working on preventative healthcare technology, CEO Cook reveals - 21.1.2020 00:16

Google buys timed exclusivity for Stadia, 120 new games coming in 2020 - 21.1.2020 00:31

Analysis finds streaming services will dominate pay-TV in 2020 - 21.1.2020 00:31

Ultrafast Camera Takes 1 Trillion Frames Per Second of Transparent Objects, Phenomena - 21.1.2020 00:50

Using MySQL with Node.js and the mysql JavaScript Client

JSFeeds - 21.1.2020 00:25

How to Walk on Ice

newest submissions : coolguides - 21.1.2020 00:01

I’m no hedge-born knave, tis true!

newest submissions : coolguides - 21.1.2020 00:15

I Know What You Download

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 23:05

Philly Restaurants Revolt over Unauthorized Food Delivery “Partnerships”

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 23:54

Beethoven’s audacious acts of musical risk-taking

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 02:43

Epic Tells Customers It Will Stop Google Cloud Integrations

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 23:55

SpaceX is ready to launch manned flight to space, first one in few months - 20.1.2020 23:43

Today I learned that Idaho does not recognize Martin Luther King Jr. Day, they invented Human rights day to avoid honoring MLK due to "King’s perceived irrelevance to Idaho. Some legislators attacked King’s character, citing his infidelities or alleging that he had pro-Russia sympathies"

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 00:02

TIL the melody for the "Edge of Night" song in the RotK was also composed by Billy Boyd who played Pippin.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 00:02

TIL The model (Lauren Scruggs) who walked into an airplane propeller and lost an eye in 2011 received a 7 figure insurance settlement.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 00:31

TIL Martin Luther King Jr's Mother Alberta King Was Also Assassinated.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 00:33

TIL That the rabbits used on the set of "Teletubbies" are a special breed of rabbits called "Flemish Giant". This species of rabbit was used to not give away the scale of the filming site.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 00:40

TIL several countries that have voted to eliminate international moratoriums on whaling receive aid from Japan, who claims a cultural tradition to hunt whales, sparking accusations of bribery.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 00:46

TIL that just 10 percent of world military spending would probably be sufficient to end poverty and hunger

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 00:49

TIL Microsoft attempted to include a piece of code in Windows 3.1 that would give an error message if the computer ran DR-DOS, a competing system to MS-DOS. Microsoft settled an antitrust lawsuit about this code, paying 280 million.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 00:52

TIL about Bugchasing, a slang for someone who deliberately chose to self harm and/or suicide by having unprotected sexual activity with an HIV-Positive person.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 00:54

TIL Brass isn't an element on the periodic table.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 21.1.2020 01:00

Bose's $350 noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have if you want to live in a quieter world - 20.1.2020 23:00

Joe Biden derides game dev ‘creeps’ who ‘teach you how to kill’ - 20.1.2020 23:00

BrandPost: Streamlining Data Analytics Projects with a Validated Design for Domino - 20.1.2020 23:04

That mysterious virus in China is jumping from person to person - 20.1.2020 23:04

Whoa, whoa... Tesla slams brakes on allegations of 'unintended acceleration' bug: 'Completely false and was brought by a short-seller' - 20.1.2020 23:04

Apple Begins Selling Refurbished iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Models - 20.1.2020 23:12

DDoS Mitigation Firm Founder Admits to DDoS - 20.1.2020 23:13

Tim Cook says AR is the ‘next big thing,’ teases Apple’s health initiatives that are ’cause for hope’ - 20.1.2020 23:15

Macron and Trump declare truce in digital tax dispute - 20.1.2020 23:17

Trump, Macron agree important to complete digital services tax talks - 20.1.2020 23:19

Migrate Everything from Linux to BSD - 20.1.2020 23:24

ACCC declares victory after Federal Court rules Trivago misled consumers - 20.1.2020 23:26

Instagram Drops IGTV Button Because Nobody Was Using It - 20.1.2020 23:30

Radiohead Archives Its Music and Art Online - 20.1.2020 23:30

Tesla goes on the attack against “Unintended Acceleration” troll - 20.1.2020 23:32

ESA Foundation announces its first esports scholarship - 20.1.2020 23:39

Infiltrating Networks: Easier Than Ever Due to Evil Markets - 20.1.2020 23:43

Extreme Arctic melting has a new suspect: The same powerful gases screwing over the ozone - 20.1.2020 23:51

How to detect a lie

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 23:24

Helpful tips

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 23:41

gets me every time

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 19:47

Nancy Pelosi calls Facebook a 'shameful' company

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 18:20

no whitewashing MLK day

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 18:40

You are now the manager of Mehven, heaven for people that were kinda good, but not great during their life. How would you design the place?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 16:12

This is how you bond with an animal for life

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 19:22

Biker bro move right there. Oh they found the owner.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 19:00

Adopt don't shop! After a year of recovery. Everyone, meet Champy! BTW today is his birthday.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 20:23

Grammars for Programming Languages (2018)

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 07:37

Impraise is hiring senior back end devs in Amsterdam (Ruby, Elixir, AWS stack)

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 23:07

Deno JavaScript Runtime for V8 Written in Rust

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 22:37

Feds seize Alan Turing’s doctorate, knighthood medal after offered to CU Boulder

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 23:27

TIL that House M.D. episodes are given a "Zebra-Factor", rating the likelihood of a similar medical case happening in real-life. 1 is a common condition, whereas 10 is so rare only a few doctors will witness it in their lifetimes.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 22:25

TIL that Hamburg has the most bridges of all cities in Europe. More than Venice, Amsterdam or Saint Petersburg. In fact it has more than Venice (400 Bridges) and Amsterdam (1200+) and Saint Petersburg (342) combined. In total there are 2496 bridges in the Hamburg.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 22:26

TIL about Smalls Lighthouse Tragedy- 1 of 2 men died, other went crazy watching the corpse wave in a "beckoning" motion. This lead to lighthouses having a crew of 3.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 22:27

TIL Even though the word henge is a backformation from Stonehenge, Stonehenge is not a true henge as its ditch runs outside its bank

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 22:29

TIL a gay man wrote to Martin Luther King Jr for advice. MLK Jr responded that he should see a psychiatrist to overcome his homosexuality.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 22:36

TIL of Filip Konowal, the only Ukrainian to have received the Victoria Cross. After working in Siberia, he crossed the Pacific to take a job in Canada, joined the Canadian Army during the First World War, and during the Battle of Arras, single-handedly rushed two machine gun positions

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 22:40

TIL that Rockefeller Center was named after John D. Rockefeller's son and that it was supposed to be a site for a newer Met Opera building

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 22:44

TIL that the Egyptian Theatre in Coos Bay, Oregon, built in 1925, is one of only two surviving Egyptian style theaters left on the entire U.S. West Coast, the other being Grauman's Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 22:44

TIL The Matrix can be used as a court case defense. The defendant claims that they committed a crime because they believed they were in the Matrix. Using this defense, a defendant can allege they never intended death for their victim because they believed the victim to be alive in the other reality.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 22:46

TIL: Alabama and Mississippi celebrate Robert E. Lee’s birthday on the third Monday of January instead of MLK Jr. day.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 22:59

TIL: The Great Pyramid was once encased in limestone and would have appeared perfectly smooth and blindingly white.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 23:01

TIL that since 2016 Car "Boots" have been slowly been phased out in place of the window "Car Barnacle"

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 23:03

TIL Trevor Berbick, the WBC heavyweight champion of the World, who beat Muhammed Ali in '81 and lost to Mike Tyson in '86, was murdered by his own Nephew.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 23:22

TIL that nematodes account for 4 out of 5 of every animal, they love literal every where, in every environment (including the placentas of sperm whales), they have been around for over a billion years, and they can lay around 200,000 eggs a day.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 23:25

TIL that oxygen on the International Space Station is made through breaking down water molecules through water electrolysis

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 23:32

TIL that a dental surgeon from Pennsylvania shared his idea for a Bat-Bomb with President Roosevelt, who decided to fund it for $2 million dollars.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 23:39

TIL about culture-bound syndromes, psychosomatic conditions that occur only in people who live in certain cultures

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 23:39

TIL The Grandpa of John Boy in 'The Waltons' Was a Blacklisted Gay Communist

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 23:50

TIL that in 1942 a dental surgeon from Pennsylvania USA wrote to the White House suggesting the use of incendiary bombs attached to bats, what ensued was $2 million dollars in research and a burnt down Air Force base.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 23:57

TIL that the nickname 'The lucky country' for Australia came from a book of the same name and was originally a negative remark. The phrase occurs towards the last chapter: "Australia is a lucky country run mainly by second rate people who share its luck."

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 23:59

No US-France digital tax war for now, as Trump and Macron call a truce - 20.1.2020 21:56 unveils “The Radiohead Library,” an official band repository - 20.1.2020 21:59

‘Walking Sharks’ Are the Newest Branch of the Shark Family Tree - 20.1.2020 22:00

Internet Explorer has a major security flaw, but Microsoft can't patch it yet - 20.1.2020 22:00

Microsoft unveils new Applied Cloud Stories initiative - 20.1.2020 22:06

Tesla says unintended acceleration claims are 'completely false' - 20.1.2020 22:07

Frontier, an ISP In 29 States, Plans To File For Bankruptcy - 20.1.2020 22:10

5 deals you don’t want to miss on Monday: $199 Roomba, $30 Fire TV Stick, Samsung Galaxy blowout, more - 20.1.2020 22:10

'Parasite' director Bong Joon-ho became a proud dad meme - 20.1.2020 22:14

What is the Radiohead Public Library? - 20.1.2020 22:19

Marvel’s boss talked to Patrick Stewart about bringing the X-Men to the MCU - 20.1.2020 22:33

New Switch JoyCon stylus patent is perfect for Mario Paint - 20.1.2020 22:37

Android Police's Toolbox for Google Play Store extension is now available for Microsoft Edge - 20.1.2020 22:40

Hospitals Give Tech Giants Access To Detailed Medical Records - 20.1.2020 22:44

Consider lower your expectations for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip camera - 20.1.2020 22:44

Fragment 8 retro camera shoots digital videos and old school GIFs - 20.1.2020 22:45

Feds Seize For Selling Access To Stolen Data - 20.1.2020 22:50

Getting Started with Front End Testing — JavaScript January

JSFeeds - 20.1.2020 22:25

Recreating The Arduino Pushbutton Using SVG And — Smashing Magazine

JSFeeds - 20.1.2020 22:25

Guide to cannabis vaping temperatures

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 22:04

Different kind of wings

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 22:16

At 16 I have become the first person in human history to perform in Carnegie Hall with Lightning McQueen socks

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 18:28

Crowd recites the Pledge of Allegiance. NBC reporter tweets: "Chants of “we will not comply” from gun rights protesters in Richmond."

