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Foxconn posts 23% Q3 profit rise, forecasts marginal core business growth

International - 13.11.2019 09:55

Less than 72 hours left to buy early-bird passes to Disrupt Berlin

TechCrunch - 13.11.2019 11:55

The Morning After: More 16-inch MacBook Pro rumors - 13.11.2019 12:15

Living with range anxiety: Two weeks with the Jaguar I-Pace - 13.11.2019 12:15

Google to offer checking accounts for consumers: WSJ - 13.11.2019 12:16

Here's how you can get Amazon Music Unlimited for less than £1 - 13.11.2019 12:16

Chinese gaming giant Tencent's third-quarter profit drop 13%, misses estimates - 13.11.2019 12:16

Tesla's Berlin move reflects Germany's carmaking prowess: minister - 13.11.2019 12:18

Welcome To Retirement: An Olympic Medalist Confronts Life After Skiing - 13.11.2019 12:18

Watch This Dead Fish Get Cleaned To The Bone By Other Animals In The Sea - 13.11.2019 12:18

Blast from the past: Google just marked the Nexus 6P early shutdown issue as 'fixed' - 13.11.2019 12:18

This looks like Mark Zuckerberg's secret TikTok account, which follows celebrities and famous internet creators - 13.11.2019 12:20

How to use Split View on a Mac - 13.11.2019 12:20

Google to offer checking accounts in partnership with banks starting next year - 13.11.2019 12:21

Razer Viper Ultimate: a wireless gaming mouse done right - 13.11.2019 12:22

Disney+ launches. Then doesn't. Then does again - 13.11.2019 12:24

Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday arrives with fix for IE zero-day - 13.11.2019 12:24

Parents are already using Disney Plus to indulge in nostalgia and introduce their Gen Z kids to childhood favourites - 13.11.2019 12:24

Guidemaster: Ars picks its favorite tech gifts you can buy for under $50 - 13.11.2019 12:30

You can share your Disney+ login with friends without repercussions - 13.11.2019 12:31

Apple's 16in MacBook Pro looks set to make official debut today - 13.11.2019 12:34

Man Thought It Was A Good Idea To Stare Down An 18-Wheeler. He Was Wrong - 13.11.2019 12:36

Gmail Tricks

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 12:05

An ego booster

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 06:56

6ft female police officer known as the “crane” expertly disarms and takes down a knife wielding man

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 06:19

My mother comparing abuse to currency that should be spent.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 10:06

The GOP attacked Ilhan Omar for calling Stephen Miller a "white nationalist." She says his leaked emails prove her right.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 10:55

epic gamer moves

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 09:57


reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 11:00

Dew Drop – November 13, 2019 (#3071)

Morning Dew - 13.11.2019 12:01

US-CERT warns of critical flaws in Medtronic equipment

Naked Security - 13.11.2019 12:06

Apple pulls Instagram-watching app from store

Naked Security - 13.11.2019 12:25

Η fintech startup Plum εξασφάλισε επιπλέον χρηματοδότηση 3 εκατ. ευρώ – Στόχος η επέκταση στην υπόλοιπη Ευρώπη το 2020 - 13.11.2019 11:55

Από το Κρεμλίνο μέχρι τη Ferrari και τις εταιρείες εξόρυξης πετρελαίου: Τα παγκοσμίου φήμης έργα που αναλαμβάνει η Kleeman - 13.11.2019 12:01

ΙΟΒΕ: Πάνω από 56 δισ. ευρώ έχουν «παρκαρισμένα» στο εξωτερικό οι Έλληνες - 13.11.2019 12:34

Hong Kong protests: Students arm themselves with bows and arrows as police raid 'bomb factory' university

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 11:56

Steve Bannon says Pelosi's strategy to impeach Trump is 'quite brilliant'

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 12:31

Netherlands to cut national speed limit to 62mph in bid to fight climate change

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 12:33

Trump administration blocked from allowing blueprints for 3D printed guns to be published online

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 12:49

TIL that horses require passports. Much like their riders, this is used for both international travel and identification.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 11:04

TIL "Jacks" and "Jills" were originally units of volume, roughly each equal to 1/64th to 1/32nd gallons, which one might use to measure a pail of water

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 11:23

TIL A mountain lion died five weeks after it consumed a porcupine. If the quills avoid large bones and vital organs, they can work their way straight through an animal with enough time and come out the other side several months after the encounter. The quills embed deeper and deeper through movement

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 11:29

TIL in the Vietnam war, there was a flourishing sex industry for American soldiers. There were an estimated 300,000 sex workers in the country at this time. There were also an estimated 50,000 bastard American-Asian children, who were given the derisive name bui doi (dirt of life).

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 11:32

TIL that in military exercises the US military creates fictional countries to serve as opposing forces (OPFOR). There's the Circle Trigons (who spoke Esperanto), The "Republic of Krasnovia" (a pseudo-Soviet Army, complete with Warsaw Pact equipment) and the "Islamic Brotherhood of Attica."

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 11:38

TIL The queen of England is a Viking. She is a decendant of Rollo the viking

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 11:40

TIL that Germans were referred to as "Huns" because of a speech given by Kaiser Wilhelm II in which he ordered German troops to be as savage as Attila's hordes in suppressing China's Boxer Rebellion

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 11:48

TIL that even horses get nervous when they are about to participate in a race, and the jockeys bring goats that calm the horse down

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 11:58

TIL that the actor who played Santa Claus in the Christmas M&M's commercial still makes between $5,000-$10,000 every single year from residuals.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 12:17

TIL that In 1931 has existed the Republic of Galicia

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 12:34

TIL: The Montreal Imaging Stress Task is a tool used to create a stressful situation. In this study, patients received criticism as they tried to complete mental arithmetic :(

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 12:40

TIL that bone marrow and solid organ transplant recipients can develop the same food allergies as the transplant donor.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 12:45

TIL Rapper Busta Rhymes voiced Reptar from Rugrats

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 12:55

TIL Southern California Edison is only now starting to replace bare power lines with insulated power lines in high wildfire risk areas.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 12:56

Alibaba Group geared for blockbuster $13.4-billion listing in Hong Kong

International - 13.11.2019 11:19

Convoy raises $400 million to expand its on-demand trucking platform

TechCrunch - 13.11.2019 11:00

Weird Number

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 22:52

The Problem with Diamonds Is They Keep Getting Cheaper

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 11:15

Show HN: Can a neural network predict if your HN post title will get up votes?

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 11:00

Robot overlords? More like co-verlords. The future is human robot collaboration - 13.11.2019 11:00

Nike will no longer sell its shoes and apparel on Amazon - 13.11.2019 11:01

Helena Gleichen: pioneer radiographer, suffragist, and forgotten hero of WWI - 13.11.2019 11:01

Apple iPhone 12 preview: Everything we know so far - 13.11.2019 11:02

Death Stranding - 13.11.2019 11:06

This Chrome OS tablet converts your iPhone into a Samsung Galaxy Fold wannabe - 13.11.2019 11:07

The Nikon D750 successor's leaked specs suggest it will be a Z6 for DSLR fans - 13.11.2019 11:08

Elevate your sound with 30 days of Amazon Music HD for free - 13.11.2019 11:09

How to change playback quality and save data when streaming Apple TV+ - 13.11.2019 11:10

Toshiba releases stellar results - 13.11.2019 11:11

Mark Zuckerberg says TikTok is a threat to democracy, but didn't say he spent 6 months trying to buy its predecessor - 13.11.2019 11:14

Stylish and compact, Hyundai’s next concept is tailor-made for Los Angeles - 13.11.2019 11:15

Rumor: Apple to debut 16-inch MacBook Pro today - 13.11.2019 11:15

Project Nightingale: Google probed over US patient data deal - 13.11.2019 11:17

Kristen Bell drops a bunch of spoilers about Kristoff's role in 'Frozen 2' - 13.11.2019 11:17

Intel CPUs Since Haswell Vulnerable to "Zombieload v2" Attacks, "Cascade Lake" Included - 13.11.2019 11:17

Apple MacBook Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 - 13.11.2019 11:20

Hackers hit UK political parties - 13.11.2019 11:21

Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Chicago-based exchange will launch Bitcoin options in January’ - 13.11.2019 11:26

Trevor Noah has a blunt message for White House staffers getting big book deals - 13.11.2019 11:30

Making new experiences possible on the web

JSFeeds - 13.11.2019 11:28

Is Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * insecure?

JSFeeds - 13.11.2019 11:28

Is the Enterprise on the Brink of a Global Web Supply Chain Attack?

JSFeeds - 13.11.2019 11:29

Exercise: Reversing a string in JavaScript

JSFeeds - 13.11.2019 11:30

All humans are apes, all apes are monkeys and all monkeys are primates

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 11:09

Tea guideline for sleep!

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 11:48

Perfect Timing

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 03:31

Boy was she wrong.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 05:29

Me and the boys. Or just me

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 06:30

Never thought about that

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 08:00

Typical idiot drivers in Richmond, BC

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 06:02

Good job mate

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 08:41

My wife made a custom cover for my new game.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 08:34

No, YouTube isn’t planning to jettison your unprofitable channel

Naked Security - 13.11.2019 11:23

Microsoft says it will honor California’s new privacy law across US

Naked Security - 13.11.2019 11:31

Η Vodafone παρουσίασε το όραμά της για ένα καλύτερο μέλλον μέσα από την τεχνολογία στο SingularityU Summit Greece - 13.11.2019 11:24 Special Defacements - 13.11.2019 11:45 Special Defacements - 13.11.2019 11:45

'You're not a serial killer, right?' woman texts man before he murders her

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 11:07

Teenage athlete facing 'certain death' from vaping-related injury gets double lung transplant

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 11:36

IPTV Supplier Omniverse Agrees to Pay $50 Million in Piracy Damages

TorrentFreak - 13.11.2019 10:33

Could your startup earn the Wild Card at Disrupt Berlin 2019?

TechCrunch - 13.11.2019 09:00

Plum, the ‘AI’ money management app, raises $3M more and comes to Android

TechCrunch - 13.11.2019 09:00

The Garage is a new blockchain-focused incubator based in Paris

TechCrunch - 13.11.2019 09:10

The Future Is Not Retro

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 03:32

Book Review: The Body Keeps the Score

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 10:17

OpenBSD: Why and How (2016)

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 07:17

Developing open-source FPGA tools

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 09:58

OpenSwiftUI – An Open Source Re-Implementation of SwiftUI

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 09:46

14 dynamite gifts for the Guy Fieri fans of the world - 13.11.2019 10:00

Don't miss this early Black Friday deal on security cameras - 13.11.2019 10:00

Love art? Take graphic design courses online for super cheap. - 13.11.2019 10:00

Lincoln brand set to take flight with new Aviator SUV - Roadshow - 13.11.2019 10:00

What is cloud computing? - 13.11.2019 10:00

Ex-Houston Astros Pitcher: We Cheated During Championship Season - 13.11.2019 10:00

Fancy renting your developer environment? Visual Studio goes online - 13.11.2019 10:00

Windows 10 Theme: Download Microsoft’s new Paper Art PREMIUM theme pack from Microsoft Store - 13.11.2019 10:00

Huge savings on Paw Patrol, Meccano and Hatchimals at Argos ahead of Black Friday - 13.11.2019 10:00

Chinese gaming giant Tencent books 13% third quarter profit drop, misses estimates - 13.11.2019 10:02

Amazon Music Unlimited has more songs than Spotify for an amazing price - 13.11.2019 10:02

Samsung Galaxy S11 will have new screen tech, but will it make a viewable difference? - 13.11.2019 10:04

Trump deal to share 3D-printed gun blueprints online ruled ‘unlawful’ - 13.11.2019 10:06

Minecraft Earth, a new AR game, has landed in the US in early access form - 13.11.2019 10:09

Alibaba poised to launch record-breaking $13.4 billion Hong Kong share sale: sources - 13.11.2019 10:10

How to easily access the elusive em-dash — on Windows and Mac - 13.11.2019 10:12

16-inch MacBook Pro Has Improved Speakers, Noise-Cancelling Microphones, and '4% Larger' Screen Than 15.4-inch Model - 13.11.2019 10:13

3D-printed cars are a step closer to reality thanks to HP/Volkswagen partnership - 13.11.2019 10:27

Threatin, "fake" singer-songwriter you haven't thought about in about a year, now on tour - 13.11.2019 10:30

10 Interesting JavaScript and CSS Libraries for November 2019

JSFeeds - 13.11.2019 10:57

How to use every part of your mouth

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 10:25

Popular hacking tools

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 10:31

Daily Self-Improvement: 23 Exercises That Skyrocket Your Personal Growth

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 10:49

Millennials aren't "Stingy," we're Poor

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 18:06

Albert Official Response

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 21:51

Why have you done this to me?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 03:45

AITA for telling my daughter she is being a snob?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 22:07

My friend found a way to avoid getting caught playing video games in class. I, thought this belonged here.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 06:03

Χειροπέδες στον βαθύπλουτο ιδρυτή του Cirque du Soleil για καλλιέργια κάνναβης στο ιδιωτικό του νησί - 13.11.2019 09:54

Προβλήματα με το «καλημέρα» για το Disney+ - 13.11.2019 09:55

Στο Βερολίνο το πρώτο εργοστάσιο ηλεκτρικών αυτοκινήτων της Tesla στην Ευρώπη - 13.11.2019 10:00

Handbrake 1.3 video converter out with major improvements

gHacks Technology News - 13.11.2019 10:32

Trump adviser Stephen Miller sought to promote white nationalism, leaked emails show

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 10:16

What Britain's general election looks like from the EU parliament in Brussels

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 10:05

Bolivian senator declares herself president in Evo Morales' absence

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 10:27

Venice flooding news – live: State of emergency demanded by mayor as water approaches record levels

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 09:53

Venice floods: Highest tides in 50 years plunge city's squares underwater as 'result of climate change'

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 10:00

Wild boar sniff out and destroy stash of cocaine worth £17,000 in Italy

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 10:39

19 dead in Israeli strikes on Gaza, as cross-border fighting rages for second day

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 10:48

TIL today (13 Nov) is the day of Saint Homobonus - patron saint of tailors, shoemakers, clothworkers and business people

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 10:38

TIL: People in Thailand (known then as Siam) did not commonly have surnames/family names until 1913, when the first Surname Act was promulgated.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 10:47

TIL: the only relic of Jesus' foreskin that was recognized by the Catholic Church was stolen twice: once during the Sack of Rome in 1527 and once from a shoebox in a priests wardrobe in 1982.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 10:51

Disney+ hits technical snags on launch day - 13.11.2019 10:40

Google Chrome to shame slow websites - 13.11.2019 10:42

Six Policemen Came to the Home of a Young Woman at Night and Seized Her (2018)

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 05:06

Scientists find eternal Nile to be more ancient than previously thought

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 12:42

Use Y Combinator's Work at a Startup to find your next engineering job

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 09:15

AirDroid Business is Making Life Easier for Companies on the Go - 13.11.2019 08:56

Removing the risk of AI bias in the public sector - 13.11.2019 09:00

McLaren Elva roadster is a worthy successor to the Senna - Roadshow - 13.11.2019 09:00

Study finds Microsoft more ethical than Facebook, Google and Apple - 13.11.2019 09:00

Tiny Islands, an addictive card-based island-drawing game - 13.11.2019 09:00

This 4K TV from Samsung is £100 off in fantastic Curry's Black Friday deal - 13.11.2019 09:06

Alibaba poised to launch record-breaking $15 billion HK share sale: sources - 13.11.2019 09:06

Xbox One games get a shuffle button for when you can't decide what to play - 13.11.2019 09:10

Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro might be coming very, very soon - 13.11.2019 09:14

Londoner accused of accessing National Lottery users' accounts - 13.11.2019 09:15

BBC and Sky team up for full-blown personalised iPlayer - 13.11.2019 09:16

Ikea’s first decorative smart bulb is just $9.99 — Hue’s costs $24.99 - 13.11.2019 09:24

Windows 10 November 2019 Update is here – but you might be disappointed - 13.11.2019 09:27

Alibaba poised to launch record-breaking $13.4 billion HK share sale: sources - 13.11.2019 09:30

Review: ASUS PRIME X570 Pro - 13.11.2019 09:36

Switzerland gets another ‘Bitcoin bank’ that holds cryptocurrency for customers - 13.11.2019 09:49

Japan's Hayabusa2 is returning to Earth with asteroid samples - 13.11.2019 09:51

New Windows backdoor that hides by mimicking common software developed by Platinum APT group - 13.11.2019 09:55

Dell Unveils Subscription Model To Counter Amazon, Microsoft - 13.11.2019 10:00

A guide to fashion patterns

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 09:02

Kidnapped a lost guide. Belongs here.

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 09:51

Shelf life of various everyday items.

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 09:59

family WWE.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 01:46

Cursed puma

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 06:24

It kinda look like a grave site

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 05:33

Natural deep cleaning

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 05:16

Αποδείξεις: «Βροχή» τα αρνητικά σχόλια για το 30% - 13.11.2019 08:01

Πρώην πρέσβης Γερμανίας στην Ελλάδα: «Οι Γερμανοί δεν θα πληρώσουν ποτέ αποζημιώσεις, δεν έχουν τόσα χρήματα» - 13.11.2019 08:44

Προβάδισμα δέκα μονάδων για το κόμμα του Τζόνσον έναντι των Εργατικών - 13.11.2019 09:05

Συναντιούνται σήμερα Τραμπ- Ερντογάν: Αποκατάσταση σχέσεων ή νέος διπλωματικός «πόλεμος»; - 13.11.2019 09:21

Trump impeachment news – live: First public hearings to start as president 'threatens to fire' close aide and intel chief over Ukraine call response

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 08:51

TIL A man in Florida drowned on his birthday, after crashing his car into a fire hydrant. He had managed to get out of his car, but was then sucked into a sinkhole likely created by the water pressure resulting from the fire hydrant's destruction.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 09:00

TIL - Solar Powered Aquaponics System – Large Scale Farm and Backyard Do It Yourself System

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 09:19

TIL of Human placentophagy: Many mammals eat the placenta after birth and some human cultures have and continue to do so as well.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 09:27

TIL Most of the time, magnifications for observations in astronomy are limited to 200x or less, regardless of aperture. This is because the Earth’s atmosphere distorts light as it passes through. The sharpest images will always be achieved at lower magnifications

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 09:41

Chaka opens up global investing to Africa’s most populous nation

TechCrunch - 13.11.2019 07:00

How VCs Make Money

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 13:13

Facebook says a bug caused its iPhone app’s inadvertent camera access

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 07:49

OpenBSD: Why and How (2018) - 13.11.2019 07:17

Pegatron eyes revenue growth for 2019 despite trade war - 13.11.2019 07:23

PalmPay launches in Nigeria on $40M round led by China’s Transsion - 13.11.2019 07:58

Microsoft rolls out Build 15254.597 for Windows 10 Mobile users - 13.11.2019 08:00

Four go wild for wasm: Corporate quartet come together to build safe WebAssembly sandbox - 13.11.2019 08:01

Highlights of the day: Chinese DRAM firm CXMT ramps up 19nm production - 13.11.2019 08:02

Facebook Pay launches in the US, with payment options in Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram - 13.11.2019 08:08

New ‘Zombieload’ variant flaw hits Intel Cascade Lake processors - 13.11.2019 08:08

Best cheap Apple Watch deals for November 2019 - 13.11.2019 08:08

Power Logic seeing demand for graphics cards pick up - 13.11.2019 08:11

(PR) Antec Announces the NeoEco GOLD Zen Power Supply Series - 13.11.2019 08:13

Safari gets support for hardware security keys with iOS 13.3 - 13.11.2019 08:14

Mozilla, Intel and Red Hat form Bytecode Alliance for better open-source security - 13.11.2019 08:25

The Facebook app could be secretly using your iPhone camera behind your back - 13.11.2019 08:49

Common sword types

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 08:08

We really are moving into the next era of technology

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 04:47

DW: Τίτλοι τέλους και για τη γερμανική Thomas Cook - 13.11.2019 07:41

Ποιες χώρες δίνουν επενδυτική ψήφο εμπιστοσύνης στην Ελλάδα – Διαδραστικός χάρτης - 13.11.2019 08:00

Αποδείξεις: «Βροχή» τα αρνητικά σχόλια για το για το 30% - 13.11.2019 08:01

«Πνίγεται» η Βενετία»: Η νύχτα της καταστροφής – Φωτογραφίες από τη χειρότερη πλημμυρίδα εδώ και 50 χρόνια - 13.11.2019 08:05

ΙΕΛΚΑ: Περίπου 367 ευρώ ξοδεύουν τα νοικοκυριά σε είδη παντοπωλείου - 13.11.2019 08:35

South Korean river runs red with blood of 47,000 slaughtered pigs

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 08:22

TIL that computer printers have been quietly embedding tracking codes in documents for decades

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 08:03

TIL In 2011, two men got lost at sea and were adrift of 33 days before washing up on an atoll, where they meet a descendant of a long-lost uncle. The uncle had also gone adrift 50 years earlier.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 08:17

TIL In 1897, Chinese revolutionary Sun Wen narrowly escaped after failing to overthrow the Qing emperor. He tried to check into a Tokyo hotel without revealing his real name, so he recalled a random nameplate. This alias, Zhongshan, ended up as his official name, now memorialzed everywhere in China

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 08:26

TIL that Argentavis Magnificens or Giant Teratorn (Extinct) Argentavis magnificens (literally "magnificent Argentine bird") is the largest flying bird ever discovered. Some physical characteristics: 1)Wingspan: 5.8–8 m (19 – 26 ft). 2)Length: 3.5 m (11.5 ft). 3)Height: 1.7–2 m (5.6–6.5 ft).

