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The More Senior Your Job Title, the More You Need to Keep a Journal (2017)

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 10:40

MIT and Harvard file suit against new ICE regulations

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 13:16

Concorde ‘B’

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 13:59

Yoga poses

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 14:29

Potato choice cuts

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 14:33

I'll have the "Earth Terrestrial" with a glass of your finest red please..

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 14:47

How to Block Rickrolls on Zoom

Lifehacker - 8.7.2020 14:00

Record Your Road Incidents Discretely With Aukey's 1080p Mini Dash Cam, Now Just $26

Lifehacker - 8.7.2020 10:55

Improve Your Student Loan Strategy With This Free Tool

Lifehacker - 8.7.2020 14:30

The Toshiba UL20 is a 43in 4K telly that costs just £299 - 8.7.2020 14:17

Thunderbolt 4: Intel talks speed, security & when it’s due - 8.7.2020 14:17

'Why does my search engine keep changing to Yahoo?': How to reset your browser settings to remove a potential virus - 8.7.2020 14:19

‘Fast And The Furious’ Star Jordana Brewster And Andrew Form Divorcing - 8.7.2020 14:19

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 leaks, start date, characters, skins and battle pass - 8.7.2020 14:21

'The One and Only Ivan' tries to figure out where he belongs in delightful Disney+ trailer - 8.7.2020 14:22

New Samsung 8K TVs just got a discount – but you'll have to act fast - 8.7.2020 14:22

Researchers know why coronavirus cases are skyrocketing – and how to slow the spread - 8.7.2020 14:23

Garmin’s new solar-powered watches definitely aren’t for the budget shopper - 8.7.2020 14:23

Intel announces Thunderbolt 4 with support for longer cables, 8K displays, and more - 8.7.2020 14:24

Microsoft fixes Word, Skype hangs in July Office 2020 updates - 8.7.2020 14:25

STARTUPS TO WATCH: Here are the startups VCs are betting on in every corner of tech - 8.7.2020 14:26

Neil Young Taunts Trump With New Song Suggestion For Next Rally - 8.7.2020 14:27

LinkedIn will let you record the correct pronunciation of your name - 8.7.2020 14:29

Revenue for Google's Waze fell by 60% as a fallout of the coronavirus. Here's the pitch deck it is using to woo advertisers back. - 8.7.2020 14:30

Launch HN: ElectroNeek (YC W20) – Automatically find and automate routine work - 8.7.2020 14:30

Get $200 off any Birch mattress with this code - 8.7.2020 14:30

These people are the ones who are spreading coronavirus to everyone - 8.7.2020 14:33

Charles Esten talks 'The Office' and what it was like playing Josh Porter - 8.7.2020 14:34

Google announces the Open Usage Commons to help open source projects manage trademarks - 8.7.2020 14:35

Stephen Jackson newest Instagram post

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 03:55

'No one told me': Samoan man serves five more years in prison than he had to

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 09:03

Reaching new level of irony

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 10:38

Thanks, I hate addict Harry Potter

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 11:56

WCGW putting your corn dog out the window

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 11:05

The best thing about working from home

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 10:03

Jackson, Mississippi, votes to remove statue of President Andrew Jackson from City Hall

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 11:46

Covid-19: Global economy likely to contract by 5.2% in 2020, says report

International - 8.7.2020 14:20

Trump threatens to 'cut off funding' if US schools do not open in fall

International - 8.7.2020 14:24

Wall Street opens higher on recovery hopes despite jump in Covid-19 cases

International - 8.7.2020 14:28

Google launches the Open Usage Commons, a new organization for managing open-source trademarks

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 14:00

Slack snags corporate directory startup Rimeto to up its people search game

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 14:02

Nauta Capital launches fifth fund with €120M to back early-stage European B2B startups

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 14:10

Asus and Lenovo among the first to launch Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus devices

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 14:10

As media revenue struggles, subscription startups see growth

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 14:13

Ahead, a platform that connects psychiatrists with patients, raises $9 million

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 14:15

The TourBox adds a touch of tactile control to your editing workflow in a portable package

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 14:38

Permutive raises $18.5M to help publishers target ads in a new privacy landscape

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 14:47

Article: Elm in Action - Book Review and Q&A with Richard Feldman

JSFeeds - 8.7.2020 15:25

Mozilla turns off “Firefox Send” following malware abuse reports

Naked Security - 8.7.2020 14:16

TIL the Amundsen-Scott station at the geographic South Pole has a basketball court, gym, music room, craft room, library, sauna, and two TV/movie lounges.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 14:01

TIL that some of the first dwarfs to have their histories recorded were employed as court dwarfs. They were owned and traded amongst people of the court, and delivered as gifts to fellow kings and queens.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 14:05

TIL Notorious Hellraiser and actor Oliver Reed once “kidnapped” the milkman while delivering to his home in Surrey, and took him on a two-day drinking binge.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 14:06

TIL: NDMA (N-Nitrosodimethylamine) is a cancer causing ingredient put into a lot of products which show up on the USA's FDA recall list. Everything from medication to supplements and water have been found to contain NDMA, most recently listed Metformin Hydrochloride, Anti-diabetic medication.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 14:18

TIL that the reason that both male and female genitals are darker than the surrounding skin is due to sex hormones released by puberty.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 14:44