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 16:28

What’s your “bro I got you moment”

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 07:07

Why do western people care so much about genders and "expressing yourself"?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 11:30

Immune cell which kills most cancers discovered by accident by British scientists in major breakthrough

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 17:38

My daughter decided she wants to be a horror movie makeup artist when she grows up! She freaks me out sometimes when she texts me her ‘injuries’, she’s quite talented and I can’t wait to see how she progresses!

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 18:40

Growing Music with L-Systems

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 05:48

FreeBSD is an amazing operating system

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 21:50

Cello • High Level C

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 22:16

Samsung gets a new Galaxy CEO - 20.1.2020 22:12

If you're curious about some of the latest features of #Azure #SQL Managed instance, mark your calendar for Tussday Jan 28 in Burlington @MSNewEngland hosted by @haleyjason

Twitter Search / haleyjason - 20.1.2020 18:47

Benefits of Hybrid App Development With the Ionic Framework Feed - 20.1.2020 22:19

Fortnite can now run at 120fps on 2018 iPad Pro - 20.1.2020 21:12

Honda HRR Gas Lawn Mower Review: Winter wishes for summer reliability - 20.1.2020 21:13

Snap founder says TikTok could dethrone Instagram - 20.1.2020 21:14

Tech Resume Library: 11 downloadable templates for IT pros - 20.1.2020 21:14

CIRP: iPhone 11 dominated US iPhone sales this quarter - 20.1.2020 21:18

Scientists invent robot that climbs surfaces like Spider-Man - 20.1.2020 21:19

Bee thief nabs 92 hives from California almond orchard - 20.1.2020 21:20

Leaving your admin interface's TLS cert and private key in your router firmware in 2020? Just Netgear things - 20.1.2020 21:23

Cook like a professional chef for $12 with this Amazon deal on a best-selling meat thermometer - 20.1.2020 21:24

Outbreak of new virus explodes in China; human-to-human spread confirmed - 20.1.2020 21:26

Tesla denies “unintended acceleration” flaw: Blames an old enemy - 20.1.2020 21:28

China Reports More Than 200 Infections With New Coronavirus From Wuhan - 20.1.2020 21:30

Here’s how you can open websites in IE Mode on Microsoft Edge - 20.1.2020 21:30

Tour Down Under 2020 live stream: how to watch cycling online from anywhere - 20.1.2020 21:31

Moose traps man in shed, home surveillance camera got it on video - 20.1.2020 21:31

Frontier, a terrible company, is going bankrupt - 20.1.2020 21:31

FTCode Ransomware Now Steals Saved Login Credentials - 20.1.2020 21:36

Mac: How to fix and restart the Touch Bar when it stops working - 20.1.2020 21:37

China: Unsecured facial recognition database leaks, thousands of kids from 20 schools, half are majority Tibetan areas - 20.1.2020 21:41

Boeing seeks $10 billion in loans as 737 Max crisis continues - 20.1.2020 21:45

Champagne cocktails!

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 21:03

Happy Penguin Awareness Day!!!

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 21:11

Guide to how to use a ruler properly found by my dad

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 21:47

The Best Color Functions in CSS?

CSS-Tricks - 20.1.2020 21:30

How to Turn a Procreate Drawing into a Web Animation

CSS-Tricks - 20.1.2020 21:30

He’s too late

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 17:35

Ah, american jokes

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 19:40

Kinda funny, kinda sad

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 18:26

Sitcom Dad Starter Pack

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 16:58

I want some, but I don’t want to make it too obvious .

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 16:51

Shocking turn of events

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 18:15

In Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) the actor who plays Grandpa Joe has a so called ‘coke nail’ on both his pinky fingers.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 18:06

Access directly your SQL databases via HTTP. In full security

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 18:42

RISE: A functional pattern-based data-parallel language in MLIR [pdf]

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 20:48

Gamedev Tutorial: Dot Product, Rulers, and Bouncing Balls

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 20:53

TIL ads are biased against people over age 50. More than one-third of the US population is over 50, but over-50 people are shown in only 15% of media images.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 20:03

TIL about "hotshots" - the practice of heating cannonballs in a fire before shooting them so the target ships would catch fire. They were used as recently as the Civil War.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 20:22

TIL that in the Middle Ages, a nun in a French convent inexplicably began to meow like a cat, shortly leading to the other nuns in the convent also meowing. Eventually all the nuns would meow together for a certain period every day. This did not stop until the police threatened to whip the nuns

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 20:28

TIL paper money backed by tobacco was used as a currency in Virginia and Maryland during the 18th century, due to a shortage of metal currency

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 20:29

TIL that cilantro and coriander come from the same plant, coriandum sativum . The leaves are Cilantro, the seeds are Coriander.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 20:35

TIL that Monty Python and the Holy Grail was originally planned to end with a massive battle between Arthur's forces, the French knights, and the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. This was scrapped because the movie didn't have a big enough budget for it.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 20:55

TIL about Octopolis and Octlantis of the coast of Australia. Octopuses are usually solitary creatures, but in these places they have been observed meeting up, living together, communicating with each other, chasing unwelcome octopuses away, and even evicting each other from dens.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 21:10

TIL ‘Bad Boys’ was originally supposed to star Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 21:24

TIL there's a Subterranean Theme Park in Romania

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 21:26

TIL of Ornamental Hermits, people paid to be living decorations on the estates of wealthy land-owners in 18th century Britain

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 21:32

TIL in 1849 Sarah Thomas aged 17 became the last teenage girl to be hanged in Britain. Found guilty of killing her employer, Sarah was dragged screaming and crying to the gallows pleading for her life. So distressing was the scene that the prison governor even fainted.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 21:49

TIL that static stretching as part of a warm-up immediately prior to exercise has been shown detrimental to muscle strength and performance in running and jumping

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 21:51

TIL Mussolini tried to outlaw Pasta

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 21:52

TIL that Interstellar was film without the use of green screens. The space ship was built on a special rig, and the water planet was a real location.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 21:54

TIL an amateur sign language interpreter signed mostly gibberish in a Hurricane Irma update. Manatee County typically used professionals but instead asked a lifeguard whose brother is deaf. Deaf viewers said he signed "pizza," "monsters," & the phrase: "help you at that time to use bear big."

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 21:54

Practical Git [Slides] Feed - 20.1.2020 21:19

Laravel Homestead With Windows 10 Step-by-Step Feed - 20.1.2020 21:22

25 Best APIs to Give Your Business a Head-Start Feed - 20.1.2020 21:30

Monday's Best Deals: Protein Bars, Meat Slicers, Nintendo Switch Lite, and More

Lifehacker - 20.1.2020 15:00

Pick Your Next Vacation Destination By Climate Using This Tool

Lifehacker - 20.1.2020 20:19

Garmin Tactix Delta smartwatch has a kill switch and stealth mode - 20.1.2020 20:05

Digital Wellbeing adds thirty-minute pause option to Wind Down - 20.1.2020 20:06

China To Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags and Straws - 20.1.2020 20:10

Extraditing 'Princess of Huawei' Meng Wanzhou to the US would 'embarass' Canada, lawyers claim as trial begins - 20.1.2020 20:10

Study warns drinking 2% milk may significantly speed up aging - 20.1.2020 20:12

Tackle tax season with $35 off TurboTax Premiere 2019 on Amazon - 20.1.2020 20:15

A startup company took billions of photos from Facebook and other websites to create a facial-recognition database, and hundreds of law-enforcement agencies are using it - 20.1.2020 20:16

Tesla says faulty acceleration allegation is ‘completely false’ - 20.1.2020 20:19

Google testing new Share UI for Chrome with QR Code generator and screenshot tool - 20.1.2020 20:22

Macron and Trump declare a truce in digital tax dispute - 20.1.2020 20:22

BrandPost: How composability meets the needs of today’s evolving data center - 20.1.2020 20:26

PowerColor Presents the Red Devil and Red Dragon RX 5600 XT Graphics Cards - 20.1.2020 20:30

Bernice King makes an important point on Martin Luther King Day - 20.1.2020 20:30

Samsung's AirDresser hygienizes your clothes without washing them - 20.1.2020 20:38

Tesla rebuffs U.S. safety recall petition, says no unintended acceleration in vehicles - 20.1.2020 20:38

Anonymous Academy member reveals the dumb reason for Adam Sandler’s Oscar snub - 20.1.2020 20:38

UFC 246 Twitch Piracy Fail Raises Questions For Amateur Pirates & UFC Alike

TorrentFreak - 20.1.2020 19:56

Tesla calls claims of unintended acceleration in NHTSA petition “completely false”

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 20:20

Bees, Hornets, Wasps

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 20:23

Cool guide of cute paw prints

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 20:31

2 liter bottle of CocaCola ranges from $1-$5 USD across the globe (

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 20:52

More Incredible Kyrie Content Comparing Himself to MLK. God Bless

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 15:44

Wenger: "We built a new stadium but we never found our soul - we left our soul at Highbury."