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 08:45

TIL THE 9 year old boy graduated from university in Holland. He studied electric engineering and he wants to become astronaut

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 08:55

A new way to read (and print) double-sided paper (2016)

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 10:40

Toshiba reports second quarter profit jump, announces tender offer for 3 listed units - 13.11.2019 06:45

Just how fast is too fast when it comes to web requests? - 13.11.2019 06:49

Facebook Pay unites payment service across Facebook’s apps - 13.11.2019 06:58

Are We Living In a Blade Runner World? - 13.11.2019 07:00

Astoboffins baffled as Curiosity rover takes larger gasps of oxygen in Martian summers - 13.11.2019 07:01

The cheapest color laser printer in the world has a big flaw - 13.11.2019 07:01

Toshiba reports best profit in two years, to buy out 3 listed units - 13.11.2019 07:07

SAPPHIRE announces a RX 5700 XT Nitro+ Special Edition - 13.11.2019 07:14

Lyft to Return Its Electric Bikes to San Francisco After Battery Fires - 13.11.2019 07:15

OpenBSD: Why and How - 13.11.2019 07:17

Intel Frost Canyon NUC with Core i3-10110U, i5-10210U and the i7-10710U PRocs images and details - 13.11.2019 07:24

Geforce RTX 3000 Ampere: Data center March, Consumers June 2020 - 13.11.2019 07:31

China has not issued any digital currencies: central bank - 13.11.2019 07:34

Google's patient data project 'Nightingale' is under investigation - 13.11.2019 07:51

In light of the Disney+ news...

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 07:34

Best sources of protein in vegan foods

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 07:56

Take an honest long look at yourself in the mirror first 💯

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 02:29

LEAK - Confirmed Models Are Re-Used

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 23:32

[WWE Backstage Spoilers] It finally happened...

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 05:00

Don't kill yourself for a job that don't care about you

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 02:00

Gotta make sure everyone knows.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 02:27

Το ΔΝΤ επιμένει για μείωση συντάξεων και αφορολογήτου - 13.11.2019 06:41

Βολιβία: Αυτοανακηρύχθηκε πρόεδρος η Τζανίνε Άνιες μετά την παραίτηση Μοράλες - 13.11.2019 06:57

Τζον Μπόλτον: Προσωπικά συμφέροντα υπαγορεύουν την πολιτική Τραμπ στην Τουρκία - 13.11.2019 07:10

Ο Τραμπ υποβαθμίζει τις συνέπειες του εμπορικού πολέμου - 13.11.2019 07:14

Το δεύτερο Code School της Deloitte έρχεται 18 Νοεμβρίου στη Θεσσαλονίκη - 13.11.2019 07:24

Coca Cola HBC: Αύξηση 5% στα έσοδα από πωλήσεις το γ’ τρίμηνο - 13.11.2019 07:38

How to upgrade to Windows 10 version 1909

gHacks Technology News - 13.11.2019 07:00

Google implements controversial Manifest V3 in Chrome Canary 80

gHacks Technology News - 13.11.2019 07:10

TIL that because Lichtenstein is such a small country you need to win in an lottery to be able to get a permit to live there. The lotteries are held each spring and autumn.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 06:03

Today I learned that boxing legend George Foreman has five sons named after himself: George Jr., George III, George IV, George V, and George VI.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 06:14

TIL Project Aktau-City, visioned ashore the Caspian Sea near Aktau as a residential complex for successful business people, was scrapped in 2013. Aktau-City was originally hoped to be a source to attract investment in Kazakhstan

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 06:23

TIL the Patron Saint of Beards is a bearded woman, Saint Wilgefortis

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 06:25

TIL of the existence of "scholarly publishing stings", in which academics submit absurd research papers to scholarly journals to test if the editors are actually paying attention. Sometimes, these are accepted and published.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 06:28

TIL of Andrew Geim winning an Ig Nobel Prize in 2000 for levitating a frog and a proper Nobel Prize in 2010 for demonstrating various properties in graphene. He is the only person to have won both awards.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 06:33

TIL Juba, South Sudan, is one of the newest capitals in the world. The population has been growing rapidly as people from Europe, Asia, and the rest of Africa flock to the city because it is the commercial hub of South Sudan’s oil industry

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 06:35

TIL That Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were once so poor that they were forced to share a single bed.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 06:41

TIL Häagen Dazs ice cream's name doesn't exist in any language. It means nothing.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 06:42

TIL that the "International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology" once accepted for publication a research paper consisting entirely of the words "get me off your fucking mailing list" repeated hundreds of times. They rated it "excellent".

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 06:57

TIL Karamay was the site of one of the worst disasters in modern Chinese history, the 1994 Karamay fire, when 324 people, including 288 school children, lost their lives in a cinema fire on 8 December 1994

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 07:12

TIL the animal with the fastest nervous system is the kuruma shrimp. Whose axonal conduction velocity can reach upwards of 200 m/s and roughly twice that of humans.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 07:24

TIL there is a plane that flies above Los Angeles every single day releasing thousands of sterile fruit flies from 2,000ft in the air to combat the invasive Mediterranean Fruit Fly. Up to 125,000 flies per square mile are released each week in what’s called “biological birth control”

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 07:25

TIL the US Navy replaced expensive and clunky periscope controls on submarines with Xbox 360 controllers, which reduced training time from hours to minutes

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 07:38

TIL that Kelly Clarkson didn't want to win American Idol because the winner was contractually bound to make a musical rom

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 07:39

Hong Kong braces for violence as police raise security after night clashes

International - 13.11.2019 04:00

New wave of chaos hits Hong Kong as protesters launch 'blossom everywhere'

International - 13.11.2019 05:55

The Sad End of Intel Desktop Boards

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 12:37

Differentiable Programming Manifesto

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 04:42

Microsoft E2 Edge Processor

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 04:46

Japan's Fast Retailing enlists robotics startups to automate warehouses - 13.11.2019 05:38

Anderson Cooper Mocks Nikki Haley With Some Of Her Own Backhanded Southern Charm - 13.11.2019 05:40

Photos: Seattle Sounders fans celebrate team’s second MLS Cup victory with march and rally - 13.11.2019 05:40

Ocasio-Cortez Calls On Stephen Miller To Resign Amid White Nationalist Email Leak - 13.11.2019 05:55

More Intel speculative execution vulnerabilities - 13.11.2019 05:56

Smarking (YC W15) is hiring a senior back-end tech lead to scale infrastructure - 13.11.2019 05:56

Replay on-demand online: Can you boost productivity with infrastructure as code? - 13.11.2019 06:00

EFF and ACLU triumph as federal judge rules that warrantless, suspicionless device searches at the border are illegal - 13.11.2019 06:06

Tickets for HOPE 2020 go on sale tomorrow! - 13.11.2019 06:10

Federal Court Rules That Border Agents Need Probable Cause to Search Travelers' Phones - 13.11.2019 06:15

Apple supplier Japan Display logs 11th straight quarterly net loss - 13.11.2019 06:15

Facebook Pay will let you make payments through Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram - 13.11.2019 06:26

Qantas CIO looks to cloud, AI, and data to manage flight disruptions - 13.11.2019 06:27

BHIM UPI goes international, launches at Singapore FinTech Festival

Technology - 13.11.2019 06:15

Missed festive sales? Some easy-on-pocket audio devices you can still buy

Technology - 13.11.2019 06:35

Xiaomi A3 review: All the goodies of Mi phones, and better performance

Technology - 13.11.2019 06:47

Σε εξέλιξη το κύμα κακοκαιρίας- Καταστροφές σε Κέρκυρα και Κεφαλονιά από τη «Βικτώρια» - 13.11.2019 06:37

What is something perfectly legal that feels illegal?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 20:28

Chris Farley during his freshman year at Marquette University in 1982. His rugby team's motto was, "We might lose the game, but we'll win the party."

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 23:41

Harsh but true

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 01:34

Old friends

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 01:00

[Highlight] Tristan Thompson attempts a 360 no-scope 3 pointer from the logo with 4 seconds left on the shot clock

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 02:16

Kevin being iconic

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 02:31

US Regulator begins probe into Google deal to access patient's data: Report

International - 13.11.2019 04:13

India to be a top player in data-driven world of next decade: Michael Dell

International - 13.11.2019 04:20

Sharif rejects Pak govt's conditional permission to travel UK for treatment

International - 13.11.2019 05:10

Smarking (YC W15) Is Hiring a Senior Back End Tech Lead to Scale Terabytes Infra

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 05:56

Britbox, Douglas Adams, Morse Code Apps, How to Clean an LCD Screen - 13.11.2019 04:30

Chinese Tesla challenger Xpeng raises $400M from investors including Xiaomi - 13.11.2019 04:48

What do you do when have free time? - 13.11.2019 04:54

Stephen Miller Linked to White Supremacist Sites, Pushed Racist Talking Points in Leaked Emails - 13.11.2019 04:55

Greta Thunberg Will Set Sail Once Again En Route To UN’s Biggest Climate Conference - 13.11.2019 04:55

Russian bloke charged in US with running $20 million stolen card-as-a-service online souk - 13.11.2019 05:01

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 November 2019 Update (1909) - 13.11.2019 05:08

Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT NITRO+ Special Edition Pictured - 13.11.2019 05:19

Apple AirPods Pro are back on sale - and in stock - at Amazon - 13.11.2019 05:22

Microsoft to kill Intune Managed Browser next year - 13.11.2019 05:32

Kristen Bell sings 17 different Disney songs in 5 minutes —including 'Let It Go' - 13.11.2019 05:36

The best Nintendo Switch prices, bundles and sales in Australia (November 2019) - 13.11.2019 05:39

Google Algorithm Updates... Content Writer, blogger and SEO learner should know about this...

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 05:21

Some of the wealthiest people in history, measured in today's money

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 05:27

Cool guide to Google

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 05:53

TIL That Coldplay Singer Chris Martin learned to Sing Backwards for the Music Video of The Scientist. It took him a month and it was also not the Only Music Video made in this Style.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 05:16

TIL the Empire of Japan killed as many as 250,000 Chinese civilians because they helped 67 American bomber crewmen escape.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 05:42

TIL: about Thomas Parr an Englishman who was said to have lived for 152 years

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 05:52

TIL that the rings on the cover artwork of Toto IV have a special meaning.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 05:58

Me and my girlfriend that my racist parents don't approve of. ❤❤

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 21:21

LPT: it's getting cold outside. Throw an extra blanket in your car, a spare hat and gloves, a shovel, and some cat litter. These items can quite literally save your life in the winter.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 01:00

Mongolian huntress with her eagle

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 01:01

Bloomberg calls for Trump defeat, takes new step towards 2020 run

International - 12.11.2019 21:40

Need grand coalition of govts, corp, people to tackle climate change: IEA

International - 13.11.2019 03:00

Amazon’s latest venture lets teachers buy and sell educational resources - 13.11.2019 03:30

Yahoo! Kimo sets up automated logistics center for online shopping - 13.11.2019 03:35

The Color Magenta, Or How T-Mobile Thinks It Owns A General Color - 13.11.2019 03:43

Wi-Fi 6 to share spotlight with 5G - 13.11.2019 03:45

Microsoft and Adobe announce expanded partnership - 13.11.2019 03:50

Cooperative Threading - 13.11.2019 03:54

Equinix eyes opportunity to help enterprises scale globally without friction - 13.11.2019 04:00

Federal court ruling ends random searches of phones (and other devices) at U.S. airports and borders - 13.11.2019 04:06

When does episode 2 of The Mandalorian come out on Disney Plus? - CNET - 13.11.2019 04:10

Scientists crack open Moon sample sealed for 47 years - 13.11.2019 04:15

Colbert’s Hilarious Trump Impeachment Tree Features A Very NSFW Ornament - 13.11.2019 04:16

TPM-FAIL vulnerabilities impact TPM chips in desktops, laptops, servers - 13.11.2019 04:23

Colin Kaepernick To Attend NFL Workout After 3 Years Unsigned - 13.11.2019 04:24

China smartphone sales down in 3Q19, Digitimes Research figures show - 13.11.2019 04:27

Traeger WiFi grills monitor your wood pellet supply with an $80 sensor - 13.11.2019 04:29

Commonwealth Bank exec reshuffle sees deck have less tech - 13.11.2019 04:42

You can feel the sounds moving in your mouth

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 04:49

TIL in 1310, Roger Fuckebythenavele was declared an outlaw by the Chester County court for failure to appear. The nature of his initial offense remains unknown.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 04:01

TIL the world's largest exhibition is the Carl Sagan planet walk. The sun and distance to solar system planets, to scale, are located all in Ithaca, New York. Alpha Centauri, the closest star, distance to scale, is in Hawaii.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 04:11

TIL that when France fell to the Germans in WWII, Winston Churchill ordered the Royal Navy to sink the French Fleet in Algieria so the Germans couldn't use it. 1,300 French sailors died, and Churchill called it "his most hateful decision".

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 04:13

TIL of the story of Hans and Emma Kabel, an elderly couple from the Bronx who both decided to commit suicide because they were tired of living in fear of crime

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 04:20

TIL that there was a riot involving Qing Chinese Fleet sailors in Nagasaki.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 04:27

TIL a Harvard study found that hiring one highly productive but toxic worker does more damage to a company’s bottom line than employing several less productive but more cooperative workers.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 04:35

TIL vaping is worse than i thought. teen gets double lung transplant

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 04:42

TIL Steve Jobs could have taken a surgery that would have removed his cancer before it had spread in turn saving his life.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 04:46

TIL Researchers attempted to trigger episodes of complex sleep behaviors in clinically diagnosed sleepwalkers. Technicians entered the room and approached the sleepwalking subjects. They were met with violence, such as punches and kicks; one subject picked up a chair and threw it at the technicians.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 04:54

I Couldn't Imagine How Terrible This Was

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 15:24

[Post Game Thread] Evansville defeats #1 Kentucky 67-64

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 02:01

6 years ago this man blessed us with his Chatroulette Version of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 00:19

This is Narwhal. He has a tail growing out of his head. It is completely nonfunctional and is not attached to anything life threatening.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 00:37

AOC Calls for WH Adviser Stephen Miller to Resign After Emails Show He Promoted White Nationalism

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 00:53

Which paradox just mind fucks a person?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 16:00

Boeing pilot who flagged flaws in 737 MAX simulator transferred to new job

International - 13.11.2019 00:25

Chaos in Hong Kong continues as pro-democracy protests turn more violent

International - 13.11.2019 01:25

Tesla challenger China Evergrande Group vows to debut electric car in 2020

International - 13.11.2019 02:34

Trump threatens to 'substantially' raise tariffs if there's no China deal

International - 13.11.2019 02:54

Trade war woes: Xi Jinping's alma mater now faces a massive debt problem

International - 13.11.2019 03:00

Facebook’s TikTok Paradox - 13.11.2019 02:06

The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Coffee Cup Mystery Is Back From The Dead - 13.11.2019 02:28

‘Juice Jacking’ Criminals Use Public USB Chargers to Steal Data - 13.11.2019 02:36

Intel unveils its first chips built for AI in the cloud - 13.11.2019 02:44

U.S. To Ease Firearm Export Rules Next Month - 13.11.2019 02:44

‘Enraged’ Parents Say Catholic School Made Gay Teen Undergo Conversion Therapy - 13.11.2019 03:04

Tesla’s Model 3 is luring customers away from luxury brands like BMW and Audi - 13.11.2019 03:13

'Door Ninja' shelter cat busted setting other cats free - CNET - 13.11.2019 03:17

3-D climate modeling could fine-tune the search for faraway signs of alien life - 13.11.2019 03:21

Nike to Stop Selling Directly to Amazon - 13.11.2019 03:27

Physics Experiment With Ultrafast Laser Pulses Produces a Previously Unseen Phase of Matter - 13.11.2019 03:30

Samsung and Korean streaming service to launch HDR10+ content - 13.11.2019 03:33

How to make shadow puppets

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 03:02

Just thought this belongs here

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 03:34

TIL that actor Matt Damon is proud to call himself the 'Dumbest actor of all time' due to the fact that he was offered a role and 10% royalties on the movie Avatar but he turned them down. The payout later came out to be 250 million dollars.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 03:26

TIL that the RCMP effectively wiped out the population of Canadian Eskimo dogs used for transporting sleds in the Arctic in order to drive the Inuit population to relocate to government created communities. It was a crippling blow for the hunter culture as it deprived them of transport for hunting.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 03:44

TIL cannibalism is not illegal in the United States

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 03:48

WAY too many streaming services

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 21:54

WCGW if I charge this guy full speed

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 23:32

Oh the irony

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 22:27

I officially peaked as an artist, when Kojima retweeted this Death Stranding fanart.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 23:48

Don’t embarrass yourself trying to be nosy

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 22:46

My old girl turned 13 today!

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 22:31

Fading sharpie stain on my thumb looks like the start of a deadly virus

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 23:22

IBMs 200K Macs have made the workforce happier and more productive

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 01:29

TPM–Fail: TPM Meets Timing and Lattice Attacks

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 00:58

US Court rules travellers' phones and laptops cannot be searched arbitrarily - 13.11.2019 01:30

Democratic Senators Say Thanks, But No Thanks To More 2020 Candidates - 13.11.2019 01:31

A ‘Friends’ Reunion Is Reportedly In The Works. Could There BE Any Better News? - 13.11.2019 01:37

Groom Makes The Most Heartfelt Vows To His 9-Year-Old Stepdaughter - 13.11.2019 01:41

Greta Thunberg found a last-minute ride back across the Atlantic thanks to a pair of YouTubers after a crucial UN climate-change summit got moved from Chile to Spain - 13.11.2019 01:48

Xiaomi’s Mi Note 10 with 108MP camera is now up for pre-order in Australia - 13.11.2019 01:48

Alibaba-backed EV startup XPeng says raises $400 million for growth - 13.11.2019 01:52

Section 230 supporters turn on it, its critics rely on it. Up is down, black is white in the crazy world of US law - 13.11.2019 01:52

UCLA Now Has the First Zero-Emission, All-Electric Mobile Surgical Instrument Lab - 13.11.2019 01:55

Hulu vs. Disney+: How Disney’s two streaming services stack up - 13.11.2019 01:59

Disney Plus stirs the dust on Spotify with The Mandalorian's techno-cinematic score - CNET - 13.11.2019 02:01

Apple might launch the 16-inch MacBook with a new keyboard layout tomorrow - 13.11.2019 02:03

Instagram ramps up TikTok competition as it tests new ‘Reels’ in-app editing features - 13.11.2019 02:05

Beluga Playing Fetch In Viral Video Confirmed To Be So-Called ‘Russian Spy Whale’ - 13.11.2019 02:06

Before Mark Zuckerberg Tried To Kill TikTok, He Wanted To Own It - 13.11.2019 02:06

Dip your fries into Wendy’s first new Frosty flavor since the dessert debuted - 13.11.2019 02:11

Billionaire Efforts To Beat Back Populism Are Backfiring. They Don’t Seem To Care. - 13.11.2019 02:11

Amazon's Heavy Recruitment of Chinese Sellers Puts Consumers At Risk - 13.11.2019 02:25

U.S. House Panel To Hear From Key Players Next Week In Public Impeachment Hearing - 13.11.2019 02:26

Webflow (YC S13) Hiring Growth Engineers (SF/Remote) - 13.11.2019 02:29

US weather: Snowstorm causes 50-car pileup as America prepares for Arctic blast

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 02:05

TIL a bit, now used to describe an eighth of a byte, was historically used to describe an eighth of a dollar. The slang term "two-bit," meaning cheap or unworthy, literally means 25¢.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 02:13

TIL that the Baconian theory of Shakespeare authorship says that Sir Francis Bacon, philosopher, essayist and scientist, wrote the plays that were attributed to Shakespeare because Bacon's rise to high office might have been hindered were it to become known that he wrote plays for the public stage.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 02:14

TIL Indian railways has electrified nearly 48% of its tracks, which is comparable to EU(53%)

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 02:17

TIL Ukraine, after the fall of the Soviet Union, voluntarily gave up the third largest arsenal of nuclear weapons on the planet.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 02:24

TIL that Eltz Castle in Germany has been owned and occupied by the Eltz family for over 850 years.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 02:31

TIL about HitchBOT, the hitchhiking robot that successfully hitchhiked across Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. Shortly after embarking on his US journey, he was beaten and maimed in Philadelphia.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 02:33

TIL The magic phrase Open Sesame in Ali Baba actually derives from how sesame seed pods pop open at maturity

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 02:40

TIL Lin Bing was the first panda to be born after her parents were shown "panda porn" - movies depicting mating pandas, intended to promote sexual arousal in captive giant pandas

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 02:45

TIL that in every language, the word for the color "red" is the first color word that gets developed and "blue" is the last color word that gets developed.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 02:53

TIL That India Has 3 Research Stations in Antarctica

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 02:54

TIL that Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport uses the airport code MSY for Moisant Stock Yard. Its named after pioneer pilot John B Moisant crashed and died in a cattle field, now the location of the current airport, in 1910.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 02:56

TIL: George Washington's dentures may have been made from the teeth of his slaves.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 02:58

TIL during WWII the 442nd Infantry Regiment was almost entirely comprised of second-generation American soldiers of Japanese ancestry. "Go for broke. Never fear." -Noboru Seki

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 02:59

Students chanted good morning Hong Kong after defending the school overnight.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 22:30

The fact that you can't uninstall Facebook on certain phones

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 21:41

[Week 11] CFP Committee Rankings

reddit: the front page of the internet - 13.11.2019 00:15

This person has nothing else better to do

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 21:50


reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 20:48

Decentralized VPN Written in Go

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 00:37

Dean Foods, America's largest milk producer, files for bankruptcy

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 23:12

Chronic adversity dampens dopamine production

Hacker News - 13.11.2019 00:36

The Man Who Fell From The Sky - 13.11.2019 00:46

Adobe readies for the age of smart glasses and deepfakes - 13.11.2019 00:49

Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting Survivors Sue Event Organizers, Security - 13.11.2019 00:51

Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft leaves Ryugu asteroid, heads back to Earth - CNET - 13.11.2019 00:52

Huawei is reportedly giving staff $286m in bonuses for sticking through US ban - CNET - 13.11.2019 00:55

The best Black Friday iRobot Roomba robot vacuum deals in 2019 - 13.11.2019 00:59

Chinese EV startup Xpeng Motors raises $400 million, takes on Xiaomi as strategic investor - 13.11.2019 01:00

EPA still moving to limit science used to support regulations - 13.11.2019 01:00

Amazon Ignite Lets Teachers Sell Curricula - 13.11.2019 01:01

Verizon’s new set-top box is possibly the worst option out there for streaming - 13.11.2019 01:03

One Google Staffer Fired, Two Others Put on Leave Amid Tensions - 13.11.2019 01:06

University of Washington joins $106M ‘Weill Neurohub’ effort to fight brain diseases - 13.11.2019 01:06

Just look at this NASA image of the Milky Way and try not to feel tiny - 13.11.2019 01:08

Suspicionless searches of electronics at the border ruled unconstitutional - 13.11.2019 01:14

Disney+ cuts off 'Simpsons' jokes with widescreen episodes - 13.11.2019 01:17

Walk, run or wheel 5 kilometers with Apple Watch to earn 2019's Thanksgiving activity badge - 13.11.2019 01:17

Twitter now lets all of its users follow specific topics - 13.11.2019 01:22

Facebook Wants To Handle More of Your Digital Payments - 13.11.2019 01:22

Unusual New 'PureLocker' Ransomware Is Going After Servers - 13.11.2019 01:25

Regulators begin probe into Google-Ascension cloud computing deal: WSJ - 13.11.2019 01:26

Serverless SMS Messaging using JavaScript and Twilio Functions

JSFeeds - 13.11.2019 01:26

A rough guide on why Warren Buffet always says the first rule of making money is to never lose it.

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 01:46

Top 10 firestarters

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 01:57

Project Nightingale: Google secretly given access to medical data of millions of Americans

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 01:47

'Words matter': Trump accused of fuelling attacks on Hispanics as violent hate crimes hit 16-year high in US

The Independent - World - 13.11.2019 01:45

TIL John Adams wanted the office of the U.S. president to be called, "His Highness, the President of the United States of America and the Protector of their Liberties”.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:07

TIL the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire were completely different. The Holy Roman Empire was German.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:15

TIL It's "Anchors Aweigh" not "Anchors Away".

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:16

TIL: George Washington was worshiped as a Kami (Holy Power) in Hawaiian Shinto Shrines.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:26

TIL about the Banana Sprite challenge in which players quickly consume two or more bananas and one liter of Sprite without vomiting. The suggested premise is that the body cannot digest both substances at the same time.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:27

TIL that Gandhi had wrote letters to hitler quoted as “dear friend”

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:36

TIL Star Trek actor William Shatner sold his kidney stone for $25,000 (£14,000) to an online casino, to raise money for a housing charity

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:40

TIL white marble busts from antiquity were originally in color

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:41

TIL That the most expensive military purchase was by the US DOD for the F-35 Lightning II for $1.5 trillion since its inception... having many issues including lightning strikes hitting the aircraft.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:46

TIL there is no law defining the purpose, budget or missions of the Mossad, and it is exempt from the constitutional laws of Israel.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:48

TIL The Peace Symbol, designed by Gerald Holtom, was based on the semaphore letters for N & D or "Nuclear Disarmament"

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:51

TIL: 49 years ago the Oregon Department of Transportation blew up a whale showering the nearby area with blubber - destroying a car in the process

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:52

TIL at the funeral of King Hussein of Jordan, both the Queen of Spain and the U.S Secretary of State had to stay outside venue because they were women. The only women allowed to enter were the ones that were heads of state.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:54

TIL that Jason Lee of "My Name Is Earl" was a professional skateboarder in the early 90's

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 01:59

My dad is an alcoholic and has never really been a dad to me. Because of that, we never had those father/son times to be taught life lessons, how to fix a car, etc. What life lessons were you taught by your dad that you found useful as you got older?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 10:48

People need thicker skin

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 12:49

Deaf little girl finds out she's going to be a big sister!

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 21:18

Saudi Arabia just declared homosexuality, feminism and atheism as ‘extremism’

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 13:57

Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 21:10

Correlation of Global Temperature, Sunspots, Solar Irradiance, Cosmic Rays

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 23:30

Shock! US border cops need 'reasonable suspicion' of a crime before searching your phone, laptop - 12.11.2019 23:57

Confronting the global ‘crisis’ of misinformation: Inside the UW’s new Center for an Informed Public - 13.11.2019 00:00

IBM's 200,000 Macs Have Made a Happier and More Productive Workforce, Study Finds - 13.11.2019 00:03

The Democratic Primary Is Still Mostly About Health Care - 13.11.2019 00:04

21 tech gifts moms will actually love to get this holiday season - 13.11.2019 00:05

Former HBO CEO to join Apple as the company looks to compete with Netflix and Disney+ - 13.11.2019 00:06

Planned Parenthood launches abortion healthcare finder app - CNET - 13.11.2019 00:07

Walmart adds integration with Siri as it expands Voice Ordering feature - 13.11.2019 00:08

Google fires one employee and puts two others on leave for leaking documents to the media (GOOG, GOOGL) - 13.11.2019 00:12

The world finally has an approved vaccine against Ebola - 13.11.2019 00:12

Firefox Lite 2.0 for Android is out now [APK Download] - 13.11.2019 00:13

Apple may reveal its 16-inch MacBook Pro tomorrow - 13.11.2019 00:15

Dell wants half its workforce to be female within a decade - CNET - 13.11.2019 00:19

Dell Unveils Subscription Model to Counter Amazon, Microsoft - 13.11.2019 00:20

Fortnite Flopper survival strategy has some players frustrated - 13.11.2019 00:20

To the shock of no one, research paper shows 5G is vulnerable to all sorts of attacks - 13.11.2019 00:21

Why XHamster Is So Much Better at Content Moderation Than Facebook - 13.11.2019 00:22

Verizon launches its own Android TV set-top box, called Stream TV - 13.11.2019 00:30

Apple will reportedly reveal the 16-inch MacBook Pro any day now - 13.11.2019 00:32

Apple Watch Thanksgiving Activity Challenge returning this year, encourages a 5K workout - 13.11.2019 00:38

How to measure snow

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 00:09

Rhythm guide

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 00:12

Left vs. Right

newest submissions : coolguides - 13.11.2019 00:26

Why the Rothschilds have opened a winery in China to produce pricey Lafite wine

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 12:22

TIL until 1996, NYPD cars were painted blue. They phased out the blue cars in favor of factory white, resulting in a $1 million savings. Light blue shirts were replaced with dark blue to "hide coffee and donut stains"

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 00:22

TIL that the Cagots were a persecuted minority found in the west of France and northern Spain: shunned and hated, they were excluded from all political and social rights. They were not allowed to marry non-Cagots, enter taverns, use public fountains, sell food or wine, or work with livestock.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 13.11.2019 00:37

Why is America's healthcare so bad, and why do Americans not prioritize reforming it?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 10:05

Latest seascape oil painting I did

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 18:16

I'm a big Fallout fan and have used a wheelchair most of my life. What do you think of my tattoo?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 19:34

The US Navy canceled a routine Black Sea patrol after Trump complained that it was hostile to Russia

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 21:07

It's 50 days to a new decade! What were your best moments of this decade?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 13:42

scrapestack: An API for Scraping Sites

CSS-Tricks - 12.11.2019 12:00

GPG on YubiKey in ~5m

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 22:48

Don’t Call Me a Pessimist on Climate Change. I Am a Realist

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 22:09

The best microSD cards - 12.11.2019 23:06

Walmart Grocery customers can use Siri to place online orders with their voice - 12.11.2019 23:07

Apple's Revamped Mac Pro to Launch in December - 12.11.2019 23:07

Intel Struggles to Fix Hardware-Based Flaws, Researchers Say - 12.11.2019 23:08

US violated Constitution by searching phones for no good reason, judge rules - 12.11.2019 23:09

Fetch (YC S15) Is Hiring a Head of Growth in Atlanta - 12.11.2019 23:10

No one on Twitter knows what to make of this video - 12.11.2019 23:11

Disney\+ Is Here, Google Has Your Health Data, and More News - 12.11.2019 23:12

For Fantasy Author N. K. Jemisin, World-Building Is a Lesson in Oppression - 12.11.2019 23:12

Elon Musk says Tesla will build a European Gigafactory outside of Berlin - 12.11.2019 23:16

Tesla to build first European gigafactory in Berlin, Elon Musk announces - 12.11.2019 23:19

Disney Plus warns users of 'outdated cultural depictions' in old movies - CNET - 12.11.2019 23:20

God of Death deployed to enforce railway laws in India - 12.11.2019 23:20

Google Stadia is launching with just 12 games on November 19th - 12.11.2019 23:21

Ergonomic JoyCon replacements for the Nintendo Switch make older hands happier - 12.11.2019 23:23

Tesla's European Gigafactory Will Be Built In Berlin - 12.11.2019 23:25

Apple could launch the 16-inch MacBook Pro this week, report says - CNET - 12.11.2019 23:25

16-inch MacBook Pro leak claims new model may launch very soon - 12.11.2019 23:32

Despite environmental goals, Microsoft forms strategic alliance with Oil Sands company - 12.11.2019 23:33

16-inch MacBook Pro Launch Expected Tomorrow - 12.11.2019 23:34

How TypeScript Makes You a Better JavaScript Developer

JSFeeds - 12.11.2019 23:25

Picturing an Element

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 23:14

TIL Professors at this university can date students if they inform their supervisor about the relationship and make conflict of interest accommodations for them.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 23:14

TIL Ireland has a 85m(279 ft) wide grand passage tomb that was constructed in 3200BC, making it older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 23:32

TIL in the USA any private gold ownership over $100 was outlawed from 1933 until 1974

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 23:33

TIL the popular medieval saint Josephat was said to have been born an eastern prince who left his privilege to become a hermit. Later scholars deduced that Josephat's story was corrupted through a game of medieval telephone between Manichean, Arabs, and Greeks, and originally referred to the Buddha

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 23:37

TIL George Washington was an imposing figure at over 6 feet tall and 225 pounds. The average man at the time was only 5'6".

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 23:40

TIL The former Bronx Opera House built in 1913 is now a boutique hotel that opened in 2013. The New York City Legionnaires' disease outbreak were reported to had emerged following the discovery of the legionella bacteria at the hotel

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 23:42

TIL orthodox Hinduism claims Vishnu incarnated as the Buddha to spread a false doctrine in the hope of confusing demons

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 23:49

TIL During the 1920s Liberian President Charles King visited the United States and toured the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama founded by Booker T. Washington. Upon his return to Liberia, President King hired MIT's first African-American graduate, Robert Taylor, to design a similar school in Liberia

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 23:50

TIL that the singer of Peanut Butter Jelly Time dies in an 11 hour standoff during which time his brother in law, Snoop Dogg, attempted to calm him down and for him to surrender.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 23:51

TIL of the Belarusian People's Republic, a failed attempt to create a Belarusian state during World War I. The state only existed from 1918 to 1919, but its government in exile is the oldest still functioning.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 23:56

Wholesome Goose

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 18:48

Ice cream stolen on Live tv

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 17:37

To display plus size clothes without causing offence

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 17:53

These baby bonobos were rescued, all they wanted was a mom ❤

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 17:33

Death Stranding Doodle

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 17:57

Block an electric charging station..... Get towed

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 19:49

The sun rises

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 20:23

Busdriver kicks a kid out of the bus... wait for it

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 20:50

Jeff, the Origin

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 21:10

Palestinian militant group commander killed during Israel air raid

International - 12.11.2019 16:55

Trump slams Federal Reserve again, says shunning negative rates hurts US

International - 12.11.2019 21:55

Donald Trump puts economic growth at centre of his 2020 campaign

International - 12.11.2019 22:03

Minecraft Earth is live, so get tapping

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 22:51

CSS-Tricks Chronicle XXXVII

CSS-Tricks - 12.11.2019 21:57

Sketchviz – Graphviz graphs in a hand-drawn style

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 21:03

It’s always a good time to revisit the brilliance of Elizabeth Bishop

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 19:48

SEC Wins Jury Trial in Layering, Manipulative Trading Case

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 21:12

Privacy: Is That iPhone?

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 21:50

W3C Distributed Tracing Working Group

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 22:33

Announcing .NET Jupyter Notebooks

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 21:51

Tesla’s European gigafactory will be built in Berlin

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 21:36

There Is A Secret To Cleaning Tile Floors And I Know The Secret

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 15:00

How to save an entire text conversation on your iPhone - 12.11.2019 22:07

Bloomberg News employees are having jitters about layoffs on top of uncertainty about a Michael Bloomberg presidential run - 12.11.2019 22:08

Here’s how NASA’s Mars 2020 rover will hunt for life on the Red Planet - 12.11.2019 22:09

SAP to streamline hardware infrastructure in drive to lift margins - 12.11.2019 22:11

Consolidation rocks WPP, Amazon's next advertising star, and the story behind Taboola and Outbrain's tie-up - 12.11.2019 22:12

Windows 10 build 19023 is now available in the Fast ring - 12.11.2019 22:12

Sonos speakers now work with the free version of Spotify - 12.11.2019 22:12

Uber CEO apologizes for calling murder of Saudi journalist Khashoggi a ‘mistake’ - 12.11.2019 22:13

How to turn off AirDrop on your iPhone in 2 ways, to prevent anyone from sending you unwanted files - 12.11.2019 22:16

The Most Popular Travel Experience In Each State, Mapped - 12.11.2019 22:16

This November, give thanks for only having one exploited Microsoft flaw for Patch Tues. And four Hyper-V escapes - 12.11.2019 22:19

How visual effects made battles bigger and Hulk smarter in Avengers: Endgame - 12.11.2019 22:21

Tim Cook, President Trump to tour Apple's Texas manufacturing facilities - 12.11.2019 22:23

How Plume convinces big ISPs to use its Wi-Fi hardware - 12.11.2019 22:23

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Why can’t we be friends? - 12.11.2019 22:23

Microsoft release Windows 10 20H1 Insider Preview Build 19023 to the Fast Ring - 12.11.2019 22:23

Microsoft releases Windows 10 SDK Preview build 19018 - 12.11.2019 22:28

What you buy with Facebook Pay could affect which ads you see - 12.11.2019 22:28

WordPress 5.3 arrives with block editor improvements, new theme, and automatic image rotation - 12.11.2019 22:28

The Sims 4 Legacy Edition is now live - 12.11.2019 22:30

Super cool Bicycle Typogram by Aaron Kuehn -

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 22:27

Mina Chang: Senior Trump official 'faked TIME magazine cover and inflated claims in resumé'

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 22:46

Train chief apologises after black man detained for eating sandwich on platform

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 22:51

PHP XML Signature (New)

PHP Classes: Latest entries - 12.11.2019 22:37

Why and When to Use GraphQL Feed - 12.11.2019 22:08

TIL if a nuclear bomb went off in space the blast would disappear completely and there would be no thermal radiation due to the lack of an atmosphere to transfer the energy through.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 22:04

TIL missile bases/silos are sold to the public and often re-purposed into homes.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 22:07

TIL: The "Dunkers" are what anabaptists were called in Central PA because they not only gave a second baptism, but they fully dunked people completely under water.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 22:08

TIL Pterosaurs were only able to gain enough speed for liftoff because they were quadripedal.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 22:10

TIL that the 1939 classic "The Wizard of Oz" cost so much to make and promote that MGM did not profit from it until a 1949 re-release

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 22:12

TIL about Vietnam War Sergeant Donald Morrison who fought in court vs the U.S. claiming he was the rightful owner of $150,000 in U.S. currency. His squad discovered the loot in a cave during a Search and Destroy mission in 1968.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 22:12

TIL In Romania, the permitted level of alcohol in blood for vehicle or tramway drivers is 0.00 ‰. Consequences of DUI: Civil fine below O.4. A prison sentence of one to five years is given when it is a criminal offence, i.e. the concentration of alcohol in blood is above 0.8 g of alcohol per litre.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 22:22

TIL a 2013 American Airlines flight was forced to make an unexpected landing when a female passenger refused to stop singing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 22:40

TIL that Coretti Arle-Titz was an African-American singer who emigrated to Imperial Russia and then stayed in the Soviet Union after the Bolshevik Revolution, becoming a popular celebrity in that country

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 22:47

TIL the third largest private employer in the world is the security company, G4S, with operations in more than 90 countries. One of its contracts is to secure the perimeter for Homey Airport (aka Area 51).