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 08:20

For being a high school in Europe, Hogwarts has a surprising lack of cigarettes.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 14:11

Obese Autopsy: The Post Mortem (2016) A postmortem on the body of a 238lbs (108 kg) British woman reveals shocking visuals on the effects of morbid obesity on our internal organs. Warning: NSFW. [36:08]

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 13:06

The legend on this map

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 15:31

How do you tell a depressed friend or partner that you don’t have the mental resources to listen to them be depressed anymore, without coming across as a massive asshole?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 11:25

By taking pictures of the full moon for nearly a year, I was able to demonstrate how our moon appears to wobble in its orbit. [OC]

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 17:25

SVG, Canvas, WebGL? Visualization Options for the Web

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 16:54

Toward Copyleft Equality for All

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 02:07

Ontology for the life sciences: genes, proteins, diseases, all expressed in OWL

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 20:41

Miscarriage can lead to 'long-term post-traumatic stress'

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 19:51

Doug Tygar, Author of Why Johnny Can't Encrypt, Has Passed Away

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 20:00

Google working on Steam for Chrome OS - 20.1.2020 20:10

Server-Side Pagination Using ASP.NET Core and Angular 8 Feed - 20.1.2020 19:43

National Parks Are Free Today in Honor of Martin Luther King

Lifehacker - 20.1.2020 16:00

Serena Williams Has Slick Response To Meghan Markle Question - 20.1.2020 19:07

Wild elephant found gingerly walking through Sri Lankan hotel exploring things with its trunk - 20.1.2020 19:11

Huawei CFO Meng's lawyer says 'double criminality' at center of U.S. extradition case - 20.1.2020 19:12

EU calls for five year ban on facial recognition - 20.1.2020 19:13

The 'Not Pink' Pixelbook Go is now available starting at $849 - 20.1.2020 19:14

Range-Topping Intel Core i9-10980HK Comet Lake CPU For Notebooks Spotted - 20.1.2020 19:14

Dentist who pulled tooth while on hoverboard convicted of 46 crimes - 20.1.2020 19:16

BrandPost: Today’s healthcare requires innovation powered by a data center designed for tomorrow - 20.1.2020 19:18

My new favorite Fire TV Stick accessory is down to $22 on Amazon - 20.1.2020 19:20

OnePlus 8 Pro leak confirms 120Hz display option - 20.1.2020 19:22

UK’s NHS levels harsh criticism at video game loot boxes, calls for bans - 20.1.2020 19:26

Sundar Pichai offers a cryptic warning against over-regulating AI - 20.1.2020 19:26

Save 20% on a top-rated air fryer that cooks up crispy food without all the fat - 20.1.2020 19:29

Meet The First Female And Openly Gay Person To Coach In Super Bowl - 20.1.2020 19:29

The Official Kubuntu 'Focus' Linux Laptop Goes on Sale - 20.1.2020 19:30

Agressive pricing in China means 5G phones must start cheap - 20.1.2020 19:33

Watch 'The Wild Tchoupitoulas' live - 20.1.2020 19:42

Generating a Static Site with Hugo + Netlify in 15 minutes

JSFeeds - 20.1.2020 19:59

Israel’s cybersecurity startup scene spawned new entrants in 2019

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 19:00

Rocket Lab’s first launch of 2020 is a mission for the National Reconnaissance Office

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 19:02

Court rules Mike Rothenberg must fork over more than $31 million to settle SEC allegations

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 19:10

Heart attack vs anxiety.

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 19:05

Car Industry Explained

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 19:29

soy milk

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 19:53

Households in the EU unable to pay utility bills on time in the past 12 months

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 06:40

Today I completed the American library of Nintendo 64 games, 297 to be exact!

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 12:15

[IMAGE] It's never too late to become who you want to be.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 14:57

And I am Ironman

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 17:14

Wait till the girl starts to sing

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 18:19

#IEndorseBernie Trends as Sanders Supporters Slam NYT Editorial Board for 'Top Four' Snub

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 13:09

A History of the Wolf

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 03:30

Ryanair, Hamiltonian Cycles, and using graph theory to find cheap flights (2018)

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 18:03

Asseta (YC S13) Is Hiring a Customer Success Manager

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 19:17

Excalidraw – is a whiteboard tool that lets you sketch hand-drawn diagrams

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 19:21

Life Is Driven by Network Effects

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 18:28

Immune discovery 'may treat all cancer'

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 18:54

The Internet of Beefs

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 19:02

Επιβεβαιώθηκε: Αυθεντικό έργο του Κλιμτ ο πίνακας που ήταν κρυμμένος σε τρύπα - 20.1.2020 19:00

TIL that Chevy Chase's maternal grandfather - Admiral Miles Browning - was Rear Admiral Raymond A Spruance's Chief of Staff on the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise at the Battle of Midway in World War 2

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 19:06

TIL sea spiders breath through their legs

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 19:13

TIL After the Supremes song "Nothing But Heartaches" didn't make the top ten after a string of number-one hits, Motown chief Berry Gordy circulated a memo stating they they would release nothing less than top ten songs for any artist, and for the Supremes, they would only release number-one records.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 19:17

TIL In one of the last reported instances of a wife sale in England, a woman giving evidence in a Leeds police court in 1913 claimed that she had been sold to one of her husband's workmates for £1.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 19:20

TIL that Cheez Whiz was originally developed for the British market as a pre-packaged cheese sauce for use on a dish known as Welsh rarebit (Welsh rabbit).

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 19:23

TIL the quote "Insanity is doing the same thing over again..." is highly credited to Einstein, but he actually never said it.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 19:30

TIL that pineapples grow on the ground, on tiny plants, and not on trees

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 19:31

TIL that beers Red stripe, Foster's, and Killian's red ale are brewed in the Usa

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 19:34

TIL dried Dates are still called Dates when they are fresh. This is unlike plums or grapes which have designated names for their dried counterpart (Plums to prunes, grapes to raisins).

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 19:44

TIL of President Husni al-Za'im , who after taking over the Syrian government tried to give women right to vote, did not execute anyone during his reign and tried to make peace with Israel.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 19:44

Emotet Malware Dabbles in Extortion With New Spam Template - 20.1.2020 18:01

Maxime Béland reportedly leaving Epic, returning to Ubisoft - 20.1.2020 18:01

Only a crazy person would pass up an Instant Pot cookbook with 800 recipes for $2.99 - 20.1.2020 18:02

Save $65 on an 8TB Western Digital Elements external drive - 20.1.2020 18:03

PS5 controller may get voice commands and built-in mic to up your A-game - 20.1.2020 18:03

Hundreds of US police departments using ‘dystopian’ face recognition app — report - 20.1.2020 18:03

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III - 20.1.2020 18:04

Huawei CFO Meng arrives in Canada court as U.S. extradition trial kicks off - 20.1.2020 18:07

Bruce Schneier: Banning Facial Recognition Isn't Enough - 20.1.2020 18:10

Netflix snags international streaming rights to Studio Ghibli’s films - 20.1.2020 18:10

Fitbit’s best smartwatch is still cheaper than it’s supposed to be because someone at Amazon screwed up - 20.1.2020 18:11

Kidnapped Teen’s Friends Used Snapchat To Locate Her: Police - 20.1.2020 18:11

Here’s our first look at Apple’s brand new rack-mounted Mac Pro - 20.1.2020 18:23

Huawei CFO Meng arrives in Canada court for U.S. extradition trial kick off - 20.1.2020 18:26

Digital Wellbeing adds 30-minute pause to Wind Down (APK Download) - 20.1.2020 18:27

Ada Developers Academy’s new CEO looks to expand coding bootcamp’s impact on tech diversity - 20.1.2020 18:28

How to back up your WhatsApp pictures in Google Photos and texts in Google Drive - 20.1.2020 18:34

‘Black Widow’ credits scenes just leaked, revealing MCU Phase 4’s first big plot twist - 20.1.2020 18:34

DARPA-backed Soft Robotics raises $23 million for autonomous grippers and sorters - 20.1.2020 18:39

Moody's cuts Hong Kong rating citing weakening of autonomy due to China

International - 20.1.2020 16:35

World Economic Forum 2020: Weathering the forces of climate change

International - 20.1.2020 18:09

Decrease user churn by better managing expectations

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 18:15

Soft Robotics raises $23 million from investors including industrial robot giant FANUC

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 18:29

Diligent’s Vivian Chu and Labrador’s Mike Dooley will discuss assistive robotics at TC Sessions: Robotics+AI

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 18:55

A little something for you Star Wars fans

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 18:03

Types of Wine Glasses and which family of wine to use them for

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 18:52

You should not have to pay child support to a kid that isn't yours

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 06:35

Literally metal

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 15:04

He kinda does tho

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 14:45

[Giving] $75 dollar amazon code

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 16:35

Just another day in Texas

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 15:10

Every time..

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 15:26

Father tackles son’s opponent after illegal move at high school wrestling match

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 15:20

Baby's first taste of ice cream 🍦

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 15:41

Testing Dataflow Analyses for Precision and Soundness

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 17:38

My story as a self-taught AI researcher

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 18:39

Οι Queen είναι το πρώτο ροκ συγκρότημα που τιμάται με σειρά συλλεκτικών νομισμάτων (Βίντεο) - 20.1.2020 18:00

Σκάνδαλα και απιστίες στο Παλάτι: Η αιώνια προδοσία του Κάρολου προς τη Νταϊάνα - 20.1.2020 18:30 Special Defacements - 20.1.2020 18:27

Google's Sundar Pichai: AI needs to be regulated - 20.1.2020 18:21

TIL Wayne and Brent Gretzky hold the NHL record for most combined points by two brothers: 2,857 for Wayne and 4 for Brent.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 18:01

TIL about the targeted individual community. A group of people who believe they are being targeted by different organisations for different reasons.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 18:06

TIL that McDonald's nuggets come in four official shapes: bone, bell, boot, and ball

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 18:07

TIL the French reparations of war for the 1871 war against Germany (Prussia) amounted to 23% of France's GDP and the sum was paid back in full by 1873, 2 years ahead of schedule. By contrast, Germany only ended up paying the equivalent of 2.5% of its GDP for the much criticised WW1 war reparations.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 18:14

TIL about Susan Travers. She was an ambulance driver in WWII and later in the French Foreign Legion in Libya and Viet Nam. She is the only woman ever to be allowed in the French Foreign Legion.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 18:16

TIL Ally Bank is just a rebranded General Motors (GM) financial company

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 18:17

TIL that their is a basketball court above the American Supreme Court. It’s known as the Highest Court in the Land. Basketball is strictly prohibited when the court is in session as you can hear it through the ceiling. How cool is that!