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 22:52

TIL Metatron is known as 'the angel of the veil' and 'the highest of the angels'. His name is made up of two Greek words for 'after + throne', μετὰ θρóνος (meta thronos), taken together as "one who serves behind the throne" or "one who occupies the throne next to the throne of glory".

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 22:56

A tale of two worlds: Assessing the vulnerability of enclave shielding runtimes

Reverse Engineering - 12.11.2019 21:17

The Astros stole signs electronically in 2017 — part of a much broader issue for Major League Baseball

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 18:34

Freshly showered and freshly cheated on..make me laugh

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 08:23

Millennials on track to die faster than Gen X, thanks to mental health

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 15:17

Six workers, believed to be Indians, killed at Oman construction site

International - 12.11.2019 10:30

Hong Kong universities become 'battlefields' as citywide violence spreads

International - 12.11.2019 17:00

UK jobs fall most in over four years as election nears, shows data

International - 12.11.2019 21:02

In Defense of Daylight Saving Time

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 19:24

Facebook is using the iPhone’s camera as users scroll their feed

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 12:19

Building a Parser

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 21:06

Sleep Train Your Toddler Using This Method by Harvey Karp

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 21:30

Twitch publicly launches its free broadcasting software, Twitch Studio - 12.11.2019 21:32

Alleged Russian scammer appears in U.S. court after extradition battle - 12.11.2019 21:33

Walmart Partners With Apple to Allow Voice Orders Through Siri - 12.11.2019 21:33

Autonomous car safety group proposes human operator training and oversight - Roadshow - 12.11.2019 21:36

Disney Plus' 'The Mandalorian' crushed Apple's launch shows in audience anticipation - 12.11.2019 21:36

Simulation of a sub implosion - 12.11.2019 21:38

A Brief Explanation of Facebook's Scary New iPhone Bug - 12.11.2019 21:40

‘The Mandalorian’ made me want to return to Star Wars: Bounty Hunter - 12.11.2019 21:41

The Android Police Q&A Show is live! - 12.11.2019 21:41

Pandora finally brings podcasts to its desktop app - 12.11.2019 21:42

This VR mask will allow you to smell the action — Future Blink - 12.11.2019 21:43

US border search of suspicionless travelers' devices is unconstitutional, court finds - CNET - 12.11.2019 21:45

This artist turns Amazon boxes into incredible artwork — Future Blink - 12.11.2019 21:45

Fukushima reinvents itself with a $2.7 billion bet on renewables - 12.11.2019 21:45

The best Chromebooks - 12.11.2019 21:45

Facebook gives new option to remove items from its shortcut bar - 12.11.2019 21:46

Everyone’s favorite Anker fast wireless charging pad is still on sale for $8.99 - 12.11.2019 21:46

SpaceX launches even more satellites into space - 12.11.2019 21:46

Federal court slaps device search limits on US border security - 12.11.2019 21:49

Hands-On With the HomePod's New Multi-User Detection and Ambient Sound Features - 12.11.2019 21:54

egghead: Use requestIdleCallback to schedule JavaScript tasks at an optimal time

JSFeeds - 12.11.2019 21:54

Found this on r/weddingshaming

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 20:22

EV plugs (from Plugshare) look a lot like droid concept art for the next Star Wars movie.

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 20:48

TBF, I never knew some of these.

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 21:02

The cold weather is here. If you burn fuel for heat, but have no gauge on your tank, here's a guide for knowing what you have by using a stick to measure.

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 21:09

I was told to post this here, I hope that's not too cheesy

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 21:13

Iσπανία: Τι φέρνει η συμφωνία Σοσιαλιστών με Podemos για κυβέρνηση συνασπισμού - 12.11.2019 19:02

Κατάθεση Φρουζή στην προανακριτική για Novartis: Η Τουλουπάκη με πίεζε να μιλήσω για πολιτικά πρόσωπα - 12.11.2019 20:42

Blockchain – The Competitive Edge for Your Digital Marketplace Feed - 12.11.2019 21:13

TIL that multiple skeletons were found in the basement of Benjamin Franklin's London home. The bones were discovered during a 1998 renovation of the house and were identified as being from nearly a dozen people, including six children.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:01

TIL that the Mantis Shrimp has an extremely powerful punch, a punch which they use to smash their prey, which has the same strength as a .22 caliber bullet.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:03

TIL that dolphins were used by the U.S. and Soviet Union during the Vietnam War and the Cold War. Both countries studied the creatures for their sonar capabilities, but also trained them to detect mines, bring equipment to divers, find lost equipment, and guard submarines amongst other nifty tricks

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:07

TIL a 'bugbear' (i.e. an annoyance/irritant) is a legendary creature, comparable to the bogeyman, said to eat naughty children and thought to be in the form of a bear

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:14

TIL Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born on the same day, month, and year: Feb 12, 1809

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:16

TIL The mobster, Ralph "Bottles" Capone, older brother of Al Capone, got the nickname "Bottles" not from involvement in the Capone bootlegging empire, but from his running the legitimate, non-alcoholic, beverage operations in Chicago.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:17

TIL that in 1979, Brenda Spencer shot up an elementary school, killing two and wounding nine other people. When asked why she did it, she replied, "I don't like Mondays..." inspiring the song by the Boomtown Rats song.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:19

TIL that Megachile pluto, the world's largest bee has been spotted for the first time since 1981. It is 4 times larger than a honey bee

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:19

TIL that the team of Limewire was working on a streaming service like Spotify named Grapevine before they had to shut down

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:22

TIL Queen Elizabeth employs a small-footed person whose only job is to wear the Queen's new shoes, in order to break them in.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:26

TIL Lieutenant Colonel Teófilo Marxuach was the person who ordered the first shots fired in World War I on behalf of the United States on an armed German supply ship trying to force its way out of the San Juan Bay, PR.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:34

TIL that a former Russian Deputy Minister of Construction flew to Switzerland and murdered the Air Traffic Controller who on duty the night of his family's deaths.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:39

TIL that 45+ years ago a boy designed a helmet, that when connected to a welder, simultaneously fired 9 shotgun shells into his head.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:58

TIL During the Revolutionary War the Americans received aid not just from the French, but also from the Spanish. The Prime Minister of Spain wrote "the fate of the colonies interests us very much, and we shall do for them everything that circumstances permit"

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 21:05

TIL about the Bruno - A unit of volume resulting from a piano falling six stories onto Amherst Alley from the roof of Baker House

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 21:29

TIL The Orangutan birth rate of once every 9 years is one of the slowest among mammals, hindering their survival but also creates one the strongest mother-child bonds in nature as kids stay close to their mother during that whole period and nurse for most of it

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 21:30

TIL frosted Pop Tarts have less calories than unfrosted ones

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 21:31

TIL there has been only one male under age 30 to win the Best Actor Academy Award, meanwhile 32 women under age 30 have won Best Actress

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 21:36

TIL squirrels were once one of America's most popular pets

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 21:41

TIL a pair of Miami DJ's prank called Fidel Castro in 2003. They pretended to be Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to get Castro on the line, and had a brief chat before telling Castro he had been fooled. Castro responded with a brief verbal tirade. The radio station was later fined $4,000

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 21:42


reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 16:27

The biggest form of peer pressure as a kid wasn’t drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. It came during exams when it was completely silent and you heard everyone turn to page 2 while you were still on the first question.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 16:45

All offices should come with one of these

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 17:02

Sikhs third most targeted religious group in US after Jews, Muslims: FBI

International - 12.11.2019 18:45

Oil pares gains after Donald Trump offers few details on US-China trade

International - 12.11.2019 20:26

Boeing orders sink as customers opt to swap grounded 737 MAX planes

International - 12.11.2019 20:44

S&P 500, Nasdaq hold at record levels after Donald Trump remarks

International - 12.11.2019 20:48

UK's Labour Party shuns Jeremy Corbyn's anti-India stance on Kashmir

International - 12.11.2019 20:53

Workers sue McDonald's over sexual harassment and 'toxic' work culture

International - 12.11.2019 20:57

Elon Musk picks Berlin for Tesla’s Europe Gigafactory

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 20:14

Our Changeable Memories (2003) [pdf]

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 19:23

No Shenanigans

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 20:51

What's Happening in Linux/GNU When You Use Printf() C Function?

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 20:09

Why the Government Isn't a Bigger Version of a Startup

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 19:36

Court: Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 20:21

HIPAA Doesn't Stop Hospitals From Sending Your Data to Google

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 20:00

Why Your Turkey Gravy Needs Burnt Onions

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 20:30

The Time to Buy a New Watch Is Now Thanks to This Huckberry Sale

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 14:27

Start your holiday shopping early with Apple Watch Series 3 models from $189 - 12.11.2019 20:37

Cheap safe looks like a book - 12.11.2019 20:37

The former HBO CEO is in talks to join Apple TV Plus - 12.11.2019 20:38

Vankyo V600 projector hands-on: Perfect for business or home theater use - 12.11.2019 20:38

Microsoft workers say it's making progress on diversity - 12.11.2019 20:40

A US federal court finds suspicionless searches of phones at the border is illegal - 12.11.2019 20:41

China has 500+ Uighur camps and prisons and is holding far more than one million, activists say - 12.11.2019 20:42

Dog tries to eat $250,000 Porsche - 12.11.2019 20:43

Google's DeepMind made an AI that's better than 99.8% of humans at 'Starcraft II,' but don't expect it to change the world any time soon (GOOG, GOOGL) - 12.11.2019 20:43

The New Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer is a Giant Relief - 12.11.2019 20:45

Facebook confirms bug that activated iOS cameras - 12.11.2019 20:45

Google: You can trust us with the medical data you didn’t know we already had - 12.11.2019 20:46

The best phones for work - 12.11.2019 20:47

Intel Reportedly Warned of Critical Chip Security Flaws a Year Ago - 12.11.2019 20:48

How to search for terms or values in an Excel spreadsheet, and use Find and Replace - 12.11.2019 20:48

Facebook app camera glitch is bug not spying insists exec - 12.11.2019 20:50

A tiny Transformers toys gift guide: Robust is best in 2019 - 12.11.2019 20:50

HBO’s former CEO said to be in talks with Apple TV+ for an exclusive production deal - 12.11.2019 20:54

Review: Focal’s Chora 806 is a luxury speaker at a heck of a price - 12.11.2019 20:55

How To Cook The Most Perfectly Fluffy And Crispy Pancake - 12.11.2019 20:56

The worst (& safest) countries for LGBTQ+ travel based on the 150 most visited destinations around the world (2019) [OC]

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 19:10

Tips for alzheimers prevention.

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 19:47

Y’all ever seen two mustaches

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 17:00

How Many People Have to Die Before We’re Done With Gender Reveals?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 12:30

Kanye 2024

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 12:16

Supreme Court will allow Sandy Hook families to move forward in suit against gunmaker Remington

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 14:44

Sonic redesign looks so much better

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 16:38

A bad dog owner dumped this wolfdog at a kill shelter when he got too big and too much to handle. Luckily a sanctuary took him, instead and saved his life! His DNA testing came back as 87.5 % Gray Wolf, 8.6 % Siberian Husky, and 3.9 % German Shepherd

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 16:10

AITA for asking my husbands sister to consider being a surrogate for us?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 13:02

Stephen Miller’s Affinity for White Nationalism Revealed in Leaked Emails

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 15:43

Art by JB Casacop

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 17:20

How would you spend $50,000 in 1 hour?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 12:17

Review: Samsung’s Space Monitor is handsome and minimal — if you have the desk for it

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 19:18

Who Needs Literature? (1963)

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 19:15

Behind the Scenes of a Radical New Cancer Cure

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 16:41

More South Korean academics caught naming kids as co-authors

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 17:59

The Panic Attack Hack on Bojack Horseman Really Works

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 19:00

Get up to $300 off 2019 MacBook Pro Models

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 19:30

This Discounted Power Strip Includes USB-C Power Delivery

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 16:00

How I Made My Cheap SUV Perfect For Sleeping, Camping, And Off-Roading

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 19:35

Facebook’s latest giant language AI hits computing wall at 500 Nvidia GPUs - 12.11.2019 19:28

Supercar maker Vector has the world's best website - 12.11.2019 19:29

Facebook launches Facebook Pay to make payments easier on its platform - 12.11.2019 19:30

Facebook Pay launched to challenge Apple Pay for mobile payment supremacy - 12.11.2019 19:31

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Version 1909 - 12.11.2019 19:33

Researchers show off TouchVR palm and finger haptic feedback device - 12.11.2019 19:35

Steve Blank: Why the Government Isn't a Bigger Version of a Startup - 12.11.2019 19:36

Workers sue McDonald's over McSexual Harassment - 12.11.2019 19:38

Google in deal to transfer full medical records from US healthcare company, claims whistleblower - 12.11.2019 19:39

Disney+ launches to a wave of technical issues - 12.11.2019 19:42

MACLUNKEY! The Han/Greedo scene has an inexplicable change on Disney+ because George Lucas will never stop changing it - 12.11.2019 19:42

Don't trust the Trusted Platform Module – it may leak your VPN server's private key (depending on your configuration) - 12.11.2019 19:43

Early Access to “Minecraft Earth” is Available Now in the U.S. - 12.11.2019 19:44

GiveCampus (YC S15) Hiring Engineers and Product in DC and SF - 12.11.2019 19:44

Iowa asked researchers to break into a courthouse, then it arrested them - 12.11.2019 19:45

The Best External Hard Drives and Portable SSDs of 2019 - 12.11.2019 19:47

Facebook unites payment service across apps with Facebook Pay - 12.11.2019 19:50

People sure are excited about (pirating) 'The Mandalorian' - 12.11.2019 19:51

If you’re on Spotify’s free tier, you can finally stream music on Sonos speakers - 12.11.2019 19:51

VIDEO: Hurricane destruction, one century in one minute - 12.11.2019 19:52

Backstage 8: To GraphQL or not to GraphQL?

JSFeeds - 12.11.2019 19:29

ΗΠΑ: Οι δασμοί στα εισαγόμενα είδη απειλούν 1,5 εκατομμύριο θέσεις εργασίας - 12.11.2019 18:42

Αυτές είναι οι αποκρατικοποιήσεις και τα μεγάλα έργα που θα διερευνήσει στην Ελλάδα η Κίνα - 12.11.2019 19:05

Trump directly told about 'gift' WikiLeaks emails earlier than previously known, campaign official testifies

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 19:44

TIL honey might help prevent gingivitis and cavities

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 19:18

TIL Alexander Graham Bell had a strong interest in the deaf community, particularly in helping deaf people learn to speak. He was friends with Helen Keller, who dedicated her book to him.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 19:20

TIL yelling in someone's face is assault

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 19:21

TIL Kombucha is claimed to treat AIDS, aging, anorexia, arthritis, atherosclerosis, cancer, constipation, and diabetes, but there is no evidence to support any of these claims. Moreover, the beverage has caused rare cases of serious adverse effects, including fatalities.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 19:35

TIL that the Royal Irish Constabulary Special Reserve once executed two brothers by detonating hand grenades in their mouths.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 19:40

TIL Female Praying Mantis doesn't always kill her mating partner.Only about one-fourth of the matings ends up in the death of the male.There are incidences of Male Praying Mantis eat the female at the end of Mating have been reported too..

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 20:00

Pretty coo

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 18:04

technology adaptation guide

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 18:11

Foods that look like the body part they benefit

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 18:50

I have been working on this chest texture for my resource pack, what do you think?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 15:25

I was fired for not coming into work with 5.5 hours notice sent at 3:30 am.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 03:01

I mean...

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 10:40

If you pay 400+ dollars for a pair of shoes, you're a damn idiot

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 07:11

Definitely not ''''''SILLY'''''' 🙄🙄

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 12:33

“oh shit man i’m carrying, we gotta stash these milk bones!”

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 13:45

That would definitely subvert expectations

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 15:04

Run me my happiness

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 15:32

CBS acting CEO's $100-mn severance: All except shareholders seem well paid

International - 12.11.2019 18:25

Excerpts from Trump's much-awaited remarks at New York Economic Club

International - 12.11.2019 18:30

US close to signing phase one trade deal with China: Trump at Economic Club

International - 12.11.2019 18:43

A new ‘Zombieload’ flaw hits Intel’s newest Cascade Lake chips

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 18:00

The AI stack that’s changing retail personalization

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 18:22

UCLA now has the first zero-emission, all-electric mobile surgical instrument lab

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 18:46 Relationship issues - 12.11.2019 17:00

The U.S. could slash health-care costs 75% with 2 fundamental changes

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 18:26

Italian aerospace group Leonardo invests in solar-powered drones

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 18:08

Ask HN: What is your ML stack like?

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 17:58

Announcing CockroachDB 19.2

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 17:59

How to sleep at night having a cloud service: Common Architecture Do's

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 17:09

Bypassing Authentication on SSH Bastion Hosts

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 18:04

Red Hat Introduces Open Source Project Quay Container Registry

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 18:22

Turn Off Facebook's Camera Privileges on iOS Right Now

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 18:00

Save 20% On This Blessed Accessory For Those 5-Port Charging Hubs

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 14:14

The Best Ways to Set Up Disney+ Before You Start Streaming

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 18:21

Southwest Will Match Your Elite Status On Any US Airline Right Now

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 18:30

Substitute Butter and Milk for Heavy Cream

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 18:31

Supreme Court hears Microsoft case challenging Trump’s decision to terminate DACA - 12.11.2019 18:37

A silly Star Wars edit has created a new Greedo meme: 'Maclunkey!' - 12.11.2019 18:37

Amazon’s massive one-day sale on home decor has 78 different deals - 12.11.2019 18:38

Several Steve Wozniak Tweets and One Discrimination Probe Later, Goldman Sachs Will Gladly Take a Look at Your Apple Card Credit Limit - 12.11.2019 18:40

Daily Deal: The Learn Amazon Alexa Development Bundle - 12.11.2019 18:40

Amazon discounts the Echo Show 8 by $30 before it's available - 12.11.2019 18:41

FBI’s Newest Hate Crime Stats Reveal Gaping Hole In Agencies’ Reporting - 12.11.2019 18:41

Watch a massive fireball streak across the St. Louis sky - 12.11.2019 18:42

All The Movies Coming To Netflix This Week - 12.11.2019 18:44

Safari Supports NFC, USB, and Lightning FIDO2-Compliant Security Keys in iOS 13.3 - 12.11.2019 18:45

(PR) EK Introduces the The EK-Quantum Vector Strix RTX D-RGB Series Waterblocks - 12.11.2019 18:45

The Ultimate JavaScript Cheat Sheet - Free Download - 12.11.2019 18:46

Microsoft releases Windows 10 builds 18362.476 and 18363.476 - here's what's new - 12.11.2019 18:47

Will Ferrell is set to host 'SNL' again — in just a few weeks - 12.11.2019 18:48

Intel details Keem Bay, a Movidius processor for computer vision at the edge - 12.11.2019 18:48

Sonos speakers will support Spotify Free accounts, starting today - 12.11.2019 18:48

Senior Trump Official Embellished Her Résumé And Put Her Face On A Fake 'Time' Cover - 12.11.2019 18:52

How to multiply cells and numbers in Microsoft Excel using 3 different methods - 12.11.2019 18:53

Disney Plus' tech chief explains the biggest challenges he and 1,000 engineers faced getting the service ready for launch (DIS) - 12.11.2019 18:53

Instagram launches 'Reels' on iOS, Android platforms to take on TikTok

Technology - 12.11.2019 17:16

Apple to bring Augmented Reality headset in 2022, glasses by 2023

Technology - 12.11.2019 17:17

Δημόσια συγγνώμη ζήτησε ο Ρίτσαρντ Μπράνσον για ένα tweet του που κρίθηκε ρατσιστικό - 12.11.2019 17:35

«Η μάχη συνεχίζεται» τόνισε ο Έβο Μοράλες φτάνοντας στο Μεξικό - 12.11.2019 18:00

Διαδραστικό κέντρο Future Reality για μικρούς και μεγάλους από το Ίδρυμα Μείζονος Ελληνισμού - 12.11.2019 18:30

Microsoft Windows Security Updates November 2019 overview

gHacks Technology News - 12.11.2019 18:36

Trump impeachment: What does the Constitution say?

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 18:00

The inside story of the phone call that could see Trump impeached

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 18:42

Mark Sanford: Trump challenger drops out of presidential race

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 13:10

TIL the famous vagina building in Chicago (the Crane Communications Building) was "absolutely not" intentionally designed to look like a vagina, and is not a response to all the penis buildings in the Chicago skyline. The architects "never had that thought in mind. It was never their intention."

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 18:07

TIL that a 2011 study suggested that age disparity in marriage is positively correlated with decreased longevity, particularly for women, though married individuals still have longer lifespans than singles.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 18:15

TIL: A power station/waste incinerator was recently built within 30 min of transit from Central Copenhagen with a sloped roof that doubles as a year-round artificial ski slope.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 18:22

TIL That During The Recording Of A Day In The Life John Lennon Had Them Add High-pitched Tone (The Same Pitch As A Dog Whistle) To The Song. The US Versions Of The Song Don't Have It.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 18:25

TIL the National Braille Press prints the Celtics, Red Sox and Revolution game schedules in Braille. It has been in the same Boston location since 1946.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 18:25

TIL That not all Spanish speakers roll their ‘Rs’. The Costa Rican dialect does not have a trill, and instead they pronounce ‘Rs’ as an approximant consonant, much like in English.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 18:40

TIL of the book "The Turner Diaries." In the book, the main character is part of an organization that, among other things, takes over California, kills all Jews, executes thousands of black people (who are also cannibals), genocides all of Africa, then takes over the world.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 18:48

Graph showing effect of title length on upvotes.

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 17:03

List of Adjectives

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 17:19

The right mindset

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 17:46

Non lethal handheld restraining device

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 14:04

This does put a smile on my face...

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 14:02

Surprises how Kevin even agreed to hold the greens.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 13:08

the fight continues...

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 14:14

🔥 black rain frog

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 14:47

Trump Met With 'Lock Him Up' Chants, 'Impeach' Signs At NYC Veterans Day Parade

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 13:53

What are some of the most outdated spoilers you can think of?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 08:07

US Supreme Court to examine Obama-era 'Dreamers' programme Trump wants axed

International - 12.11.2019 16:50

Work collaboration startup Notion Labs cozies up to Silicon Valley’s top accelerators

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 17:05

Formlabs is making a 3D printer just for dentists

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 17:18

Pan-African e-tailer Jumia grows 3Q revenue, e-payments, and losses

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 17:23

Google’s CallJoy phone agent for small businesses gets smarter, more conversational

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 17:46

Facebook pilloried over iPhone ‘secret camera access’ bug

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 17:48

Facebook wants you to pay people on Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp with Facebook Pay

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 17:56

Facebook head of news cofounded site critical of Elizabeth Warren

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 17:22

Announcing Bytecode Alliance, Secure by-default WebAssembly

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 17:05

Get Your Knives Sharpened Right Now

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 17:00

These Airports Let You Meet Your Family and Friends at the Gate

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 17:30

Everything to Know About Disney+

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 08:00

Breath of the Wild 2 release date, news and trailers for the next Zelda game - 12.11.2019 17:30

Editorial: How Steve Jobs' 'Thoughts On Flash' gave iPad a head start in tablets - 12.11.2019 17:31

Native Union debuts collection of AirPods cases including silicone and leather options at Apple - 12.11.2019 17:31

Artisinal gin flavored with elephant dung gets you shit-faced - 12.11.2019 17:31

Where LA’s top consumer VCs are looking to invest - 12.11.2019 17:32

What the critics are saying about Disney+'s 'The Mandalorian' - 12.11.2019 17:32

The case against Grace Hopper Celebration - 12.11.2019 17:32

Facebook Pay is a new payment system for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook - 12.11.2019 17:33

Copyright Troll Lawyer Serves Up BS 'Dead Grandfather' Excuse For Missing Court; Now Facing Sanctions And Arrest - 12.11.2019 17:34

Best mobile workstations 2019: the most powerful laptops for businesses - 12.11.2019 17:34

Eurocom Will Let You Spec a Core i9-9900KS in its X4C and X7C Notebooks - 12.11.2019 17:34

Ex-Amazon execs raise more cash to grow e-commerce startups Ideoclick and Replenium - 12.11.2019 17:37

Microsoft details the updated New Tab page in Edge browser for enterprise users - 12.11.2019 17:37

How to sharpen an image in Photoshop automatically, to reduce blurriness in your images - 12.11.2019 17:39

How Ducati influenced the 2020 Corvette's design - Roadshow - 12.11.2019 17:40

Facebook Pay single payments system spans Zuckerberg’s whole empire - 12.11.2019 17:41

Telegram MTProxy Servers Used to DDoS Iranian Cloud Provider - 12.11.2019 17:42

Dell says it will power all of its facilities with renewable energy by 2040 - 12.11.2019 17:43

Save $40 on my new-favorite AirPods alternative, the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro - CNET - 12.11.2019 17:44

Rad Power Bikes’ lineup of e-bikes is discounted ahead of Black Friday - 12.11.2019 17:47

Asus's new AMD-powered devices aim to woo Indian millennial gamers

Technology - 12.11.2019 16:25

Faster Web Rendering with WICG Display Locking Proposal

JSFeeds - 12.11.2019 17:24

TypeScript 3.7 Adds Optional Chaining and Coalescing

JSFeeds - 12.11.2019 17:24

Echo JS

JSFeeds - 12.11.2019 17:24

Creating a VS Code Extension

JSFeeds - 12.11.2019 17:24

Security improvements in AMO upload tools

JSFeeds - 12.11.2019 17:25

Building a Disaster Response Contact Center with Twilio Flex

JSFeeds - 12.11.2019 17:25

Announcing the Bytecode Alliance: Building a secure by default, composable future for WebAssembly

JSFeeds - 12.11.2019 17:27

ΙΟΒΕ: Ο δημοσιονομικός χώρος να γίνει εργαλείο ενίσχυσης της αποταμίευσης - 12.11.2019 16:34

Το κύμα εμψύχωσης του Φυσικού Μεταλλικού Νερού ΑΥΡΑ «έσπασε τον τοίχο» στον 37ο Αυθεντικό Μαραθώνιο της Αθήνας - 12.11.2019 16:59 Special Defacements - 12.11.2019 17:26

More than 50 children in hospital after man breaks into nursery and sprays corrosive chemical

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 17:28

Airline pilot receives $300k for wrongful arrest after being seen naked near airport

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 17:35

More than 200 elephants die in Zimbabwe's largest national park amid drought

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 17:56

Scaling in DevOps Feed - 12.11.2019 16:55

DevOps Demand in the Market Will Skyrocket in the Next 5 Years Feed - 12.11.2019 16:55

Role of Test Automation in DevOps Feed - 12.11.2019 16:55

Developing Cloud-Native Apps in Azure: Tools and Tips Feed - 12.11.2019 16:56

EC2 Scheduling Best Practices Feed - 12.11.2019 16:56

How to Create a Kubernetes Cluster on AWS With Jenkins and Spring Boot Feed - 12.11.2019 16:56

5 Must-Listen Web Dev Podcasts for Stallions and Code Newbies Alike Feed - 12.11.2019 17:21

Apache Ignite: Partitioned Cache Feed - 12.11.2019 17:22

109 Data Science Interview Questions and Answers Feed - 12.11.2019 17:30

The Relationship Between Modularity and Polymorphism Feed - 12.11.2019 17:33

How Selenium 4 Relative Locator Can Change The Way You Test Feed - 12.11.2019 17:45

TIL that the first woman to establish a bank in the USA was an African-American named Maggie L. Walker in 1903. The St. Luke Penny Savings Bank was one of the few to survive the Great Depression and, after a merger, still exists today.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 17:08

TIL that one of the original marketed uses for Lysol was as a form of birth control

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 17:42

TIL about Lieutenant Colonel José Antonio Muñiz (October 16, 1919 – July 4, 1960) was a United States Air Force officer who during World War II served in the United States Army Air Forces. He co-founded the Puerto Rico Air National Guard

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 17:45

TIL although the TV show "Friends" ended in 2004, the six main cast members still receive a yearly check of $20 million in royalties alone.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 17:57

TIL there is a Presbyterian Seminary in North Korea financed by the Methodist church in South Korea.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 17:58

TIL that Boats & Ships can be Arrested

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 17:58

List of Adverbs

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 16:59

In This Is This End Michael Cera asked Rihanna if he could actually slap her butt in a scene to which Rihanna agreed as long as she could slap him harder in he face.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 13:53

Harriet The Tortoise, Who Died In 2006, Had Seen Charles Darwin In Person

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 12:17

How to get more customers into your barber shop 101

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 14:00

A birthday well wish escalates to ”there will be consequences”

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 13:21

Check mate

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 13:11

My brother's dog - I swear he looks like a cartoon dog sometimes.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 14:03

Police raiding The Chinese University of Hong Kong now. This picture is taken about an hour ago.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 13:59

Four Volkswagen executives charged with embezzlement in Germany

International - 12.11.2019 14:45

Restructuring to save South African Airways $47 bn, but affect 944 jobs

International - 12.11.2019 15:09

Lawyers hate timekeeping — Ping raises $13M to fix it with AI

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 13:33 sites can now accept subscriptions with new ‘Recurring Payments’ feature

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 16:11

Instacart is under fire for how it compensates shoppers

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 16:18

Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Mike Price - 12.11.2019 15:00

Hyrum's Law: An Observation on Software Engineering

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 16:16

Google's harvest of medical data includes names and full details of millions

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 15:44

A copy of your property deed costs $3. This SoCal firm will do it for $89

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 15:55

Backblaze Hard Drive Stats Q3 2019

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 15:59

The Google Squeeze

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 16:10

Save Your Last Business Card

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 16:00

Defrost Frozen Meat in About Half the Time with a Hot Water Bath

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 16:15

Should You Opt Your Child Out of Homework?

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 16:30

Get a Cleaner Bottom For a Rock Bottom Price

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 13:18

(Update: Album sorting live for all) Google Photos rolls out album sorting, Pixel 4 gets video frame exporting - 12.11.2019 16:28

As 5G Rolls Out, Troubling New Security Flaws Emerge - 12.11.2019 16:30

The EPA Amends Its 'Transparency' Proposal to Somehow Be Even More Terrible - 12.11.2019 16:30

Twitter launches Topics so you can keep abreast of things you're interested in - 12.11.2019 16:30

From AV to oy-vey: McAfee antivirus has security hole of its own - 12.11.2019 16:30

Google to gather Americans’ personal health records through ‘Project Nightingale’ - 12.11.2019 16:30

New 5G flaws can track phone locations and spoof emergency alerts - 12.11.2019 16:30

New York’s Boldstart Ventures has raised $157 million across two funds to back nascent enterprise startups - 12.11.2019 16:30

Mexico's Pemex Oil Suffers Ransomware Attack, $4.9 Million Demanded - 12.11.2019 16:30

When Traffic Apps Maps Took Over My Neighborhood - 12.11.2019 16:34

Watch the Arctic's oldest, toughest sea ice perish in new video - 12.11.2019 16:36

Microsoft to extend California’s new privacy rights throughout the US - 12.11.2019 16:37

This is what using Disney's new $7 a month streaming service looks like - 12.11.2019 16:38

Disney+ has finally arrived. Here's how to watch it. - 12.11.2019 16:41

Two years later, Apple’s AR/VR headset plans reportedly delayed two years - 12.11.2019 16:42

Grand Theft Auto 6’s release timing might’ve just leaked from a source no one could’ve expected - 12.11.2019 16:43

BlackSky wins $50M in financing from Intelsat for Earth-watching constellation - 12.11.2019 16:44

Facebook Bug Has Camera Activated While People Are Using the App - 12.11.2019 16:45

Save 76% off this AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush set, now only $33.99 - 12.11.2019 16:46

The True, Secret History Of The Creepiest Cult Game Ever Made - 12.11.2019 16:48

SmashingConf New York 2019: Videos And Photos

JSFeeds - 12.11.2019 16:24

Mozilla partners with Intel, Red Hat and Fastly to take WebAssembly beyond the browser

JSFeeds - 12.11.2019 16:54

Αντιστροφή της εικόνας στο Χρηματιστήριο με τους επενδυτές να ρίχνουν το βάρος στις τραπεζικές μετοχές - 12.11.2019 15:31

YDC: To networking «κλειδί» στην εξέλιξη των στελεχών - 12.11.2019 15:56

Τη βοήθεια των χρηστών του ζητά το Twitter για να εντοπίσει τα deepfake βίντεο - 12.11.2019 16:00

Australian MP says bushfire victims 'most likely' voted for Greens

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 16:30

Trump impeachment: Memo reveals how Republicans will try to defend president

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 16:39

Valohai Brings AI to GitHub Feed - 12.11.2019 16:00

PL/SQL Puzzle: What Code Can Be Removed? Feed - 12.11.2019 16:01

Google Buys Fitbit: What Does it Mean for its Competitors, and the Wearable Health Ecosystem? Feed - 12.11.2019 16:18

Asynchronous Task Execution Using Redis and Spring Boot Feed - 12.11.2019 16:18

Practical Guide For Converting Between Date and Temporal Feed - 12.11.2019 16:18

Introduction to the Spring Boot Actuator Feed - 12.11.2019 16:18

TIL Alex Trebek purchased 62 acres in the Hollywood Hills and donated it to a Santa Monica Conservancy.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 16:21

TIL that Vivien Leigh, the quintessential Southern Belle, was actually British.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 16:22

TIL that Donkey Kong got his name because his creator believed ‘donkey’ meant ‘stupid’ in English and wanted to convey the impression that the character was a “Stupid Ape”.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 16:22

TIL about Lemba and Guarocuya (called Sebastian and Enriquillo by the Spaniards) who were respectively the leaders of the first revolts of African slaves and Native Americans. Lemba led his revolt against the Spaniards between 1532 and 1547, while Guarocuya a Taino chief led his revolt ...

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 16:29

TIL a group of rabbits is called a Fluffle

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 16:41

TIL Paris was under the control of a radical socialist commune for two months in 1871. They rose during the siege of Paris by the Prussians and were crushed by the French Army during "La semaine sanglante" ("The Bloody Week").

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TIL that rap battles have been around since the 5th century. Flyting is a ritual, poetic exchange of insults practiced mainly between the 5th and 16th centuries. The exchanges would become extremely provocative, often involving accusations of cowardice or sexual perversion.

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TIL about Dan Cooper. He hijacked a plane and extracted a ransom of 200000 dollars and parachuted to an unknown fate. His remains were never recovered.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 16:47

TIL the first undersea intercontinental cable was laid in 161 years ago in 1858. Transatlantic Telegraph Cable was used for telegraph communications.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 16:48

TIL that Manhunt video game is banned in New Zealand due to the level of graphic violence

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 16:49

TIL that Kurt Vonnegut adopted his sister’s three sons after she died of cancer two days after her husband died in a train accident.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 16:52

TIL The vibrations and contractions of a cat's purr show a consistent pattern and frequency around 25 Hz; these frequencies have been shown to improve bone density and promote healing in animal models and humans.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 16:57


newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 15:38

What's in season in North America

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 15:51

You can't disrespect my boy.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 11:26

Wife got drunk and had a meltdown in an Uber. She's been silent for 48 hours. Should I blink first?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 12:26

This piece of styrofoam has been weathered from the ocean like a stone

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 11:50

Facebook is on the defensive after its head of news was revealed to have cofounded a website critical of Elizabeth Warren

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 13:00

Cartels are growing pot in our national Forests where their heavy use of pesticides and litter stand to permanently damage the ecosystem.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 12:31

To catch a falling bear

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 13:32

Copyright Professors Back ISP Charter to Avoid Dangerous Piracy Liability Precedent

TorrentFreak - 12.11.2019 15:11

S’More is a new dating app that looks to suspend physical attraction for something more

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 15:00

Disney+ says it’s working to ‘quickly resolve’ its launch day streaming issues

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 15:04

When to Use SVG vs. When to Use Canvas

CSS-Tricks - 12.11.2019 14:47

Making an Audio Waveform Visualizer with Vanilla JavaScript

CSS-Tricks - 12.11.2019 14:47

Community News: Latest PECL Releases (11.12.2019) - 12.11.2019 14:05

Fruits and Vegetables Are Trying to Kill You

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 15:04

Lynx is dead – Long live Browsh for text-based internet browsing (2018)

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 15:54

Flexport is hiring engineers in Amsterdam. We can get you a work visa

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 15:58

When Spending the Extra Money Is Worth It, According to Reddit

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 15:00

Use a Paint Brush and Baby Wipes to Clean Your Car's Interior Like a Pro

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 15:25

Tuesday's Best Deals: BioBidets, Cole Haan Sale, Honest Company, and More

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 15:13

You’ll go yam for sweet potato chutney

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 13:51

The founder of LearnVest and the former US Secretary of Commerce are launching a $200 million VC fund to focus on younger, more diverse perspectives - 12.11.2019 15:30

Apple AirPods Pro Review: The Best Earbuds for iPhone - 12.11.2019 15:30

Now you can make the Facebook app (slightly) less irritating – here's how - 12.11.2019 15:30

Best fitness tracker 2019: the top 10 activity bands on the planet - 12.11.2019 15:30

Amazon offers teachers a place to sell resources they create - 12.11.2019 15:32

Attention, Expedia employees: Here’s how much it costs to buy a home near the new HQ - 12.11.2019 15:32

Today’s top deals: Roku 4K TV, $90 off Sony ANC headphones, AirPods 2 blowout, $19 Wi-Fi extender, iPad sale, more - 12.11.2019 15:34

Tinder seeks to tackle trans harassment - 12.11.2019 15:35

Need a pick-me-up? Mr. Coffee machines are on sale right now. - 12.11.2019 15:36

Sonos Spotify Free support has just been added - 12.11.2019 15:36

Real-Life Telepathy Is Closer Than You Think - 12.11.2019 15:36

Twelve Other Songs That Should Be Very Literally Made Into Movies - 12.11.2019 15:36

How to Get Your Free Year of Disney+ If You're a Verizon Customer - 12.11.2019 15:37

Humankind preview: The end of Civilization? - 12.11.2019 15:37

UK Labour Party says it has experienced a 'large-scale cyber attack' - 12.11.2019 15:38

The 'Business Analyst' - the future of decision-making for UK business? - 12.11.2019 15:39

TikTok alternative Instagram Reels released for lucky few - 12.11.2019 15:39

Disney+ hit by technical glitches on launch day - 12.11.2019 15:40

It's not just you. Disney+ is having some issues at launch. - 12.11.2019 15:43

Was the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Redesign an Elaborate PR Stunt? Motherboard Discusses - 12.11.2019 15:45

Η επικεφαλής της ευρωπαϊκής διπλωματίας δηλώνει ότι η συνεργασία με τον ΝΑΤΟ «δεν ήταν ποτέ τόσο καλή» - 12.11.2019 14:54

Την Τρίτη τα αποκαλυπτήρια του Στρατηγικού Σχεδίου της Alpha Bank - 12.11.2019 14:59

Trump falsely claims DACA recipients are 'hardened criminals' just as Supreme Court begins hearings

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 15:09

Trump administration detains nearly 70,000 migrant children in new record

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 15:34

Supreme Court says families of Sandy Hook massacre victims can sue gunmaker

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 14:47

Expanding Upon Misty’s Native Capabilities Feed - 12.11.2019 15:04

Oracle REST Data Services on Autonomous Transaction Processing Database Feed - 12.11.2019 15:04

Consuming Kafka Messages From Apache Flink Feed - 12.11.2019 15:04

Enterprise App Trends to Watch Out For in 2020 Feed - 12.11.2019 15:28

Top-Down Design — an Approach for Flawless Software Design and Implementation Feed - 12.11.2019 15:28

Circuit Breaker Design Pattern Using Netflix Hystrix Feed - 12.11.2019 15:29

Do Software Testers Actually Improve Software Quality? Feed - 12.11.2019 15:29

TIL about Henry Lincoln Johnson, an African American soldier and member of the Harlem Hellfighters in WWI, nicknamed the 'Black Death'. He received the Croix du Guerre, France's highest military honour, but was denied the Purple Heart and died forgotten.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 15:04

TIL Johnny Depp started smoking at 12, and played guitar in a rock band called The Flame. He lost his virginity to a groupie at the age of 13, in the back of the band's van.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 15:14

TIL Nigeria consumes more Guinness than the USA

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 15:31

TIL there have been several cases of exploding whales, both from gas buildup & actual explosives. Oregon used 20 cases of dynamite to dispose of a whale, showering a great area with blubber. In Taiwan, a carcass being transported spontaneously combusted, spraying whale across storefronts and people.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 15:43


newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 14:27

AITA for correcting every single sentence spoken by my boyfriend’s aunt in front of everyone?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 03:59

Australia’s Response to Climate Change One of the Worst in G20, According to New Report | Australia’s poor performance can be attributed to poor leadership, and the unwillingness of politicians to acknowledge the urgency or even existence of the escalating climate crisis.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 09:31

Octopi have no bones, the only thing they can't squish is their beak!