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 18:18

TIL when ‘requeening’ a bee hive the new queen must be placed in a cage with some nectar until the hive gets used to her smell, otherwise they will kill her thinking she is an intruder

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 18:23

TIL that Frederick W. Smith, the founder and CEO of FedEx, saved his company by gambling in Las Vegas. He took FedEx’s last $5,000 to Sin City and won $27,000 while gambling on blackjack, paying for the company’s $24,000 fuel bill. *This guy definitely has/had a lot of gall.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 18:33

TIL that Japan has officially regulated snowball fights called "Yukigassen" which dictates size of snowballs and number used per match

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 18:33

TIL: Mike Tyson walked in on Brad Pitt having sex with his wife.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 18:46

TIL that late in both WWI and WWII steel shortages forced the US Military to build ships made of concrete.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 18:50

TIL that the FBI also has a "Cyber's most wanted list".

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 18:52

Dying Light 2 has been delayed, no new release date in sight - 20.1.2020 17:02

Samsung AirDresser is like a magic cleaning wardrobe for your laundry - 20.1.2020 17:04

The 19 best comedy films and stand-up specials on Netflix - 20.1.2020 17:08

SpaceX, seeking NASA approval, purposefully blew up a Falcon 9 rocket - 20.1.2020 17:13

Dying Light 2 delayed without revised release date - 20.1.2020 17:15

Latest Galaxy Z Flip leak reveals new details about Samsung’s next-gen foldable - 20.1.2020 17:16

Hospitals Give Tech Giants Access to Detailed Medical Records - 20.1.2020 17:20

The WinForms Notepad Project: What’s Next? (Premium) - 20.1.2020 17:23

Sex toys may be vulnerable to spyware - 20.1.2020 17:23

One of Facebook's top executives had an awkward public face-off with Amazon's CTO over making money from user data - 20.1.2020 17:24

Netflix Secures International Rights To Studio Ghibli Animated Films - 20.1.2020 17:26

Vodafone fibre broadband deal: the cheapest super-fast fibre package around - 20.1.2020 17:26

Mitsubishi Electric Warns of Data Leak After Security Breach - 20.1.2020 17:27

Huawei EMUI 10 Android update begins this month with six devices - 20.1.2020 17:27

Review: Nomad Base Station Stand elevates wireless charging - 20.1.2020 17:35

Huge PS5 leak could be true following PlayStation update - 20.1.2020 17:36

40 temporarily free and 47 on-sale apps and games for Monday - 20.1.2020 17:37

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai calls for AI regulation - 20.1.2020 17:38

Citrix emits patches to stop RCE-holes fiddling with Gateway and ADC - 20.1.2020 17:40

Fable Studio founder Edward Saatchi on designing virtual beings

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 16:42

Three takeaways from the 2019 venture capital market

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 17:52

How Many Bananas Can You Buy for $5 in 4 different countries?

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 17:13

Ideal height of a partner

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 17:41

MadLad tattoo artist DM's

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 14:35

Puerto Rico fires two more officials after Hurricane Maria aid found unused amid current earthquake aftermath

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 13:49

How companies think we see prices

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 13:18


reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 14:16

Its always a chain reaction

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 15:02

Perfectly written, perfectly executed

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 12:48

Amazon Sumerian: create and run browser-based 3D, AR, and VR applications

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 13:19

Why Silicon Valley Billionaires Are Prepping for the Apocalypse in New Zealand

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 16:33

Pharo 8.0

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 13:24

Human body temperature has decreased in United States, study finds

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 16:34

Coin washer keeps Westin St. Francis' change shiny (2010)

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 17:31

Firefox 72.0.2 will be released later today

gHacks Technology News - 20.1.2020 17:50

Το Netflix «γλυκοκοιτάζει» μία συνεργασία με τον Χάρι και την Μέγκαν Μαρκλ - 20.1.2020 17:00

A Beginner's Guide to Denodo Feed - 20.1.2020 17:05

TIL that Mercaptan is such a smelly chemical that when the gas leaked from a factory in France, even people in Great Britain could still smell it.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 17:14

TIL that 70,000 years ago, a Red Dwarf star passed very close (In astronomy terms) to our Solar System. So close in fact, that it passed through the Solar System's outer shell known as the Oort Cloud and nudged some Comets out of their orbits. It may've been visible to early Humans and Neanderthals.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 17:19

TIL that 375 goats were airlifted from Olympic National Park in Washington state after trampling tourists because they had developed a taste for human urine

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 17:23

TIL that the log cabin that Abraham Lincoln was allegedly born in and has since been enshrined by the National Park Service was determined to have been built at least 39 years after Lincoln's birth.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 17:58

TIL: The larger a woman's breast size, the less likely she is to exercise. (ELIA5 for men: it hurts.)

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 17:59

Pentagon now says 11 US troops were hurt in Iran missile strike, despite previously saying that there had been no injuries

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 12:51

Greatest accidental trickshot

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 13:28

Becky Hammon convinced Pop to challenge Jimmy Butler’s and-1 continuation. Spurs won the challenge and the game

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 02:30


reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 06:35

but don’t worry, he has no intention of “degrading” women

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 12:36

Bernie Sanders resisting arrest while protesting segregation in 1963.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 13:22

We’ve been friends for 7 years, break the friendship

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 09:26

Bernie Sanders Has Been Getting It Right for 40 Years. Now, Says His Movement: 'We Are Going to Win' "We've never ever in our lifetimes had a true champion of social, economic, and climate justice this close to the White House."

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 10:48

I can’t stop looking at this guy’s smile.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 12:25

BJ Novak highlighting how Shrinkflation is real by showing how Cadbury shrunk their Cadbury Eggs over the years

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 11:27

Sweet dreams are made of these

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 04:13

Obama was right, Alito was wrong: Citizens United has corrupted American politics

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 12:37

I was playing around with my photos trying to merge New York’s architecture with its people and this was the result

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 13:21

Carving his own path

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 13:14

Elon Musk says the issue in the future isn't overpopulation, but a declining and aging population. What is your opinion on this statement?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 06:38

It’s Behind you

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 13:43

[Free] $20 Steam Gift Card =)

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 06:31

Guy moving his hand through an ice layer on the verge of freezing

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 13:43

Joe Biden calls game developers "little creeps" who make titles that "teach you how to kill"

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 13:15

What's the longest distance that can be traveled by using free transportation?

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 12:01

The Environmental Impact of Making Snow (2012)

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 10:47

LastPass stores passwords so securely, not even its users can access them

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 13:58

Options for Enhancing Video of a Burglary?

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 16:50

Taplytics (YC W14) Is Hiring Dev Team Lead and Senior Developers (Node.js) in Toronto

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 14:53

People no longer believe working hard will lead to a better life, survey shows

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 13:35

Bruce Schneier: Banning Facial Recognition Isn’t Enough

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 11:08

Chaitin's Constant

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 12:25

All You Need to Know about SaaS Marketing (41 Strategies and Case Studies)

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 14:02

Tracking the Trackers: using machine learning to aid ethical decisions

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 12:57

Thank HN: My SaaS paid my rent this month

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 12:51

Mir: A lightweight JIT compiler project

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 12:44

A watershed moment for protein structure prediction

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 12:28

How to Corrupt an SQLite Database File

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 14:02

Stuff All Your Stuff Into a New Timbuk2 Bag With up to 40% Off

Lifehacker - 20.1.2020 12:05

How to Unlock Microsoft's Free Graphing Calculator in Windows 10

Lifehacker - 20.1.2020 15:00

Deal Alert: Get big discounts on these Samsung wireless chargers - 20.1.2020 15:58

Radiohead's online 'library' hosts rarities, art and merch - 20.1.2020 15:59

Pop Culture May Evolve at the Same Rate as Birds and Bugs - 20.1.2020 16:00

The best PS4 Pro prices, deals, and bundles in January 2020 - 20.1.2020 16:00

Intel and partners are using computer vision to help save Antarctica’s penguins from extinction - 20.1.2020 16:00

Researchers say low-res 3D tracking limits AR glasses’ use in surgery - 20.1.2020 16:04

Google's Sundar Pichai Doesn't Want You To Be Clear-Eyed About AI's Dangers - 20.1.2020 16:05

Women-only crew of six astronauts completes “analog” Mars mission in Hawaii and just ‘returned to earth’ - 20.1.2020 16:05

Seattle-based early-stage investment firm SeaChange raises $5.8M for its fifth fund - 20.1.2020 16:08

Huawei signs deal with TomTom for a Google Maps alternative - 20.1.2020 16:09

Super Bowl 2020 live stream: how to watch the game online for free and without commercials - 20.1.2020 16:10

What happens when we unmask the hackers? - 20.1.2020 16:10

PlayStation 5 devkit UI possibly leaked - 20.1.2020 16:12

Garmin’s new Tactix Delta smartwatch looks designed for a privacy-conscious Navy SEAL - 20.1.2020 16:18

Deals: Amazon matches $300 price drop on 16-inch MacBook Pro; $129 AirPods return; $180 off iPad Air - 20.1.2020 16:20

Vietnamese firm Viettel's 5G claim raises eyebrows outside - 20.1.2020 16:21

Walmart’s running a huge sale you don’t even know about – here are the 10 best deals - 20.1.2020 16:21

GDPR claims €114m in fines in under two years - with more to come this year - 20.1.2020 16:21

Ubisoft sues handful of gamers for DDoSing Rainbow Six: Siege - 20.1.2020 16:23

Save big with OLED TV deals - price drops on high-end displays across US and UK - 20.1.2020 16:23

Would it be possible to reverse engineer this machine, try to rebuild a similar one for a lot cheaper. I have always wanted to undertake a project like this, I just wanted to know if it's feasible and if it makes economic sense to do so.