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 11:41

What is a widely believed misconception about WW2?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 00:33

He passin’ da vibe check on da 8 bus headin’ out da Matrix

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 10:12

There’s a Surprisingly Plausible Path to Removing Trump From Office - It would take just three Republican senators to turn the impeachment vote into a secret ballot. It’s not hard to imagine what would happen then.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 10:21

Wall Street opens higher as investors shift focus to Donald Trump speech

International - 12.11.2019 14:35

Scouting partner for Jaguar-Land Rover, Tata Motors approaches BMW, Geely

International - 12.11.2019 14:47

Uploadcare raises $1.7M for its CDN platform

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 14:00

Inspired Capital, founded by Alexa von Tobel and Penny Pritzker, just closed its debut fund with $200 million

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 14:00

EFF Urges Court to Reconsider Decision That Harms Internet Users

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 12:40

Ask HN: What does your BI stack look like?

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 12:39

New Catalyst Efficiently Produces Hydrogen from Seawater

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 12:32

GrCUDA: A Polyglot Language Binding for CUDA in GraalVM

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 14:03

Snopes Under Legal Attack from

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 14:22

OpenIndiana Hipster 2019.10 is here – openindiana

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 13:23

The Right Way to Tip Your Instacart Shopper

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 14:15

You Can Now 'Stereo Pair' Google Home and Google Home Mini Speakers

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 14:30

Feature Request: A ‘camera in use’ indicator in iOS for foreground apps - 12.11.2019 14:21

Huawei to dish out millions in staff bonuses following US ban - 12.11.2019 14:22

Whoop, the sports tech and analytics company that makes discreet wearables, raises $55M - 12.11.2019 14:23

You can have two Venmo accounts, even if they're using the same bank account — here's how to set it up - 12.11.2019 14:24

How to delete apps on your Chromebook to save storage space and declutter your menus - 12.11.2019 14:25

'Unlimited' Data Plans With Very Obvious Limits Are Only Getting More Confusing - 12.11.2019 14:25

I drove a $47,000 Jaguar XE to find out if this British sports sedan could take on BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and Alfa Romeo - 12.11.2019 14:26

ESET launches Full Disk Encryption for businesses - 12.11.2019 14:26

Disney+ launch lineup: The jaw-dropping list of 639 shows and movies you can stream right now - 12.11.2019 14:27

5G is generating demand for Korea Telecom's unlimited plans - 12.11.2019 14:27

No one knows how effective digital therapies are, but a new tool from Elektra Labs aims to change that - 12.11.2019 14:28

Google now lets businesses customize CallJoy, the automated telephone customer service agent - 12.11.2019 14:31

This Robot Samurai Fight Will Get You Excited About The Future Again - 12.11.2019 14:31

How Amazon Met Its Match - 12.11.2019 14:31

Inside The 'Reckless' World Of In-Flight Movie Censoring - 12.11.2019 14:31

Disney+ isn't working for some users on launch day - 12.11.2019 14:32

Seattle city council election results could bring back an “Amazon tax” - 12.11.2019 14:33

UK's Labour Party says it has repelled a DDoS attack - 12.11.2019 14:34

Stradigi AI raises $40.3 million to develop business AI solutions - 12.11.2019 14:37

(Update: 12 launch titles) All the games on Google Stadia - 12.11.2019 14:40

Χρηματοδότηση 170 εκατ. ευρώ σε αγρότες για τη δημιουργία μικρών φωτοβολταϊκών μονάδων - 12.11.2019 13:51

Μετά από 131 χρόνια ιστορίας οι Financial Times αποκτούν γυναίκα διευθύντρια - 12.11.2019 14:00

Η τεχνολογία των συμμετεχόντων του Invent ICT στην υπηρεσία της κοινωνίας - 12.11.2019 14:14

TIL that authorities had to obtain a search warrant for Ted Bundy's mouth in order to cast a mold of his teeth. He was convicted and executed based on the evidence. Can

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 14:01

TIL before settling on Florida, Disney World was originally considered being built near Niagara Falls. However, after Walt Disney visited the location, he realised it was way too cold.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 14:09

TIL the last successful bayonet charge was in 2011 by the British Army against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 14:26

TIL of the nearly 9 million (Holstein) dairy cows in the US, 99% can have their lineage traced back to just two bulls born in 60's. That means among all the male Holsteins in the country, there are just two Y chromosomes.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 14:33

TIL although Danny Devito and his wife Rhea Perlman played neglectful and abusive parents in Matlida, they looked over Mara Wilson during the filming of the movie when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 14:38

TIL To protect the national art collection during the Second World War, the National Gallery removed all its paintings for safekeeping to a disused slate mine in Wales.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 14:49

TIL There is a large statue of Sonic the Hedgehog in a remote village in Japan. Local farmers purchased it from a closed SEGA theme park about two decades ago.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 14:53

Awesome guy

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 09:26

Anti-inflammatory agents may reduce symptoms of major depression, suggests a new study (n=1,610), which adds to the mounting evidence that there is a connection between emotional functioning and inflammation, suggesting that inflammation may trigger depression, almost like an allergic reaction.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 10:30


reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 11:13

Leash me. 😄🤩

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 11:08

Markets hope for positive signs from Trump trade speech at Economic Club

International - 12.11.2019 13:11

Loop Returns picks up $10 million in Series A led by FirstMark Capital

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 13:44

Historical Computers in Japan

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 11:55

Telling users why their content was removed reduces future issues [pdf]

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 13:28 Online Diagramming Website

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 11:41

You're Probably Handling Rejection Wrong

Lifehacker - 12.11.2019 14:00

SpaceX Deploys 60 More Starlink Satellites in Record-Breaking Launch - 12.11.2019 13:15

The magic of generating new ideas - 12.11.2019 13:16

Partisan differences show up in reasons why Americans support NASA - 12.11.2019 13:17

Master & Dynamic’s iconic MH40 headphones were just re-released with big upgrades - 12.11.2019 13:17

PSA: Unable to connect to Disney+? It’s not just you, it’s them… - 12.11.2019 13:18

AMD's Ryzen 9 3950X CPU benchmarks leak from Alienware Aurora machine - 12.11.2019 13:19

Michael Shannon wrestles Jimmy Fallon wearing an 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' onesie - 12.11.2019 13:19

Cookie Monster is back as a voice for Waze. Here’s how to set it up - 12.11.2019 13:20

Fujfilm's London store opens December 3 – and you could win an X-T3 camera - 12.11.2019 13:21

A new paper concludes that hurricane damage is increasing - 12.11.2019 13:30

Goldman will re-check Apple Card credit scores after sexism claims - 12.11.2019 13:30

Here’s how you can open websites in IE Mode on Microsoft Edge - 12.11.2019 13:30

Best universal remotes 2019: from entry-level clickers to pro zappers - 12.11.2019 13:30

Why Do Holes Horrify Me? - 12.11.2019 13:31

Get an Apple MacBook Air for under £800 before Black Friday - 12.11.2019 13:33

Lawyers hate timekeeping. Ping raises $13M to fix it with AI - 12.11.2019 13:33

Get a free upgrade with Vodafone's fibre broadband deal and go super fast from £21/pm - 12.11.2019 13:34

Review: Master & Dynamic MH40 wireless reissue -- back to what started it all - 12.11.2019 13:34

Cyclist Collides Straight Into Pedestrian. Conflict Between The Two Gets Resolved In The Quickest Way Imaginable - 12.11.2019 13:34

Save up to $160 on iPad and iPad Pro models right now on Amazon - 12.11.2019 13:36

California engineers develop chip that wakes up a device only when needed

Technology - 12.11.2019 13:18

Ξεκίνησε η παραγωγή ηλεκτρικών αυτοκινήτων Tesla στην Κίνα - 12.11.2019 13:21

'Ghost' footprints hiding since end of last ice age revealed by new radar technique

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 13:22

TIL today 12 November is National Fancy Rat and Mouse Day

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 13:05

TIL about Rat Island, one of only 3 islands where humans eradicated the entire rat population, after which they decided to also change the name.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 13:21

TIL Almonds aren't a nut, they're a fruit (seed).

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 13:39

TIL an American man spent 12 years bulding his own 'castle' in the Nevada Desert from scratch. It features 22 rooms, including 2 kitchens, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a man cave with home thater. It's now on the market for $699,900, down from $3.2 million.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 13:42

TIL in 1968 RAF pilot Alan Pollock went rogue on a routine flight. He flew over a whole bunch of airports and famous landmarks in London, including Westminster. He then flew THROUGH Tower Bridge. He was arrested upon landing.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 13:46

TIL of Operation Yellowbird: A rescue party consisting of French diplomats, MI6, The CIA, Hong Kong and Asian mafias. The operation helped 400 Chinese dissidents escape to western countries in the aftermath of Tiananmen Square.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 13:51

TIL there are two pairs of US states that are geographically and alphabetically adjacent: Florida and Georgia, and Illinois and Indiana.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 13:55

TIL - In the mid 19th Century, the belief persisted that weather was completely unpredictable. When one MP suggested in the Commons in 1854 that recent advances in scientific theory might soon allow them to know the weather in London "twenty-four hours beforehand", the House roared with laughter.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 13:59

Dear Apple,

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 09:45

The dickpic that broke the camel’s back: I am currently at the police station to report someone

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 01:02

Kyoto : Noodles from a bamboo tube anyone?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 01:04

And a similar picture for .mp3 files

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 06:52

LPT: When you come back from a holiday, dont go straight back to work. Plan a few extra days off for when you can return, unpack, relax and still be in holiday mode. This way, going back to work won't be as daunting.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 02:06

Slow motion analysis of HKPF shooting scene

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 08:35

Former One Direction member Niall Horan votes ‘no’ on a fan’s poll whether she should date him

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 09:02

Looks like the poster might be real after all

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 11:10

Wholesome dude

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 10:47

Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 10:55

Article 370: Ahead of polls, Labour Party steps in to calm Indian diaspora

International - 12.11.2019 11:00

Dutch court orders Facebook to ban celebrity crypto scam ads after another lawsuit

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 12:04

Show HN: Instantly pass your passwords securely

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 11:48


Hacker News - 12.11.2019 11:37

PeerTube v2 Released

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 11:36

The cheapest Xbox Live Gold deals and 12 month membership prices for Black Friday 2019 - 12.11.2019 12:16

Best Smart TV 2019: every smart TV platform and which set does it best - 12.11.2019 12:16

In 1822, a desperate band of convicts fleeing a Tasmanian penal colony ended up resorting to cannibalism - 12.11.2019 12:16

Disney+ experiencing ‘unable to connect’ errors on launch day - 12.11.2019 12:18

Microsoft pledges to honor California’s CCPA privacy law across the US - 12.11.2019 12:19

Windows Core OS: Everything you need to know - 12.11.2019 12:20

Netflix ending support for some devices blamed on DRM - 12.11.2019 12:21

The Realme X2 Pro is now on sale in Europe for €399 - 12.11.2019 12:21

AI ready to disrupt the property market - 12.11.2019 12:22

How America Ends - 12.11.2019 12:22

The Embarrassing Moment When Donald Trump Jr Gets Heckled At Book Launch By Trump Supporters - 12.11.2019 12:22

iOS Facebook app ‘secretly using camera’ while scrolling feed; likely a bug - 12.11.2019 12:22

Deepfake video shows UK prime minister endorsing main opponent - 12.11.2019 12:23

Last chance to save 20% off all toys at Argos ahead of Black Friday - 12.11.2019 12:24

UK's Corbyn "very nervous" about election after cyber attack - 12.11.2019 12:26

Instagram cribs TikTok with new music-heavy Stories features - 12.11.2019 12:29

Smartphone shipments in GCC increase 20.2% in third quarter to 4.8m - 12.11.2019 12:29

Dyson V11: Save £100 at Currys on a super-sucking vacuum before Black Friday - 12.11.2019 12:30

This might be Sony’s secret PS5 invention to keep the price down - 12.11.2019 12:31

Gas-guzzling Americans continue to shun electric vehicles as sales fail to bother US car market - 12.11.2019 12:34

Technologies which will change our life in the next decade

Technology - 12.11.2019 11:40

Apple to fix Siri bug that exposed parts of encrypted emails

Naked Security - 12.11.2019 12:02

Ο Ερντογάν απειλεί να στείλει στην Ευρώπη πρόσφυγες και τζιχαντιστές μετά τις νέες κυρώσεις - 12.11.2019 11:46

Ghacks Deals: Best-Selling VPN services Black Friday Price Drop

gHacks Technology News - 12.11.2019 12:38

Products from illegal Israeli settlements must be labelled, EU's highest court rules

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 12:10

Richard Branson criticised for 'excluding majority of population' from South Africa entrepreneurship launch

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 12:31

TIL there is no evidence that the popular 'keto diet' leads to sustainable weight loss, and the diet was developed to treat drug-resistant epilepsy in children and is not low in carbohydrates only but also in proteins, providing just enough to maintain the correct weight for age and height.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 12:07

TIL The person who created and wrote great shows such as 'Parks and Recreation', 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and The Good Place is Dwight's weird cousin Mose from 'The Office US'

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 12:15

TIL The Blue Hole is a 120-metre-deep sinkhole, five miles north of Dahab, Egypt. Its nickname is the “divers’ cemetery”. Divers in Dahab say 200 died in recent years. Many of those who died were attempting to swim under the arch. This challenge is to scuba divers what Kilimanjaro is to hikers.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 12:24

TIL That when we lose fat weight, it’s primarily done by breathing it out.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 12:44

TIL about Soviet Hippies, and how when they were given permission to protest the Vietnam War in front of the US Embassy in 1971, they were rounded up by the KGB, and sent to mental wards and injected with insulin; others dispatched to the army camps near China.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 12:57

Yes, I'll take one art deco and two neo futurism.

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 11:00

Sounds good to me

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 07:47

My friend's accounting textbook really just hates simplicity

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 04:58

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but-

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 04:38

They had so many options

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 06:05

To invalidate period pain

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 08:57

South China sea crisis: China rules the waves and waives the rule

International - 12.11.2019 08:41

Look at India, China to know the threats free and unfree govts pose: Haley

International - 12.11.2019 10:50

Oil gains as market awaits signals on US-China trade talk progress

International - 12.11.2019 11:10

Pre-orders to live streaming: How Alibaba Singles' Day sales hit $38.3 bn

International - 12.11.2019 11:15

Instagram Stories launches TikTok clone Reels in Brazil

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 11:00

D Day rehearsal that killed 600 men

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 10:16

Einstein Refrigerator

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 10:33

Are Passenger Jet Engines Hitting Their Technical Limits?

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 10:53

Mux is hiring across the board to build Netflix-grade video infra for all

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 11:44

Illegal Pot Grows in America's Public Forests Are Poisoning Wildlife and Water

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 10:57

150 infosec bods now know who they're up against thanks to BT Security cc/bcc snafu - 12.11.2019 11:08

Video: SpaceX successfully launched 60 Starlink satellites into orbit as part of Elon Musk's high-speed internet plan - 12.11.2019 11:08

Intel’s next-gen tiny NUC PCs spotted with 10th-gen Comet Lake CPUs - 12.11.2019 11:09

Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card could be powering gaming PCs in June 2020 - 12.11.2019 11:11

Labour Party targeted in DDoS attack - 12.11.2019 11:12

'The Mandalorian' review: Well, looks like we're getting a 6-hour Star Wars movie - 12.11.2019 11:12

Google Stadia will launch with a dozen disappointing games - 12.11.2019 11:15

Apple divulges release details of AR headset in 2020, AR glasses, to large number of employees in company presentation - 12.11.2019 11:15

Senior professionals not confident in their security solutions - 12.11.2019 11:15

‘Copyright’ Sting Targeting 15-Year-Old Backfires With Arrest Warrants & Record Sales - 12.11.2019 11:16

Apple TV+ show 'Truth Be Told' launches with Hollywood premiere - 12.11.2019 11:17

Sonic the Hedgehog returns with bigger eyes and fewer teeth in new trailer - 12.11.2019 11:19

Ultrafast laser pulses produce a previously unseen phase of matter - 12.11.2019 11:20

Review: ASUS ROG STRIX Scope keyboard - 12.11.2019 11:24

(PR) Sharkoon Announces SGK5 Gaming Keyboard - 12.11.2019 11:25

'Sonic the Hedgehog' is back with a new trailer and they've toned down those creepy teeth - 12.11.2019 11:26

Save over £1,000 on this LG OLED TV from Currys PC World - 12.11.2019 11:29

Why does Riot Games keep making virtual bands? - 12.11.2019 11:30

Tencent to break into US console market via Nintendo partnership - 12.11.2019 11:36

Netflix Won't Work on Old Roku Devices Because of DRM - 12.11.2019 11:36

This new feature lets you customise your shortcuts bar in Facebook app

Technology - 12.11.2019 11:33

Dew Drop – November 12, 2019 (#3070)

Morning Dew - 12.11.2019 11:48

Sextortionist whisks away sex tapes using just a phone number

Naked Security - 12.11.2019 11:15

Nvidia patches graphics products and GeForce Experience update tool

Naked Security - 12.11.2019 11:58

Η Ελληνική ομάδα της Blanchard συμμετείχε στο Blanchard Summit 2019 στο San Diego - 12.11.2019 10:44

Η εκρηκτική άνοδος των κινεζικών επενδύσεων στην Ελλάδα σε ένα γράφημα - 12.11.2019 10:57

Πως η Microsoft αποθηκεύει δεδομένα στο… γυαλί και ξεπερνάει τα προβλήματα των σκληρών δίσκων - 12.11.2019 11:00

Οι «The Gaimers by Stoiximan» ξεκινούν ένα «παιχνίδι» για το καλό της κοινωνίας και του περιβάλλοντος - 12.11.2019 11:23

Τα δεδομένα είναι «χρυσός» για τις επιχειρήσεις και οι αριθμοί το επιβεβαιώνουν - 12.11.2019 11:28

The army of volunteer doctors, artists and pastors keeping the Hong Kong protests alive

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 11:10

Trump denounces 'scam' impeachment inquiry in angry outburst over Ukraine call

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 11:36

TIL the Olmec are largely viewed as the mother culture of Aztecs and Maya but left no written works on their belief structures. Archaeologists believe the Olmecs used entheogens because of burials of Bufo toads with priests, use of entheogens in later cultures, and sculptures of animal-shamans.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 11:05

TIL in 2000, an Atlanta area sheriff ordered a hit on a rival that defeated him in an election. The hit was carried out by two deputies who were promised promotions.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 11:39

TIL there's a giant dome in the Marshall Islands that covers a nuclear crater full to the brim with all the radioactive and bacteorological contaminated soil from all the US weapons testing in the area, mixed with concrete. They appropriately call it The Tomb.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 11:40

TIL the city of Munich switched all government computers to Linux, but a few years later switched back to using Windows.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 11:43

This is adorable

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 04:03

This is the old symbol for Raëlism, a “UFO religion” founded in 1974.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 05:56

Umm okaaaay

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 05:20

A guy climbs a metal pole in a crouching tiger, hidden dragon fashion

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 06:19

Crisis-hit Nissan sees Q2 net falling 70% to $275 mn, cuts profit outlook

International - 12.11.2019 08:23

And the winner of Hardware Battlefield at TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019 is… Okra

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 10:49

Only four days left to buy early-bird passes to Disrupt Berlin 2019

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 10:55

My Little Optimization: The Compiler Is Magic (2018)

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 08:53

Ask HN: Starting a Company on a Cofounder's Patent

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 10:36

Vulnx – bot that detect vulnerabilities in multiple types of CMS

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 09:56

GNU Compiler Collection Internals [pdf]

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 09:54

Snap Spectacles 3 review: A better, more sophisticated novelty - 12.11.2019 10:00

Vodafone's future in India in doubt after latest setback - 12.11.2019 10:00

How the Internet of Things will transform consumerism, enterprises, and governments over the next five years - 12.11.2019 10:02

Apple is apparently eyeing-up a 2023 for release for its AR glasses - 12.11.2019 10:02

Canada's OpenText buys SMB backerupper Carbonite for $1.42bn - 12.11.2019 10:03

Microsoft to obey Californian privacy law across the US - 12.11.2019 10:03

Tesla Model 3 vs. Tesla Model Y - 12.11.2019 10:04

Iliad founder ready to pour 1.4 billion euros into the telecom firm - 12.11.2019 10:06

Honda focuses on electric and hybrids - 12.11.2019 10:12

Mexican state oil firm Pemex hit by ransomware attack - 12.11.2019 10:12

Sample pictures from Sony's new phone camera show the future of photography - 12.11.2019 10:12

Labour Party hit by 'large-scale' cyber attack - 12.11.2019 10:14

Microsoft to apply California's Consumer Privacy Act across the US - 12.11.2019 10:16

Snapchat’s New Spectacles 3 Are Amazing For Influencers. Not So Much For The Influenced. - 12.11.2019 10:17

Reluctance to automate leads to problems for enterprise network firewalls - 12.11.2019 10:22

(Update: Rolling out) Google Photos replaces overflow menu with new carousel and EXIF panel - 12.11.2019 10:23

The Star Wars original trilogy is in 4K with Dolby Vision HDR on Disney Plus - 12.11.2019 10:25

Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘State-run Chinese newspaper’s front-page article bullish on Bitcoin’ - 12.11.2019 10:30

Apple TV+'s head of scripted and unscripted shows has left the company - 12.11.2019 10:32

ASP.NET hosting provider recovering from ransomware attack

Naked Security - 12.11.2019 10:40

«Μπουναμάς» 286 εκατ. δολαρίων της Huawei στους εργαζόμενούς της για τη «μάχη» κατά των αμερικανικών κυρώσεων - 12.11.2019 09:37

Nissan: «Βουτιά» 70% στα κέρδη τρίτου τριμήνου - 12.11.2019 09:42

Δήλωση Σι Τζινπίνγκ που θα συζητηθεί: «Θα έχετε την υποστήριξή μας για την επιστροφή των γλυπτών του Παρθενώνα» - 12.11.2019 09:46

Ο «παλαιός φίλος της Κίνας», Αλέξης Τσίπρας, και το κάλεσμα του Σι Τζινπίνγκ στον πρώην πρωθυπουργό - 12.11.2019 09:59

Στο Μεξικό ο Έβο Μοράλες – Έλαβε πολιτικό άσυλο - 12.11.2019 10:09

«Τι έχει αξία για σένα;»: Καμπάνια επικοινωνίας από τον ασφαλιστικό όμιλο Eurolife ERB - 12.11.2019 10:30

Read MSDN Magazines, Newsletters and TechNet Newsletters online

gHacks Technology News - 12.11.2019 10:30

Australia bushfires: Tens of thousands told 'it is too late to leave' as blazes rage towards them

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 10:01

Former Bolivia president Evo Morales flees to Mexico as country descends into chaos

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 10:28

Hong Kong protesters storm central business district and clash with riot police

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 09:39

White House infighting flares amid impeachment inquiry

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 10:33

Poland reacts angrily to Netflix Nazi death camp documentary

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 10:37

Trump administration to limit scientific and medical research used for public health law

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 10:38

TIL Sigmund Freud attempted to help his friend Fleischl-Marxow, who had become addicted to morphine and heroin due to chronic pain caused by having his thumb removed, by prescribing him medical cocaine. His friend became addicted to cocaine as well and continued to use morphine until his death at 45

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 10:05

Today I learned that Ginkgo trees smell like death itself is vomiting rancid skunk a**holes

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 10:32

TIL A 2009 study found that the risk of sudden death during a marathon is 0.8 per 100,000 people, and that triathlons have a significantly higher risk of sudden death at 1.5 in 100,000.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 10:52

My library's café's guide to coffees.

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 09:06

11/12/19 - Update Details and Patch Notes

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 05:27

Won't pump more capital in India until provisions change: Vodafone to govt

International - 12.11.2019 07:28

German automakers are losing their edge, thanks to their love for stability

International - 12.11.2019 09:11

Introducing the TC Top Picks for Disrupt Berlin 2019

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 09:00

Snapchat Spectacles 3 review: Pretty, pricey

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 10:00

Amazon EC2 Issues in Frankfurt AZ

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 08:43

Apple to Launch New 3D System on iPads, iPhones - 12.11.2019 09:04

​Twitter is awash in disinformation bots tweeting lies about the Kentucky gubernatorial election results - 12.11.2019 09:04

I'm still not that Gary, says US email mixup bloke who hasn't even seen Dartford Crossing - 12.11.2019 09:07

Disney+ has the first ever 4K HDR versions of the original Star Wars trilogy - 12.11.2019 09:12

Sony Xperia 3 photos leak, and it may be the company's 2020 flagship phone - 12.11.2019 09:13

Disney+ Streaming Service is Now Available to Watch on iOS, tvOS, and More - 12.11.2019 09:13

Twitter makes it easier to follow things you like - 12.11.2019 09:16

Microsoft will 'honour' Cali's GDPR-style privacy law across the US - 12.11.2019 09:20

PacketAI predicts IT incidents by parsing large event data sets - 12.11.2019 09:20

McMansion Hell visits the wealthy DC suburbs, home to the Brick Behemoth, the Tragic Tudor, the Chonky Corinthian, and more! - 12.11.2019 09:23

Twitter wants your help to figure out its half-baked deepfakes policy - 12.11.2019 09:31

Facebook is secretly using your iPhone’s camera as you scroll your feed - 12.11.2019 09:35

Microsoft will honor Californian privacy laws across the entire US - 12.11.2019 09:39

MediaTek MT6885 5G chipset to be unveiled on November 26 - 12.11.2019 09:39

Galaxy Note 10’s ‘Link To Windows’ feature comes to Samsung Galaxy A70s smartphones - 12.11.2019 09:40

Data: The UN has overlooked millions of malnourished children in Africa - 12.11.2019 09:45

Samsung Galaxy A51 shown-off in new render images with four cameras - 12.11.2019 09:46

Vodafone raises outlook despite €1.9bn loss - 12.11.2019 09:51

You can now remove things from Facebook's shortcut bar, including the red dots - 12.11.2019 09:52

Instagram is testing a new video editing tool that sounds a lot like TikTok - 12.11.2019 09:53

Ο Πρόεδρος της Κίνας Σι Τζιπινγκ στην Ακρόπολη - 12.11.2019 08:44

Η SpaceX εκτόξευσε 60 νέους δορυφόρους για παροχή internet αλλά οι αστρονόμοι ανησυχούν - 12.11.2019 09:00

Πόσο φόρο θα πληρώνουν οι Αμερικανοί δισεκατομμυριούχοι με τον νόμο της Ελίζαμπεθ Γουόρεν - 12.11.2019 09:30

Μετά τη συμφωνία Fiat – Peugeut έρχεται ένας ακόμη μεγάλος «γάμος» στην αυτοκινητοβιομηχανία - 12.11.2019 09:31

Trump news – live: White House to release transcript of first Ukrainian call in bid to exonerate president as impeachment inquiry intensifies

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 08:56

Cool guide to see if it fits well in the changing room

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 08:22

Enjoy this guide

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 08:36

Complete list of all problems known so far in Pokemon Sword and Shield with data and/or proof for each problem

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 03:20

Hong Kong Police attack Pregnant woman.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 05:11

'Shameful' for UK not to publish Russia meddling probe report: Clinton

International - 12.11.2019 05:55

Here's how a rollback of Trump's tariffs on Chinese imports could look

International - 12.11.2019 06:01

Putin hangs Benjamin Netanyahu out to dry over jailed Israeli woman

International - 12.11.2019 07:46

Nigeria’s Interswitch confirms $1B valuation after Visa investment

TechCrunch - 12.11.2019 07:29

Why was it believed that the Aztecs greeted Cortés as a deity?

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 01:23

Disney+ gets every 'Star Wars' movie in 4K, Dolby Vision and Atmos - 12.11.2019 08:00

How Laws Against Child Sexual Abuse Imagery Can Make It Harder to Detect - 12.11.2019 08:00

Disney officially launches its streaming ‘crown jewel,’ Disney+ - 12.11.2019 08:00

Angular Ventures outs $41M seed fund for European and Israeli enterprise and ‘deep tech’ startups - 12.11.2019 08:00

How important will Marvel’s Disney+ shows be in understanding the Cinematic Universe? - 12.11.2019 08:01

Disney+ has arrived, here's everything you need to know - 12.11.2019 08:01

‘We’re not embarrassed by the fact that we have big blockbusters,’ Disney exec says - 12.11.2019 08:01

Disney won’t share ratings for original Disney+ titles despite industry push to do so - 12.11.2019 08:01

Disney doesn’t have plans to bring live-action Spider-Man movies to Disney+ - 12.11.2019 08:01

Without any apparent irony, Google marks Chrome's 'small' role in web ecosystem - 12.11.2019 08:01

Angular Ventures is a $41 million early-stage fund for deep tech startups entering the U.S. - 12.11.2019 08:01

The fake video where Johnson and Corbyn appear to endorse each other - 12.11.2019 08:05

Highlights of the day: Trade war taking toll on China server market - 12.11.2019 08:09

Disney+ is going live in the US ahead of schedule - 12.11.2019 08:14

In streaming wars, Disney reaches beyond kids and families - 12.11.2019 08:17

Apple's 16in MacBook Pro is launching this week, probably - 12.11.2019 08:28

Huawei to give staff $286 million bonus for helping it ride out U.S. curbs - 12.11.2019 08:29

Windows 10 20H1 Build 19013 arrives on the Slow ring with extra ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - 12.11.2019 08:32

In Win Unveils 925 Full Tower Case with Equal Intake-Exhaust Airflow - 12.11.2019 08:33

Former Federal Reserve chair says bank issued digital currencies are pointless - 12.11.2019 08:50

Do slow websites annoy you? Soon, Google to flag slow portals with a label

Technology - 12.11.2019 08:28

Περιφέρεια Κρήτης: Πάνω από 28 εκατ. ευρώ για νέες Μμε τουριστικές επιχειρήσεις - 12.11.2019 08:14

Η ΕΕ απέρριψε μίνι εμπορική συμφωνία με τις ΗΠΑ- Τι σημαίνει αυτό - 12.11.2019 08:28

Η «Βικτώρια» θα φέρει καταιγίδες στην Αττική και χαλαζοπτώσεις στην επικράτεια - 12.11.2019 08:38

Rocket sirens sound in Tel Aviv after Israel kills Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 07:40

Jimmy Carter taken to hospital for surgery to relieve pressure on his brain

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 08:35

TIL The original Cinderella story actually went like this: '"Never mind, cut it off. When you are queen you will not care about toes; you will not want to go on foot." So the silly girl cut her big toe off, and squeezed the shoe on, and went to the king's son.'

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 08:02

TIL The Bronx Library Center is the first "green" library in New York City with LEED Silver certification. Approximately 40 percent of materials used in construction were manufactured locally (within 500 miles of the site) and the library itself is composed of roughly 20 percent recycled material

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 08:06

TIL about the Black Drop Effect and how it troubled Captain Cook's observations of the transit of Venus. I'm left wondering if it is related to that effect on a shadow when two things (ie thumb and pointer) are slowly brought together. The finger's shadows stretch to meet each other.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 08:37

TIL that Super Mario Bros has secret levels

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 08:59

An easy guide for coffee

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 07:19

Psychology of colours.

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 07:42

You can Sous Vide all of it

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 07:57

Ice Cream Theft on Live TV

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 03:15

Sweden's 100 explosions this year: What's going on?

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 06:14

Volatile, a free key-value pair API

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 06:11

Cooler Master Adds MM711 Lightweight Gaming Mouse and Variants of MM710 - 12.11.2019 06:57

Copyright Troll May Have Set an Expensive Precedent for Copyright Trolls - 12.11.2019 06:59

City guru Martin Gilbert joins Revolut as chairman - 12.11.2019 07:00

Honda Works On Second EV, Quits Diesel, and Puts Hydrogen On Hold - 12.11.2019 07:00

Alibaba’s Singles’ Day sale destroys online shopping record … again - 12.11.2019 07:00

Astroboffins capture video of Mercury passing across the Sun's surface - 12.11.2019 07:01

New Predator CG437K P Delivers 4K, Up to 144Hz - 12.11.2019 07:02

Influencers Say Hiding Likes On Instagram Has Made Them More Chill About Posting Pictures - 12.11.2019 07:08

Microsoft to support 5G development efforts in Singapore - 12.11.2019 07:12

L'Oreal, Nestle score big at Alibaba's Singles' Day shopping fest - 12.11.2019 07:12

Disney+ app is now available for download from Microsoft Store - 12.11.2019 07:18

Vodafone ups earnings guidance after it returns to growth in second quarter - 12.11.2019 07:18

Seeking Developers for Paid Contract Improving Pip - 12.11.2019 07:20

Google reportedly collecting millions of Americans' healthcare data without patient consent - 12.11.2019 07:30

Indian Railways is proposing to implement facial recognition to identify criminals - 12.11.2019 07:30

Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 865 leaks ahead of the official launch - 12.11.2019 07:30

Disney+ is finally live: I just watched Episode 1 of ‘The Mandalorian’ and seriously, wow - 12.11.2019 07:44

10 things in tech you need to know today - 12.11.2019 07:46

The son of a Chinese billionaire has been banned from flying first class, playing golf, buying property, or going clubbing - 12.11.2019 07:47

Dutch blockchain game firm founder arrested after misleading backers with $86M investment - 12.11.2019 07:50

«The Orbit»: το νέο σπίτι της Beat (Φωτογραφίες) - 12.11.2019 06:36

Αναβρασμός στη Βολιβία: Στο Μεξικό με πολιτικό άσυλο ο Έβο Μοράλες - 12.11.2019 06:47

Αυτά είναι τα προγράμματα απασχόλησης για επιχειρήσεις και ανέργους - 12.11.2019 06:50

Ο Σι Τζινπίνγκ στην Αθήνα: Ένας φίλος από το Πεκίνο - 12.11.2019 07:06

Επενδύσεις 100 εκατ. δολαρίων στον κλάδο της χαλυβουργίας φέρνει η εξυγίανση της Hellenic Steel - 12.11.2019 07:22

Προς αναβολή οδηγείται η απόφαση Τραμπ για δασμούς σε αυτοκίνητα της ΕΕ - 12.11.2019 07:41

TIL that the "nut" in "Honey Nut Cheerios" used to be ground almonds in the recipe, but it's now made from natural almond flavouring which is typically manufactured not from almonds, but from peach pits.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 07:02

TIL Obese people tend to eat little in the morning and much in the afternoon and evening. Going to bed a little hungry, a number of days each week, is going to drop the pounds

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 07:03

TIL the actor Balthazar Getty (Brothers & Sisters) is the son of John Paul Getty. John Paul was kidnapped in Rome, 1973, and held for ransom. His ordeal was depicted in the movie 'All The Money In The World'

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 07:14

TIL an asteroid with just a 1km diameter could kill billions of people. They happen on average every 500,000 years.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 07:17

TIL that Jesse Pinkman's (Breaking Bad) character was planned to be killed at the end of the first season. The fact that it was so well received prompted the show runners to continue with it

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 07:24

TIL Fluorescent lighting or most LED lights increase UV-related eye diseases such as cataracts.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 07:31

TIL Rammstein wrote Links 2-3-4 (German for Left 2-3-4) to emphasize that they were to left on the political spectrum, after being accused of fascism/nazism.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 07:43

TIL of Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), an eating disorder where a person only eats foods that have a certain texture, and has a limited range of preferred foods that becomes narrower over time

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 08:00

A powerful psychological concept behind all movies and TV shows. Even applicable in real life, whenever in despair this comes handy.

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 05:04

A cool informative chart about keratoconus

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 05:15

A Guide to Laundry Procedures (credit to:

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 05:17

Beer Guide

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 06:57

The way this picture was taken makes it look like it’s 3 different pictures pasted together

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 01:55

This 1400 year old ginkgo tree (by Han Fei)

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 02:22

Wholesome moment on Jeopardy tonight

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 01:52

My grandma turned 98 today!

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 02:02

let’s teach the youngins

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 03:15

What a reply!