Reverse Engineering - 20.1.2020 14:29

Iran threatens to pull out of nuclear treaty if Europe dispute reaches UNSC

International - 20.1.2020 11:20

Iran's foreign minister cancels Davos trip amid dispute over nuclear treaty

International - 20.1.2020 11:35

Pak PM Imran Khan to meet Donald Trump at World Economic Forum in Davos

International - 20.1.2020 13:45

Davos pushes 'greener' fuel for private jets leaving World Economic Forum

International - 20.1.2020 16:23

Echo JS

JSFeeds - 20.1.2020 07:54

Development of Reactive Applications with Quarkus

JSFeeds - 20.1.2020 11:57

Recreating The Arduino Pushbutton Using SVG And

JSFeeds - 20.1.2020 13:24

IP Geolocation and Threat Intelligence API: ipdata (Sponsored)

JSFeeds - 20.1.2020 13:24

Lisp: A language for stratified design

JSFeeds - 20.1.2020 13:56

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 01/20/20

TorrentFreak - 20.1.2020 10:56

Max Q: SpaceX succeeds with a spectacular Crew Dragon test launch

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 13:08

The marketplace of ideas is a weapons market now

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 14:00

Google’s Sundar Pichai doesn’t want you to be clear-eyed about AI’s dangers

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 14:11

Maze raises $2 million and adds Figma support to enable user testing at scale

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 16:27

I was looking at this tabel with the undead mobs

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 11:22

Different gate patterns

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 12:17

Styles of Wedding Dress for Body Types Guide.

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 12:53

How to tie a tie

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 13:23

Population in the Arctic Circle

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 14:02

yo dawg, i heard you like conspiracies...

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 14:03

5 Great Study Tips For Online Students Infographic

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 14:21

Encyclopedia of Pasta

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 14:35

Lambo Evolution Legend

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 14:53

A cool guid to workplace technology over the years

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 15:01

900 fresh water fish to scale in America

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 15:02

Very helpful

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 15:03

Pictorial representation of Alphabet (Google)

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 15:50

Not to be taken too seriously-ons.

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 16:12

The Modern Lovers

CSS-Tricks - 20.1.2020 15:30

Getting Started with Front End Testing

CSS-Tricks - 20.1.2020 15:31

Has Mozilla created a two-tier add-ons system?

gHacks Technology News - 20.1.2020 13:24

Password Manager KeePass 2.44 is out

gHacks Technology News - 20.1.2020 15:03

Χρονιά – ρεκόρ για τις ηλεκτρονικές αγορές το 2019 - 20.1.2020 14:09

Το ΔΝΤ χαμηλώνει κι άλλο τις προβλέψεις του για την παγκόσμια ανάπτυξη φέτος - 20.1.2020 14:19

Σε συνεργασία με το cloud της Google προχωρά η αεροπορική εταιρεία Lufthansa - 20.1.2020 15:00

Μητσοτάκης: Η μάχη για την ασφάλεια είναι προσωπική και κυβερνητική προτεραιότητα - 20.1.2020 15:05

Χάρι: Και τώρα που δεν είναι πια πρίγκιπας, ποιο θα είναι το επώνυμό του; - 20.1.2020 15:30

Επηρεάζει τελικά την αποδοτικότητά σας το αν είστε χαρούμενοι στη δουλειά σας; - 20.1.2020 16:00

Στα υψηλότερα επίπεδα από τον Δεκέμβριο του 2014 το Χρηματιστήριο - 20.1.2020 16:10

Τιμ Κουκ: Το παγκόσμιο εταιρικό φορολογικό σύστημα θέλει αλλαγές - 20.1.2020 16:30

Νέος μεγάλος «παίκτης» στα online σούπερ μάρκετ: Η Σκλαβενίτης εξαγόρασε την - 20.1.2020 16:43

Νέες κατηγορίες και ποινικές διώξεις σε Τσοχατζόπουλο και Χριστοφοράκο για την υπόθεση Siemens - 20.1.2020 16:48 Special Defacements - 20.1.2020 15:58

Dew Drop – January 20, 2020 (#3115)

Morning Dew - 20.1.2020 14:15

Easy Mapping JSON to Java Objects Using Jackson Feed - 20.1.2020 13:57

A Bootiful Podcast: Spring Cloud Services' Bella (Yuxin) Bai Feed - 20.1.2020 14:03

How Do I Compare Strings in Java? Feed - 20.1.2020 14:04

20 Techniques for Resolving Conflicts at The Workplace Feed - 20.1.2020 14:51

Quick and Easy Initial Effort Estimate for Software Projects Feed - 20.1.2020 14:51

Interview-Ready Snippets of Code for Thread Life Cycle States Feed - 20.1.2020 14:52

Alexa and Raspberry Pi Demo Feed - 20.1.2020 14:52

5 Best Reinforcement Learning Courses Feed - 20.1.2020 15:00

Spring Batch: Implement CompositeItemProcessor Feed - 20.1.2020 15:00

Working With a REST API Using HttpClient Feed - 20.1.2020 15:00

Shifting Security Left: The Innovation of DevSecOps Feed - 20.1.2020 15:40

Who Broke The Build?? A Look at Continuous Integration and Build Servers [Video] Feed - 20.1.2020 15:40

Introduction to Kubernetes Deployment Using Helm Feed - 20.1.2020 15:40

API Security Weekly: Issue #66 Feed - 20.1.2020 15:59

Stateful Functions: An Open Source Framework for Lightweight, Stateful Applications at Scale Feed - 20.1.2020 16:57

Spring Boot - Microservice - Spring Data REST and HATEOAS Integration Feed - 20.1.2020 16:57

How to Get Localized Number Format Based on Country Using Angular 8 Feed - 20.1.2020 16:58

Log Analysis 101 with Apache Flink, Spring Boot and ActiveMQ Feed - 20.1.2020 16:59

Monday review – the hot 27 stories of the week

Naked Security - 20.1.2020 10:16

Facebook and Instagram ban alleged ‘brainwashing’ service

Naked Security - 20.1.2020 10:57

Teen entered ‘dark rabbit hole of suicidal content’ online

Naked Security - 20.1.2020 11:49

FBI to inform election officials about hacking attempts

Naked Security - 20.1.2020 11:58

FBI seizes credentials-for-sale site

Naked Security - 20.1.2020 12:21

TIL that in order to arrest two Russian hackers, the FBI created a fake startup company called Invita, and invited them to the U.S. for a “job interview”. The two men accepted and were arrested. They had hacked into the networks of at least 40 U.S. companies and then tried to extort money.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 12:21

TIL that the retirement age for men in the USA was set at 65 in 1935. The average life expectancy at the time was 61.7 years old.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 12:48

TIL The movement of plants from water to land was made possible when genes from soil bacteria were transferred to algae through a process called horizontal gene transfer (HGT). Unlike vertical gene transfer, such as the transfer of DNA from parent to child, HGT occurs between different species.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 13:04

TIL the Philippines is the only UN-member country (besides the Vatican) that doesn't have any legal way to let couples divorce. The only exception is for Muslims, who may divorce in some instances. For everyone else, the only alternative is annulment.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 13:29

TIL: The distillery that Hawkeye, Trapper and later, B.J. used on the tv show M*A*S*H* was on display at the Smithsonian after the show ended.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 14:03

TIL that many survivalists, who focus their lives on preparing for a sudden breakdown of society, found such an inspiration in the Robert A. Heinlein novel "Farnham's Freehold" that they would demand to be called Freeholders.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 14:08

TIL Béla Kiss was a Hungarian serial killer, who is is thought to have murdered at least 23 young women and one man, and attempted to pickle their bodies in large metal drums that he kept on his property. His eventual fate and number of victims remains unknown.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 14:17

TIL that to celebrate selling it's one billionth song sold, Steve Jobs personally called the Customer to inform him he'd won 20" iMac, 10 fifth generation iPods, and a $10,000 iTunes gift card.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 14:21

TIL that a powerful solar storm once forced astronauts on the International Space Station to take refuge in the spacecraft's solar storm "bomb shelter".

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 14:21

TIL the longest titled song to ever chart in Billboard is "Medley: Intro 'Venus' / Sugar Sugar / No Reply / I'll Be Back / Drive My Car / Do You Want to Know a Secret / We Can Work It Out / I Should Have Known Better / Nowhere Man / You're Going to Lose That Girl / Stars on 45".

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 14:43

TIL In 1992, the Hoover company offered free international flights with any £100 purchase. However, the offer cost the company almost £50 000 000, after a huge response from customers who were more interested in availing themselves of free flights, than Hoover products.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 14:55

TIL of 20th Century Fox World. A movie inspired theme park that Fox planned to open in 2020 in Malaysia with a second park planned for Dubai.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 14:56

TIL that beer's flavor is controlled through the creation of esters in the brewing process, like Ethyl acetate or Ethyl butyrate, and brewers can carefully control how much of each chemical is produced.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 15:24

TIL a women's cycling race was forced to pause when Nicole Hanselmann caught up to the back of the men's race that had started 10 minutes prior. Although she had about a 2 minute lead, officials restarted her with just a 10 meter head start; the pause broke her momentum, and she fell to 74th place.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 15:27

TIL in 1979, a woman became ill on Space Mountain and couldn't exit the rollercoaster. While waiting for help, she was accidentally sent on the ride a second time by a different set of employees. She slipped into a coma and died one week later.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 15:30

TIL that Balut is a developing bird embryo people like to eat.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 15:31

TIL that Mickey Marcus, Israel’s first modern military general was killed by his own men because he forgot the password when being asked by a sentry.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 15:41

TIL that Vimto - a niche soft drink in the UK more famous for being an anagram of "Vomit" - has a 90% market share in the cordial concentrated drinks market in Saudi Arabia

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 15:57

TIL of Spencer Perceval, the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated (1812).