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 03:32

Facebook iOS app has camera active during use

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 03:47

Adidas’s robot shoe factories run into trouble with both facing closure - 12.11.2019 05:30

China's digital currency not seeking 'full control' of individuals' details: central bank official - 12.11.2019 05:44

What Makes a Great Software Developer? - 12.11.2019 05:52

The digital tactics used by the Liberal Democrats to sway voters - 12.11.2019 06:00

Apple TV+ Exec Kim Rozenfield Is Out Just Weeks After Launch - 12.11.2019 06:05

Seth Meyers savagely roasts the billionaires trying to take on Warren and Sanders - 12.11.2019 06:09

Frustrated by slow websites? Google Chrome may have a solution - 12.11.2019 06:15

Disney+ app now available to download on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV - 12.11.2019 06:15

Apple’s next year iPhone and iPad Pro will feature a new 3D sensor module - 12.11.2019 06:31

Goldman Sachs addresses the controversy and woes of sexism surrounding the Apple Card - 12.11.2019 06:34

Interview: Intel’s Steve Long on Project Athena and the future of computing - 12.11.2019 06:40

Microsoft will honor California’s CCPA privacy law across the U.S. - 12.11.2019 06:41

What's on TV this week: 'The Mandalorian' - 12.11.2019 06:44

Mozilla Taiwan releases Firefox Lite 2.0 for Android

gHacks Technology News - 12.11.2019 06:45

TIL that Peter Mayhew, the actor for Chewbacca in the Star Wars franchise, would occasionally deliver his lines in english to add context for the other actors. Most of the time Mayhew was silent and mimed the character; all of Chewbacca's iconic roars were added in later

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 05:10

TIL that there is a recycling center based in MA which re-purposes and donates "No use" branded merchandise in an ethical and affordable way. A great way to keep outdated merchandise out of landfills.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 05:15

TIL That the creator of Frasier was killed on September 11th when his plane crashed into the North Tower.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 05:18

TIL the Moon illusion is an optical illusion which causes the Moon to appear larger near the horizon than it does higher up in the sky.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 05:20

TIL there is around 300 different variations of sign language

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 05:38

TIL After shaking hands with someone, you’ll lift your hands to your face and take a deep sniff. This newly discovered behaviour – revealed by covert filming – suggests that much like other mammals, humans use bodily smells to convey information.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 06:05

TIL That Vatican City is recognized as a country, the smallest in the world.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 06:17

TIL Fukuoka Tower has a triangular cross-section which is covered with 8000 half-mirrors, giving it the appearance of a skyscraper. There are three observation decks: one at 116 metres, a café/lounge deck at 120 metres, and the highest at 123 metres above the ground

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 06:25

TIL that an Indian man cut his index finger beacuse he voted for the wrong party.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 06:25

TIL Mercury-P is a proposed mission to Mercury by the Russian Space Agency and would be the first lander there. The initial study suggested a launch in 2024, but because of crash of the Phobos-Grunt spacecraft, the implementation period was postponed to the 2030s

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 06:37

TIL that the first animal balloons were made by Aztecs around year 1300, using real animal intestines; stomachs and bladders were also used. The intestines would be cleaned, sealed, filled with air and twisted to make dog and donkey shapes. These balloons were used as a sacrifice for gods.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 06:38

TIL Horatio Nelson Jackson and Sewall K. Crocker became the first people to drive a car across the United States in 1903. Along the way, they obtained a dog to join them. Outfitted with goggles to keep the dust out of his eyes, Bud Jackson became the first dog to travel across the US in a car.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 06:55


reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 02:04

Google is gathering health data of Americans without consent: Reports

International - 12.11.2019 04:28

Elijah Cummings’ Widow Plans To Run For His Congressional Seat - 12.11.2019 04:30

Fireball Lights Up the Skies Over St. Louis During Northern Taurid Meteor Shower - 12.11.2019 04:35

Twitter's about to introduce Topics. Here's how the new feature works - 12.11.2019 04:51

Microsoft to Extend California Privacy Protections Across U.S. - 12.11.2019 04:56

Former Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice Concerned By Shadow Diplomacy On Ukraine - 12.11.2019 04:59

Gazelle Ultimate T10 review: The best commuter ebike - 12.11.2019 05:00

Payment security backslides for second straight year, says Verizon - 12.11.2019 05:01

IoT Report: How Internet of Things technology growth is reaching mainstream companies and consumers - 12.11.2019 05:03

IBM boss Ginni Rometty urges businesses to widen the hiring pool to fill skills gap - 12.11.2019 05:06

The Apple Card Is Sexist. Blaming the Algorithm Is Proof. - 12.11.2019 05:09

Why some accounts are getting banned for ‘suspicious’ group names on WhatsApp - 12.11.2019 05:11

Debian reconsiders init-system diversity - 12.11.2019 05:11

Best 4K TVs for gaming: 5 TVs to get the most out of your PS4 and Xbox One - 12.11.2019 05:12

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 purported specifications leak on the web - 12.11.2019 05:12

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Adds AMD FidelityFX Support Through a Patch - 12.11.2019 05:24

Nokia and Sendai test drone use cases for tsunamis - 12.11.2019 05:30 Special Defacements - 12.11.2019 05:55 Special Defacements - 12.11.2019 05:55

Roll clouds over Lake Michigan are quite recurrent

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 00:50

This beautiful lake and this dog

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 02:14

Cat is appalled when its owner tries to lick it back

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 02:22

Founder's Guide to Building a Developer Tools Business

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 04:01

Heavy-lift ship lifts entire cruise liner out of the water [video]

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 00:53

Report: Apple's AR Headset Won't Be Out Until 2022, With AR Glasses to Follow in 2023 - 12.11.2019 03:20

2 Rick Perry Cronies Won Ukraine Oil Deal While Nation Sought U.S. Aid: Report - 12.11.2019 03:33

Microsoft to discontinue Microsoft Invoicing and Outlook Customer Manager for SMB users - 12.11.2019 03:44

Facebook iOS app actively uses the camera behind your feed - 12.11.2019 03:47

Airbnb rental turns out to be public housing apartment - 12.11.2019 03:51

This adorable mouse-deer was feared extinct, but now it’s back - 12.11.2019 03:51

Skype version 8.54 update now available with Translated Conversations feature - 12.11.2019 03:54

Ethnicity detection camera - 12.11.2019 03:58

16-inch MacBook Pro production reportedly starts, launch still unclear - 12.11.2019 03:59

Thermalright Rolls Out AXP-90 Full Copper CPU Cooler - 12.11.2019 04:04

Trade war affecting datacenter market in China - 12.11.2019 04:27

#AsiaRocks to open in Taipei to boost regional startup ecosystems - 12.11.2019 04:38

Singapore looks to plug data gap in fintech investments - 12.11.2019 04:39

YouTube new Terms of Service causes concern over Google account termination - 12.11.2019 04:41

Microsoft shares its vision for the customer data platform - 12.11.2019 04:42

Styles of inflicting pain onto another human body.

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 04:04

TIL about the "Mangamoord", a Belgian case murder where the victim was found with notes near him that carried the sentence in Latin characters "Watashi wa Kira dess" (mispelled Japanese meaning "I am Kira"), making reference to the character Kira from the manga and anime series Death Note.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 03:06

TIL Trey Parker turned his ex-fiancee into Liane Cartman on South Park and a horse on Cannibal: The Musical because he actually caught her cheating on him.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 03:09

TIL George Washington, as a British officer, was ordered to expel the French in a land dispute, but his forces were defeated in the battle. His defeat caused Britain to launch the Seven Years War.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 03:18

TIL After Walt Disney World opened at Orlando, Florida in 1971, Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey circus attempted to cash in on the resulting tourism surge by opening Circus World theme park and clown college in a nearby town.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 03:33

TIL after Boeing pressured the US Government to impose a 300% tariff on imports of Bombardier CSeries planes, Bombardier sold a 50.01% stake in the plane to Boeing's main competitor, Airbus, for 1 Canadian dollar.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 03:34

TIL that in 1938, 25 students and a school bus driver were killed when a school bus driver didn't check for a train at a crossing. As a result all school buses stop and open their doors to look and listen to assure no trains are coming. As a result no such tragedies have since occurred.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 03:34

TIL in 1950 a Czech mechanic found a wrecked German AFV from WWII and rebuilt it to smash through the Iron Curtain and apply for US Citizenship.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 04:03

TIL about Chef Aarón Sanchez’s Aarón Sánchez Scholarship Fund, an initiative empowering aspiring chefs from the Latin community to follow their dreams and attend culinary school.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 04:12

TIL According to historians specializing in ancient Egypt, women wore red lipstick to announce that they were willing to give oral and that they were good at it.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 04:14

TIL Peter Cullen, the legendary voice actor, not only voiced Optimus Prime in the original 1980s Transformers animated series but he also voiced the growling/purring noises of 1987s Predator.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 04:16

TIL in 2008, British historians tracked down the world's oldest joke — a fart joke from 1900 BC.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 04:23

TIL all of NBC's 1983 fall shows were cancelled by the end of their first season. This is the first and only time this has ever happened in television history.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 04:24

TIL 1 week after getting out of rehab for heroin and cocaine addiction, Samuel L. Jackson began work on his breakout-role as a crack addict in Spike Lee's Jungle Fever.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 04:29

TIL Before it was called A.I.D.S., the AIDS virus was dubbed by the New York Times as "GRID", which stood for Gay-Related Immune Deficiency. Other terms later used were "gay cancer" and "gay plague".

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 04:42

TIL that in 2017 Harvard scientists said they will bring back wooly mammoths within two years

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 04:44

This guy offering his shop so that someone can sleep in a more comfortable place.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 01:20

The caption for this pic: This is Wyatt Lee, he's almost 4 months old and today was his first snow. He has ice dingle berries and it's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 01:09

In 1991, my Alabama school photo featured me bursting through a paper wall, on a skateboard with no back wheel, sporting what some might call a mullet.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 01:42

This doormat reminds you not to forget the important things

reddit: the front page of the internet - 12.11.2019 00:49

Heavy-lift ship lifts entire cruise liner out of the water

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 00:53

Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano Challenges Trump’s Fitness For Office - 12.11.2019 02:24

Thimerosal-Derived Ethylmercury a Mitochondrial Toxin in Human Astrocytes (2012) - 12.11.2019 02:29

Mexico's Pemex says operations normal after cyber attack - 12.11.2019 02:38

8BitDo N30 2.4g is a wireless mouse in NES Controller clothing - 12.11.2019 02:43

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Hospitalized In Atlanta - 12.11.2019 02:46

Mandalorian teaser: Star Wars Disney Plus series delivers the action - CNET - 12.11.2019 02:47

Australia Battles Outbreak Of Wildfires As Officials Brace For ‘Catastrophic’ Conditions - 12.11.2019 02:48

Here’s why Netflix is ditching old Roku devices: DRM - 12.11.2019 02:49

DJI publishes the DJI Fly app for the Mavic Mini - 12.11.2019 02:52

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales Says He’s Leaving Bolivia For Mexico - 12.11.2019 02:52

'Jeopardy!' Contestant Nearly Brings Alex Trebek To Tears With Final Jeopardy Message - 12.11.2019 02:58

Alex Trebek Chokes Back Tears After Surprise ‘Final Jeopardy’ Question - 12.11.2019 03:01

Drag race video shows huge acceleration gains after Tesla’s new Model 3 software update - 12.11.2019 03:06

(PR) EK Launches D-RGB Water Blocks and Upgrade Kits for AMD RX 5700 Series - 12.11.2019 03:15

Xbox Surprise Me button will remind Insiders about games they forgot - 12.11.2019 03:18

EPA To Limit Science Used To Write Public Health Rules - 12.11.2019 03:30

How the US government officials get elected

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 03:02

Found this showing the different types of ear piercings

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 03:30

India to Vietnam, Asia's 'mini Chinas' struggle to benefit from trade war

International - 12.11.2019 02:03

A Super Weird CSS Bug That Affects Text Selection

CSS-Tricks - 12.11.2019 01:15

A collection of bad practices in HTML

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 01:33

Amazon Confirms Plans for Store Under New Grocery Brand

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 01:49

How Scientists Got Climate Change So Wrong - 12.11.2019 01:08

Alibaba posts record $38 billion in sales for China's 11.11 shopping frenzy - 12.11.2019 01:15

Science says you shouldn’t yell at your dog - 12.11.2019 01:36

Tesla Shows Off Chinese-Made Model 3s Ahead of Shanghai Factory Start - 12.11.2019 01:40

Google Stadia's 12-game launch lineup is surprisingly weak - 12.11.2019 01:47

Amazon (AMZN) to Launch New Non-Whole Foods Grocery Brand - 12.11.2019 01:49

Ransomware attack at Mexico's Pemex halts work, threatens to cripple computers - 12.11.2019 01:49

Google is working with a massive health system to gather data on millions of patients — here's an inside look at the tools they're developing - 12.11.2019 01:57

The Uber CEO's Mistaken Notion of What a Mistake Is - 12.11.2019 01:58

DC Universe's flagship show 'Titans' renewed for third season - 12.11.2019 02:03

Chrome will soon label slow-loading sites with badges - 12.11.2019 02:06

Developers mentoring other developers: practices I've seen work well - 12.11.2019 02:08

YouTubers are understandably terrified after this change to the Terms of Service - 12.11.2019 02:21

Disney+ adds a few more Marvel movies to its list of day-one titles - 12.11.2019 02:22

Goldman Sachs will reevaluate Apple Card credit line limits after claims of gender bias - 12.11.2019 02:24

Google Is Slurping Up Health Data—and It Looks Totally Legal - 12.11.2019 02:27

A simple chart to see which blood types can accept which, without any complicated explaining.

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 02:24

TIL Love Valley, North Carolina doesn't allow cars, only horses in town

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 02:04

TIL: One theory suggests that the reason some alcohols are called "spirits" is a verse in the Quo'ran aboit demons or spirits that cause intoxication.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 02:30

TIL on 11/11 at 11:11 each year, the sun illuminates the Great Seal of the USA through the middle of the veterans memorial in Arizona.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 02:46

Today i learned that penicillin was created on accident.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 02:46

TIL Ben Vereen (Broadway actor and Usher's godfather) once had a really bad day: his car hit a tree, causing him to hit his head on the car roof, causing a stroke while he was walking on the highway, causing him to veer into the road where a car struck him driven by record producer David Foster.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 02:47

TIL that theres an painting in the US capitol painted by the Pope's personal painter that shows George Washington ascending to Heaven and becoming a God

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 02:53

Hacking microcontroller firmware through a usb

Reverse Engineering - 12.11.2019 01:19

2 months after Israeli startup Stoke was founded, it raised $4.5 million. Here's the pitch deck it used. - 12.11.2019 00:42

How do you pick the right battery booster pack now that winter's here? - Roadshow - 12.11.2019 00:44

The Galaxy S11 might look a lot like the Note 10, insider claims - 12.11.2019 00:51

Best Samsung Black Friday TV Deals: 4K TVs, 8K TVs, and QLED TVs - 12.11.2019 00:53

This 65-inch LG 4K TV is currently on sale for less than $500 for limited time - 12.11.2019 00:55

Alibaba's Singles' Day sales hit record $38 billion; growth slows - 12.11.2019 00:57

Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10 on Android 10 beta need this DeX for PC app - 12.11.2019 00:58

Windows 10 20H1 Heads to the Slow Ring - 12.11.2019 00:58

Microsoft Vows To 'Honor' California's Sweeping Privacy Law Across Entire US - 12.11.2019 01:00

Will Development Eventually Make Itself Obsolete? - 12.11.2019 01:00

The best classic Simpsons episodes on Disney+ - 12.11.2019 01:02

J.J. Abrams says Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be more 'daring' than The Force Awakens - CNET - 12.11.2019 01:04

Is Google Snooping on Your Health Records? - 12.11.2019 01:06

The Apple Card is being investigated for sexism. Here’s Goldman Sachs’ response - 12.11.2019 01:07

8BitDo has made an NES-themed wireless mouse for your PC - 12.11.2019 01:08

Goldman Sachs offers to reevaluate Apple Card credit limits after gender bias allegations - 12.11.2019 01:08

The best movies on Disney+ - 12.11.2019 01:13

The best shows on Disney+ - 12.11.2019 01:16

Robinhood's VP of product just left the buzzy startup after less than two years on the job - 12.11.2019 01:16

Facebook’s annoying red notification dots can now be disabled - 12.11.2019 01:30

This is an illustrated guide that I made to the styles of martial arts, years of founding and "birthplaces."

newest submissions : coolguides - 12.11.2019 01:50

TIL between '87 and '92 six Boeing aircraft had complete engines just fall off in flight, and three of those times the other engine on the wing was knocked off as well.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 00:02

TIL In 2001 DC Comics released its first work written by Stan Lee, the Just Imagine... series, in which Lee re-imagined the DC superheroes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 00:15

TIL Chinese takeout boxes can turn into plates

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 00:36

TIL that following his graduation from Harvard, Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello worked as a stripper in Los Angeles

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 00:39

TIL that during the first World War approximately 500,000 cats were sent to the trenches and warships to control pests and to detect mustard gas.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 00:43

TIL that Napoleon Dynamite's song "Canned Heat" cost half of the budget, which was $400k

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 00:46

TIL crime in Japan has been on the decline for 14 years and is a country with too many police with not enough crime. The only demographic of criminals on the rise is the elderly with Japanese over 65 committing crime four time more than they did before.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 00:46

TIL 2002 hit song United States of Whatever by Liam Lynch was improvised and recorded in a single take.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 00:46

TIL that Lionel Messi earns nearly twice as much as the combined salaries of all players in the world's top 7 women's soccer leagues, which consists of 1,693 women.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 00:49

TIL that not all calico cats are female. There is a rare condition where a male cat has an extra X chromosome that allows them to be both calico and male. This condition is similar to Klinefelter's syndrome in humans and male cats with this condition are also usually sterile.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 00:52

TIL A geophysics professor discovered that there is a river flowing uphill beneath an ice sheet in Antarctica. The location is in the Gamburtsev Mountains, an enormous range with valleys and peaks that are as big as the Alps. The enormous pressure from the ice sheet above it pushes the water uphill.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 01:17

TIL That asteroid mining could bring in $15 Quintillion, about 192,283x the world's total Gross Domestic Product... with a single asteroid.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 01:22

TIL there exists an object similar to the Holy Grail in Hindu mythology. It was called the Akshaya Patra meaning 'inexhaustible vessel'. It was given by Lord Surya (solar deity) to a defeated clan that was in exile following the events of the Mahabharata. It provided a never-ending supply of food.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 01:27

TIL: Queen Victoria had a platonic relationship with her Indian servant (Abdul Karim) and promoted him as her "Munshi" (teacher). He became her closest confidant and due to the attention and benefits he gets from the queen, he had conflict with almost everyone in the Royal Household.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 01:42

TIL The Romans built a lighthouse in Spain in the 1st century AD called "The Tower of Hercules." It is still intact and in use today, almost 2,000 years later.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 01:52

TIL that on December 16, 1965 astronauts Wally Schirra and Tom Stafford became the first people to perform music in space when they played Jingle Bells on a harmonica and bells that they smuggled onto the Gemini VI.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 12.11.2019 01:58

Taplytics (YC W14) Is Expanding Our Experience Platform. Hiring Node Engineers

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 00:25

Floating Point C vs. C++

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 00:20

My Python Development Environment, 2020 Edition

Hacker News - 12.11.2019 00:08

Balderton Capital raises new $400M fund to back European tech startups at Series A - 12.11.2019 00:00

The best refrigerators for 2019 - 12.11.2019 00:00

Darktrace and Depop backer Balderton Capital is raising a new $400 million fund for European startups - 12.11.2019 00:01

The US-China fight over AI: 'We're over-reacting' - 12.11.2019 00:02

European tech investor Balderton launches $400 million start-up fund - 12.11.2019 00:03

Google Reportedly Amassed Private Health Data on Millions of People Without Their Knowledge - 12.11.2019 00:04

Wag's dog walkers are secretly rating your precious pet - 12.11.2019 00:05

Deval Patrick Is Reportedly Considering A Presidential Run - 12.11.2019 00:06

Could blockchain be the answer for Australia's digital health record? - 12.11.2019 00:06

George R.R. Martin shares behind-the-scenes look at HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel - 12.11.2019 00:06

This new HyperJuice 100W GaN charger could be the charger of your dreams - 12.11.2019 00:13

Lithium-Sulfur Battery Project Aims To Double the Range of Electric Airplanes - 12.11.2019 00:20

Westpac targeting customer privacy with AU$50m annual cyber spend - 12.11.2019 00:23

Project leak claims Google is collecting millions of health records - 12.11.2019 00:26

Here’s The Major Exception To Twitter’s Political Ad Ban - 12.11.2019 00:26

Google brings its secret health data stockpiling systems to the US - 12.11.2019 00:28

Xbox One test offers 'surprise' suggestions for what to play - 12.11.2019 00:29

Mexico offers former Bolivia president Evo Morales asylum

The Independent - World - 12.11.2019 00:21