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 16:22

TIL of Loulis, a chimp who learned to communicate through sign language, but he wasn't taught by humans: he learned the signs from his adoptive mother, Washoe, the first chimp to ever learn sign language

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 16:36

TIL that In Japanese Folklore, the 'Tenjōname' is a spirit that comes out of the darkness on cold winter nights and licks your ceiling. If you catch sight of a Tenjōname while it is doing its business, you die.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 16:40

TIL that before being a comedian, Ricky Gervais was the lead singer of a 1980s New Wave band, whose single "More to Lose" became a massive hit in the Philippines

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 16:40

TIL in 1920, an Australian dog trainer died from laughter after reading how certain commodities had changed in price from 1915. A doctor was called in and he said the death was due to heart failure, brought on by excessive laughter.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 16:43

TIL that in 1999, with the help of James Earl Ray’s former lawyer, Coretta Scott King successfully sued the US Government in a civil trial that found them complicit of an assassination conspiracy.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 16:57

TIL that the oldest condoms ever found were made from animal and fish intestines. One particular example found in Sweden was crafted from pig intestine, and is thought to have been made around 1640 AD. Gross!

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 17:02

Substitute Teacher Starterpack

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 05:10

They are vibing

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 03:44

Ask HN: Do you ever contact people who have had a positive impact on you? - 20.1.2020 08:39

Windows Server 2019 Storage Spaces Direct Primer: Nested Resiliency - 20.1.2020 09:00

Studio Ghibli movies are coming to streaming services like Netflix, worldwide! - 20.1.2020 09:02

China repeats call on Canada to release Huawei CFO Meng - 20.1.2020 09:06

Netflix just struck a deal that's great news for Studio Ghibli fans - 20.1.2020 09:08

EU industry chief: EU ready to act on digital tax, if OECD fails - 20.1.2020 09:09

Bob's Burgers-style cartoon coming to Apple TV Plus – and it's a musical - 20.1.2020 09:14

Intel server chip shortages continue to bite: HPE warns of Xeon processor supply drought for the whole of 2020 - 20.1.2020 09:17

Microsoft’s modern icons begins to show up in Windows 10 - 20.1.2020 09:17

Goofy-Eyed Husky Rejected By Breeder Finds Love And Internet Stardom - 20.1.2020 09:19

Interview with Zhong Xu, founder of Deliverect - 20.1.2020 09:27

Betting companies given access to UK gov't information on millions of children - 20.1.2020 09:29

Larry David Finds An ‘Amazing’ Use For A MAGA Hat In Searing ‘Curb’ Premiere - 20.1.2020 09:30

Europe’s migration crisis seen from orbit - 20.1.2020 09:32

Europe-wide traffic survey to recruit 'citizen scientists' - 20.1.2020 09:34

Fedora CoreOS out of preview - 20.1.2020 09:36

Samsung appoints Roh Tae-moon as its new smartphone CEO - 20.1.2020 09:47

Microsoft pledges to patch Internet Explorer bug that is being actively exploited - 20.1.2020 09:50

New Pirate Sites Line Up to Fill IndoXXI’s Shoes

TorrentFreak - 20.1.2020 09:59

France improves stock options policies for startup employees

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 08:00

Google takes on AWS and Azure in India with Airtel cloud deal

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 10:00

Tomatoes hate cucumbers: companion planting guide

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 09:19

Έσπασε τη σιωπή του ο πρίγκιπας Χάρι: Λυπάμαι για το Megxit, δεν υπήρχε άλλη επιλογή (Βίντεο) - 20.1.2020 09:11

TτΕ: Στα 2 δισ. ευρώ μειώθηκε το έλλειμμα τρεχουσών συναλλαγών το 11μηνο - 20.1.2020 09:37

DW: Ξεπέρασε την οικονομική κρίση η Ελλάδα; - 20.1.2020 09:47

Bananas Are Berries, Strawberries Aren't

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 07:02

BMW Connected Apps Protocol

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 05:45

Highlights of the day: Strong demand for TWS earbuds - 20.1.2020 07:55

Citrix rolls out patches for critical ADC vulnerability exploited in the wild - 20.1.2020 07:58

Tiger Lake NUC from Intel Spotted, specs and based on Xe micro architecture - 20.1.2020 07:58

Are you gambling on cybersecurity? - 20.1.2020 08:00

Kingpin: Reloaded is coming: 4K, UltraWide, and so much more - 20.1.2020 08:02

Trump’s Boast About Republican Party Strength Gets A Brutal Fact-Check - 20.1.2020 08:02

PowerColor Outs Final Specs Radeon 5600 XT Include TGP Increase and now GDDR6 at 14 Gbps - 20.1.2020 08:06

The delights of on-site working - sun, sea and... WordPad wrangling? - 20.1.2020 08:15

Samsung has an interesting solution for even cheaper folding smartphones - 20.1.2020 08:15

France hoping to resolve digital tax spat this week: Le Maire - 20.1.2020 08:15

Future-Action designs interactive marketing for bank - 20.1.2020 08:16

ASUS To Release Radeon RX 5600 XT in TUF and STRIX Variants - 20.1.2020 08:19

Xilinx keen on developing AI-based FPGA chips for automotive use - 20.1.2020 08:20

Huawei's Google Maps alternative is TomTom - 20.1.2020 08:20

Samsung says may invest $500 million to set up display factory in India - 20.1.2020 08:23

Looking for a laptop that can last me 3-5 years. - 20.1.2020 08:27

PowerColor Radeon RX 5600 XT Red Devil, Red Dragon detailed - 20.1.2020 08:32

Israel securities regulator eyes rule changes for digital platforms - 20.1.2020 08:35

Sundar Pichai says AI should be regulated, asks governments to step up - 20.1.2020 08:44

Huawei executive heads to Canada court to fight extradition to the US

International - 20.1.2020 07:30

People lacking access to food 10-37% more likely to die prematurely: Study

International - 20.1.2020 07:40

Taal volcano: Philippines cracks down on people going home after evacuation

International - 20.1.2020 07:45

Τα επόμενα βήματα μετά τη Διάσκεψη του Βερολίνου - 20.1.2020 07:17

Αναπληρώτρια κυβερνητική εκπρόσωπος αναλαμβάνει η Αριστοτελία Πελώνη - 20.1.2020 08:10

Σήμερα η Blue Monday: Τι είναι και γιατί αισθανόμαστε πιο θλιμμένοι - 20.1.2020 08:24

Την παροχή κινήτρων για αγορά και κυκλοφορία ηλεκτρικών οχημάτων μελετά το υπουργείο Περιβάλλοντος - 20.1.2020 08:52

TIL Foods such as garlic and onions should be avoided to reduce the risk of bad breath. These foods are broken down in the mouth and then carried throughout the digestive system – the odour is not eliminated until the food has completely passed through the body

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 07:04

TIL that the great grandson of HG Wells the author of “The Time Machine”, served as the director to the 2002 remake.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 07:21

TIL When Benjamin Franklin's eyesight deteriorated with age, he became both nearsighted and farsighted. He didn't like the trouble of switching between two different pairs of eyeglasses, so he came up with an invention that he called double spectacles or bifocal eyeglasses.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 07:26

TIL In 2012, Taiwanese politician Frank Hsieh went to mainland China for five days as the highest-ranking DPP official ever to visit. Instead of the One-China policy, Hsieh prefers to have a new consensus he called Two Sides, Two Constitutions

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 07:28

TIL that Walt Disney would give employees that weren't working hard a new office with no telephone number or mail delivery. If they complained at the end of the week, he thought they were quite intelligent. If they did not complain, it confirmed his suspicion that they were not fit for his studio.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 07:50

TIL Anatoly Lukyanov, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, correctly foresaw that Gorbachev's policies would lead to the Soviet collapse

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 07:56

TIL the next king of Swaziland is determined by first deciding which of the king's wives will be the "Great Wife". She must be of good character and not a ritual wife. Her character affects her child's chances of ascending to the status of king. Her son will automatically become the next king.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 08:22

TIL contrary to popular belief, no government funds are allocated to SETI Institute (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) – these are financed entirely by private contributions.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 08:50

No wonder it’s cold outside, some dumbass left their freezer open

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 03:53

When you don't know what you're doing but ur happy to be involved

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 04:01

Ask HN: Compiler Engineers,is the field still in demand and what do you work on?

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 05:53

Netgear Signed TLS Cert Private Key Disclosure

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 06:02

How to Improve an Already Successful Business - 20.1.2020 06:33

Telecoms group Iliad formally launches 1.4 billion euro capital increase - 20.1.2020 06:57

The light is off. War is over - 20.1.2020 07:01

Studio Ghibli films are coming to Netflix outside North America next month - 20.1.2020 07:04

Image-rec startup for cops, Feds can probably identify you from 3 billion pics it's scraped from Facebook, YouTube etc - 20.1.2020 07:08

Man Facing Eviction Stabs Landlord And Kills 2 Honolulu Police Officers, Authorities Say - 20.1.2020 07:15

ASUS Radeon RX 5600 XT: ROG Strix, TUF Gaming variants teased - 20.1.2020 07:23

As UK Police Deploy Facial Recognition, Questions Raised About False Positives - 20.1.2020 07:34

Samsung names Roh Tae-moon new smartphone boss - 20.1.2020 07:35

ASUS LAunches PN62 Mini-PC with 10th Gen (Comet Lake) Processors - 20.1.2020 07:44

Jennifer Aniston lands Apple TV+ a SAG award for 'The Morning Show' - 20.1.2020 07:45

BitFenix Releases Dawn TG mid tower chassis emulates sunset - 20.1.2020 07:50

'May the best woman win' NYT endorses Warren, Klobuchar for President

International - 20.1.2020 06:35

Trump's lawyers preview defence, term impeachment charges 'invalid'

International - 20.1.2020 06:40

How to order a beer in different states of Australia

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 07:12

Επιστρέφουν στην Αθήνα οι θεσμοί- Τα θέματα που θα τεθούν επί τάπητος - 20.1.2020 07:03

Διάσκεψη του Βερολίνου: Συμφωνία κατάπαυσης του πυρός και τήρησης του εμπάργκο όπλων - 20.1.2020 07:17

Oxfam: Οι 2.153 δισεκατομμυριούχοι του κόσμου έχουν περισσότερα χρήματα από το 60% του παγκόσμιου πληθυσμού - 20.1.2020 07:35

Συννεφιά, τοπικές βροχές και μποφόρ ο καιρός σήμερα - 20.1.2020 07:42

«Μπρα ντε φερ» Αθήνας- Βρυξελλών για τα ενεργειακά - 20.1.2020 07:53

Πολιτικές αναταραχές η νέα νόρμα για το 2020 - 20.1.2020 07:59

The most Chris Traeger hat possible. Just a fan of the game, hoping everyone has a good time.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 02:48


reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 00:05

Poor yoda

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 03:06

Joaquin Phoenix Wins Best Actor for 'Joker' - SAG Awards

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 03:29

Justice Dept. Ignores Kushner Part Of Court Order To Release Mueller Interview Notes - 20.1.2020 05:28

Over 617,000 robo-debts raised since data-matching project's inception - 20.1.2020 05:33

Ask HN: I don't want to be a worker any more I want to be a professional - 20.1.2020 05:36

Killer deal: Dell's flogging a 17-inch gaming laptop with an RTX 2070 for just AU$1,760 - 20.1.2020 05:38

Rust framework actix and actix-web are dead - 20.1.2020 05:50

Elon Musk: SpaceX will send NASA astronauts to space in Q2 - 20.1.2020 05:51

Microsoft warns about Internet Explorer zero-day, but no patch yet - 20.1.2020 05:53

American Express holds off launching Pay with Bank Transfer service in Australia - 20.1.2020 06:00

Samsung Display says it is considering building a factory in India - 20.1.2020 06:01

ASUS Gives Radeon RX 5600 XT the ROG Strix and TUF Gaming Treatment - 20.1.2020 06:16

Facebook blames a 'technical issue' for the vulgar translation of Xi Jinping's name - 20.1.2020 06:21

Tencent says to step up investment overseas and in smart retail - 20.1.2020 06:30

'Parasite' makes history with major award win, standing ovation from half of Hollywood - 20.1.2020 06:34

Universities ignore growing concern over Sci-Hub cyber risk - 20.1.2020 06:38

Meghan Markle's husband speaks out about royal family split, kindly asks everyone to step off - 20.1.2020 06:47

Global majority sees capitalism as harmful; mistrust high in India: Survey

International - 20.1.2020 06:27

RasterCarve Converts Images to CNC

JSFeeds - 20.1.2020 06:59

Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 is no longer supported

gHacks Technology News - 20.1.2020 06:04

TIL that, after Richard Feynman was named the world's smartest man by Omni magazine, his mother said, "If that's the world's smartest man, God help us.".

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 05:13

TIL that there is almost no access to communication tools (virtually all global chat apps from Messenger to Discord, intermittent email service), in mainland China other than local alternatives (WeChat, QQ)

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 05:13

TiL Steve Jobs was fabulously rich, but was a frugal and wanton miserly man

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 05:17

TIL Bologna in Britain and Ireland is called polony

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 05:21

TIL that in Japan, Hiroshima Peace Flame has been burned continuously since it was lit in 1964, and will remain lit until all nuclear bombs on the planet are destroyed

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 05:52

TIL that you eat petroleum by-products when you buy food at stores, even if they’re natural and organic. Additives such as flavor extracts, food coloring and vitamin E are some ingredients made from petrol as well as different chemicals in food wrappers, cans and packaging.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 06:12

TIL a lawyer used his will for practical jokes. He gave a house to 3 men who hated each other, stocks in a brewery to preachers, shares of a racetrack to each ministers "except Spracklin, who shot a hotelkeeper", and gave the rest to whoever had the most kids in 10 years.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 06:41

TIL that the late Whitey Bulger, a major figure in organized crime in the US, had claimed large amounts of income by paying other people for their winning lottery tickets. This was how he was able to account for large amounts of money without being implicated in criminal activity.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 06:48

TIL singer of New Wave band Q Lazarus had a hit with "Goodbye Horses" before disappearing completely. Despite the song being featured prominently in Silence of the Lambs, the mystery endured, with many assuming the worst. In 2018, she emerged briefly to say she was happy and a bus driver in NY.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 06:50

US$2,500,000.00 watch.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 01:01

Improve Sign-Up Forms with Off-White Text Fields

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 02:13

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, RTX 3070 Leaked Specs: Up to 20GB GDDR6 RAM

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 03:33

Analysis of compensation, level, and experience details of 19k tech workers

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 04:40

Jeff Bezos’ India trip features an electric delivery rickshaw — along with protests and controversy - 20.1.2020 04:54

Opera resorts to questionable loan apps as browser market share tanks - 20.1.2020 04:56

The Curse Of Pence? Fans Blame VP After Packers Get Trounced By 49ers. - 20.1.2020 04:58

Looking for the cheapest fanless silent PC? We tracked it down - 20.1.2020 05:00

Intel "Panther Canyon" NUC Implements "Tiger Lake" SoC with Xe Graphics - 20.1.2020 05:03

Joe Biden: Silicon Valley game developers are 'little creeps' - 20.1.2020 05:09

Duckworth Calls Amtrak’s $25,000 Quote For A Group Of Disabled Passengers ‘Outrageous’ - 20.1.2020 05:13

The next big privacy scare is a face recognition tool you’ve never heard of - 20.1.2020 05:36

(PR) ASUS Announces PN62 Mini-PC with 10th Gen "Comet Lake" Processors - 20.1.2020 05:38

Discounted over 40%, the Dell G7 17 Gaming Laptop is flying off the shelves! - 20.1.2020 05:38

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera: 10x optical zoom, 100x digital zoom - 20.1.2020 05:41

Phase one of US-China trade deal much better than I thought, says Trump

International - 20.1.2020 02:35

Open banking platform Tink raises €90M at a post-money valuation of €415M

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 05:00

Catalyst Fund gets $15M from JP Morgan, UK Aid to back 30 EM fintech startups

TechCrunch - 20.1.2020 05:09

A visual guide to matching suits and shoes.

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 05:03

Shotcut is an open source video editor for Windows, Linux, and macOS

gHacks Technology News - 20.1.2020 05:13

We’ve had to remove all doorstops from the house because of these two.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 00:01

Someone ordered and paid for a medium pizza at our work and asked us to make it a large in the notes

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 00:08

My seven year-old son scoring a goal off a rare triple-meg. 🤯⚽️⚽️⚽️

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 00:51

Immersing yourself in nature benefits your health

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 04:36

Heroic-Faith expects US FDA clearance for AI-powered respiratory monitor - 20.1.2020 03:34

Trump’s Defense Brief Is So Weak He Likely Dictated Parts Himself, John Dean Suspects - 20.1.2020 03:34

Apex Legends now in third-person mode, for a limited time - 20.1.2020 03:48

‘Parasite’ Makes History As First Foreign Film To Win SAG Award For Best Ensemble - 20.1.2020 03:51

Samsung appoints new mobile chief as Huawei chips away at market share - 20.1.2020 03:52

ADHA's work to get off fax progressing with standards agreed on - 20.1.2020 03:52

LED chip inventory declining - 20.1.2020 03:57

Jennifer Aniston Wins SAG Award for Outstanding Performance in Apple TV+ Series 'The Morning Show' - 20.1.2020 04:00

The New York Times Endorses Elizabeth Warren And Amy Klobuchar - 20.1.2020 04:11

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Reunited At SAG Awards And Twitter Needed A Moment - 20.1.2020 04:12

Huawei to replace Google Maps with TomTom - 20.1.2020 04:20

Huawei: 5G phones at under $150 are coming in Q4 2020 - 20.1.2020 04:29

The flames and the splashdown: Crew Dragon's in-flight abort test, as it happened - 20.1.2020 04:32

ESA opens plant that turns moondust into oxygen - 20.1.2020 04:33

The iPad Pro can now run Fortnite at 120 frames per second - 20.1.2020 04:34

Joaquin Phoenix Pays ‘Joker’ Tribute To Heath Ledger In SAG Awards Speech - 20.1.2020 04:44

Pakistani minister, officials lobbying in Beijing to get off FATF grey list

International - 20.1.2020 04:17

Cake baking guide!

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 04:56

TIL the thumbs-up gesture is considered offensive in some parts of the world.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 04:02

TIL James Gandolfini had his Rolex stolen as he was dying by an EMT with the last name Bevilaqua. Earlier on The Sopranos, he accused an EMT of robbing him and killed someone with the last name Bevilaqua.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 04:02

TIL that raccoons interact using over 200 different vocal sounds, including purring!

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 04:11

TIL that in 1997 the R-rated films, 'Striptease' and 'Scream', were shown to a 4th grade and 8th grade class, respectively. This occurred on the same day in the same school. Allegedly, the students asked for it.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 04:15

TIL Johannes Itten created the color wheel taught in school. But Itten's primary triad is strongly tied to the way we use language rather than to the physically correct colors for mixing.The correct colors for mixing are magenta, yellow and cyan, the colors of ink that you buy for your color printer

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 04:16

TIL Chik-Fil-A was ranked slowest out of ten of the top fast food chains in the US

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 04:34

TIL that the converging/diverging rocket engine nozzle is known as the de Laval nozzle, named after the original patent holder, Gustaf de Laval in 1888 (although the original inventor was Ernst Körting, 10 years prior), and was originally used on steam turbines.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 04:36

TIL that someone scientifically debunked the saying ‘cold hands, warm heart’

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 04:44

Student hits an student with autism, then a bigger student comes to defend him

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 00:33

Let us never forget Gary Webb.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 00:34

🔥 This formation of clouds

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 00:15

Dad builds a custom adaptive controller so his daughter can play Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 01:03

I design ridiculous product ideas for fun, so I designed a pair of jeans with one giant pocket across the butt for all your essentials.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 20.1.2020 00:49

San Francisco’s Dangerous New DA, Chesa Bousin

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 03:44

Brad Pitt Jokes About Difficult Marriages At SAGs, Camera Cuts To Jennifer Aniston - 20.1.2020 02:15

My FOSS Story - 20.1.2020 02:15

Intel's next-gen DG2: 7nm node by TSMC, not Intel's in-house 7nm - 20.1.2020 02:41

Robert De Niro Condemns Trump’s ‘Abuse Of Power’ In Passionate SAG Awards Speech - 20.1.2020 02:42

European regulators have imposed 114 million euros ($126 million) in fines for data breaches since tougher privacy rules came into force in mid-2018, with approaches varying widely from country to country - 20.1.2020 02:49

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080, RTX 3070 leaked specs: up to 20GB GDDR6 RAM - 20.1.2020 02:52

A look back at the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One era - 20.1.2020 02:53

Can anyone tell me how to make an online store (fashion nova) think I’m a new customer? - 20.1.2020 02:57

Should I accept the free replacement of my MSI gaming PC? Read the description please :) - 20.1.2020 03:01

Analyst: NVIDIA's next-gen GPU will boost gaming revenue, big time - 20.1.2020 03:11

Today, I came across a tool to identify bots and fake accounts on Twitter - 20.1.2020 03:28

ASUS ROG Phone 2 camera performance is disappointing says DxOMark - 20.1.2020 03:33

Opera Accused of Offering Predatory Loans Through Android apps - 20.1.2020 03:34

China reports SARS-like virus spreads across country, nearly 140 new cases

International - 20.1.2020 01:30

A perfect analysis of the Greek alphabet (shamelessly stolen from a group chat, sauce unknown)

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 03:19

Use of Fireflies v. Lightning Bugs in the U.S.

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 03:52 Special Defacements - 20.1.2020 03:47

TIL that New Zealand is the highest point of a submerged 8th continent, Zealandia.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 03:06

TIL that Russia's life expectancy is 4-6 years lower than in Iraq, Guatemala & Venezuela

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 03:19

TIL The Andromeda Galaxy is approaching the Milky Way at about 110 kilometres per second (68 miles per second) and the Andromeda galaxy will collide with the Milky Way about 4 billion years from now.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 03:20

TIL that Jack Daniel's whiskey is distilled in a dry county, so you can't actually buy it in stores there.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 03:23

TIL that eggplants are called as such because they were named by 18th century Europeans who had only seen eggplants that were white rather than the purple ones we're used to and therefore they looked like geese eggs so they named it "egg plants"

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 03:29

TIL: All the trees in Melbourne have an email address

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 03:41

TIL the first FakeNews was when Rameses the Great spread lies about the stunning victory in the Battle of Kadesh; he depicted scenes of himself smiting his foes during the battle on the walls of nearly all his temples. The treaty reveals that the battle was actually a stalemate.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 03:53

TIL a fire on a U.S. Air Force B-52 in 1980 in Grand Forks North Dakota nearly caused a nuclear accident worse than Chernobyl. A simple shift in wind direction would have destroyed the nuclear weapons inside spreading plutonium for miles, or worse.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 03:56

TIL that arugula was considered an aphrodisiac in ancient times, which is a possible reason why growing it on monasteries was banned.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 03:56

FOSS Story of Burntsushi

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 02:15

Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Are Bringing Ken And Barbie Vibes To SAG Awards - 20.1.2020 01:25

The Last of Us Part 2 rumored to be coming to the PC - 20.1.2020 01:30

Check Out the Historic Weekend Blizzard Canadians Are Still Digging Out Of - 20.1.2020 01:35

‘Knock It Off’: Historian Slams National Archives Censorship In Trump Culture Of Lying - 20.1.2020 01:39

Most Amazon-Owned Private Label Brands Have No Warranties - 20.1.2020 01:41

Samsung retains CEOs in annual reshuffle - 20.1.2020 01:57

Look How Grown Up The ‘Stranger Things’ Kids Look On The SAG Awards Red Carpet - 20.1.2020 01:58

Introducing NodeTube, an open-source YouTube alternative powered by NodeJS - 20.1.2020 01:58

Metro Redux runs at 720p 30FPS on Nintendo Switch - 20.1.2020 02:04

‘Parasite’ Cast Gets Standing Ovation At SAG Awards, Bong Joon-ho Adorably Films All Of It - 20.1.2020 02:08

Improve Your Sign-Up Form with Off-White Text Fields - 20.1.2020 02:13

A 6-year-old has raised over $240,000 for Australia's bushfires making adorable clay koalas - 20.1.2020 02:14

Windows 10 Your Phone might soon copy and paste content across devices - 20.1.2020 02:21

Circle Medical is hiring Care Coordinators in Montreal to reinvent primary care - 20.1.2020 02:28

Opera accused of offering predatory loans through Android apps - 20.1.2020 02:34

Huawei partners with TomTom for Google Maps alternative - 20.1.2020 02:35

World's richest 2,000 have more money than poorest 4.6 bn combined: Oxfam

International - 20.1.2020 02:40

Which glass?

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 02:03

“How to drink water”

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 02:37

Phing Build File Visualizer

PHP Classes: Latest entries - 20.1.2020 01:06

TIL: It was not Pheidippides running 40km from Marathon to Athens to announce victory, but the whole army to save the city from the Persian fleet - in heavy armour, after battle. Pheidippides ran 240km to Sparta and back.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 02:05

TIL that movies and TV shows only use 555 phone numbers (for example 616-555-8203) to avoid viewers calling the numbers and bothering whoever would be on the other end. Phone numbers that start with 555 don't even exist in the real world, so calling them will get you nowhere.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 02:07

TIL The original Bertuucci's had a Bocce ball court

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 02:21

TIL that Isaac Asimov died from complications of HIV. In 1983 got HIV from a blood transfusion during heart surgery. His doctors told him to keep it quiet. 10 Ten years later, after most of Asimov's physicians had died, Asimov's family agreed that the HIV story should be made public.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 02:22

TIL that on every year, on Edgar Allan Poe's birthday, a masked man would leave three red roses and a bottle of cognac on his grave.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 02:30

TIL Ed Bagley Jr., Nia Vardalos, John Lithgow, and Ed Asner were in the radio drama for Return of the Jedi.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 02:40

TIL the movie "Psycho" (by Alfred Hitchcock) is based on a true story: Ed Gein dug up corpses and killed two women; then used their body parts to make skin chairs, skull bowls, skin lamps, and a woman suit — because he was obsessed with his mother

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 02:43

TIL:Astronauts wear sports bras.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 02:49

TIL that your toothbrush harbors 10 million germs, more than a toilet seat. Even new toothbrushes can have germs on them because they aren’t sold in sterile packaging.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 02:53

Warren Slams Bloomberg For Delaying FEC Report Until After Super Tuesday - 20.1.2020 00:22

City of San Diego Awarded GE Mass Surveillance Contract Without Oversight - 20.1.2020 00:24

Fines for European privacy breaches reach 114 million euros: report - 20.1.2020 00:35

Ayanna Pressley Receives Outpouring Of Praise After Sharing First Bald Selfie - 20.1.2020 00:41

Wolf Puppies, Coke Energy and the Last Vestige of Internet Explorer: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week - 20.1.2020 00:49

Samsung Electronics appoints new mobile chief - 20.1.2020 00:58

Apple Shares New 'Slofie' Videos Highlighting iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Cameras - 20.1.2020 01:00

Do Engineering Managers Need To Be 'Technical'? - 20.1.2020 01:04

Galaxy S20 Ultra cameras will have this distinct look - 20.1.2020 01:04

Cynthia Erivo Brings Big Pink Drama To SAG Awards Red Carpet - 20.1.2020 01:11

Apple Announces Release Dates for Several Upcoming Apple TV+ Shows - 20.1.2020 01:29

SpaceX Crew Dragon escape test success could lead to Spring crewed flight - 20.1.2020 01:36

I made a guide to finding Lego Sets through Lego Pieces Numbers.

newest submissions : coolguides - 20.1.2020 00:07 Special Defacements - 20.1.2020 01:16

TIL wi-fi as we know it was created and first released for consumers in 1997 when a committee called 802.11 was created. This lead to the creation of IEEE802.11, which refers to a set of standards that define communication for wireless local area networks.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 01:18

TIL about Jeanne de Clisson, was a Breton former noblewoman who became a pirate known as The Lioness of Brittany to avenge her husband after he was beheaded for treason by the French king. She plied the English Channel and targeted French ships, often slaughtering the crew, leaving few alive.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 01:26

TIL Saidi-Sief received a two-year suspension from the International Association of Athletics Federations after failing a urine test at the 2001 World Championships in Athletics in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada by testing positive for nandrolone, a banned performance-enhancing steroid

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 01:40

TIL that the Wilhelm Scream, a sound clip from a 1950s movie, has been used in at least 433 movies since then including "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood," all of the Indiana Jones movies, and "Toy Story."

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 01:42

TIL Aristides de Sousa Mendes a Portuguese Consul defied orders and saved 10,000 Jewish lives in WW2 from the terror of Nazi Germany by issuing visas and passports

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 01:48

Flagged as incarcerated by Facebook and locked out of account at the worst time

Hacker News - 20.1.2020 00:35

Just 162 Billionaires Have The Same Wealth As Half Of Humanity - 20.1.2020 00:01

Reliance Jio added 90 million subscribers during 2019 to sit at 370 million - 20.1.2020 00:23

Huawei will use TomTom for maps now that it's cut off from Google - 20.1.2020 00:25

TIL 40 year olds are not Boomers, they are Gen Xers and also have problems with Boomers

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 00:00

TIL the 2000s Fox Live Action Doctor Doom was the son of an Australian Prime Minister

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 00:16

TIL: When Ancient Greece repeatedly defeated the Persian Empire, it was a population of around 500,000 vs 50 million.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 00:25

TIL: Those strip of bumps that shake your cart as you leave a store are there to tell blind people they're walking into an area with vehicle traffic (parking lots, streets, etc). They're called Tactile paving

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 00:47

TIL that Audiophiles believe that new headphones need to be 'broken or burned in'. (I can see the point)

newest submissions : todayilearned - 20.1.2020 00:49