TIL the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang , a leftist breakaway of the main Kuomintang, is one of eight registered minor political parties in the People's Republic of China and is seen as second in status to the Communist Party of China.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 14:44

TIL The Roman legion of the "Legio IX Hispana", stationed in Britannia, mysteriously disappeared from surviving Roman records after around AD 120. There are no accounts on the disapperance, nor there has been any clear consensus on the matter.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 14:46

TIL scientists in Kenya found a microbe called Microsporidia MB living in mosquitoes' guts & genitals which 100% protects mosquitoes from malaria. Scientists suggest the microbe's spores be released to infect mosquitoes & infecting male mosquitoes in the lab to infect females during sex in the wild.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 14:47

TIL to become a certified master trainer (Takumi master) for the Lexus production facility in Japan, you need 60,000 hours of training. You must also have the ability to fold an origami cat with your non-dominate hand in 90 seconds.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 14:49

TIL Mount Rushmore was supposed to be a sculpture of each president from head to waist but it ran out of funding so only the heads were finished

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 14:52

Στο σφυρί καρέκλα από τη συνεργασία του Virgil Abloh με το ΙΚΕΑ για τη στήριξη του κινήματος Black Lives Matter - 8.7.2020 14:00

Το Instagram ανανεώνεται: Επιτρέπει στους χρήστες να επιλέγουν τα σχόλια που θα εμφανίζονται πρώτα - 8.7.2020 14:15

Η JPMorgan υποστηρίζει ότι η προεδρία του Μπάιντεν μπορεί να «κάνει καλό» στις μετοχές - 8.7.2020 14:30

Παπαστράτος: Το IQOS αδειοδοτήθηκε από τον FDA ως Προϊόν Καπνού Διαφοροποιημένου Κινδύνου - 8.7.2020 14:43

An Overview of Health Check Patterns Feed - 8.7.2020 13:58

Foreign data wrappers: PostgreSQL's secret weapon?

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 12:59

SUSE to Acquire Rancher Labs

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 13:17

Tauri – toolchain for building highly secure native apps that have tiny binaries

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 12:59

Timeline of generations

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 13:06

This chart shows activities that put you most at risk for COVID-19

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 13:35

It’s colors AND a numbered scale

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 13:58

This Oreo Mug Cake Is Only a Mild Cry for Help

Lifehacker - 8.7.2020 13:30

Apple's Independent iPhone Repair Program Adds More U.S. Locations and Expands to Canada and Europe - 8.7.2020 13:13

Tightrope walking robot has some serious potential - 8.7.2020 13:14

Review: Deepcool Gamerstorm Castle 280EX liquid cooler - 8.7.2020 13:16

Samsung to stop bundling chargers with phones next year, report says - 8.7.2020 13:18

Vocoder for sale - 8.7.2020 13:19

The best smartphone of 2020: 15 top mobile phones tested and ranked - 8.7.2020 13:23

You’ve never seen a smart lock like this before, and it’s discounted today at Amazon - 8.7.2020 13:25

Transform 2020: Learn how to build edge AI to accelerate your business - 8.7.2020 13:27

Introducing Thunderbolt 4: Universal 40 Gb/s Cable Connectivity for Everyone - 8.7.2020 13:28

NASA’s Psyche mission passes a crucial milestone - 8.7.2020 13:29

Best phone in the US for 2020: the top 15 smartphones we've tested - 8.7.2020 13:29

Risk of US TikTok ban increases as Justice Dept investigates child privacy - 8.7.2020 13:29

Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon 865 Plus, coming first to ASUS ROG Phone 3 - 8.7.2020 13:30

WHO is now considering that coronavirus is actually airborne - 8.7.2020 13:30

The Snapdragon 865 Plus will power ASUS and Lenovo gaming devices - 8.7.2020 13:30

The new Snapdragon 865 Plus packs Wi-Fi 6E, 10% higher clocks - 8.7.2020 13:30

The Snapdragon 865 Plus is a slightly faster 865 — here's what's new - 8.7.2020 13:30

The most anticipated new TV shows premiering in July - 8.7.2020 13:30

Snapdragon 865 Plus gives flagship Qualcomm 5G chipset a 10% boost - 8.7.2020 13:30

With Android 11, apps can view and record two on-device cameras at the same time - 8.7.2020 13:31

Official Press Release: Fernando Alonso joins Renault DP World F1 Team

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 11:02

Sweden 'literally gained nothing' from staying open during COVID-19, including 'no economic gains'

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 08:26

Haha implants go brrrr

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 10:12

Do dogs dying inside count?

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 10:22

well yes, but actually no

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 09:45

Trump Health Secretary Says US Healthcare Workers 'Don't Get Infected' With Covid-19 (94,000 Have Contracted Covid-19)

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 10:29

Harvard, MIT sue US admin over new rule for foreign students: Report

International - 8.7.2020 13:12

SetSail raises raises $7M to change how sales teams are compensated

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 13:00

SUSE acquires Kubernetes management platform Rancher Labs

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 13:00

Tinder now testing video chat in select markets, including U.S.

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 13:00

Watch SpaceX launch Starlink satellites equipped with ‘sun visors’ live

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 13:10

Lucid to open 20 customer locations to help sell and service its electric vehicle

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 13:56

UM3481A Series - Multi-Instrument Melody Generator

Reverse Engineering - 8.7.2020 13:23

Microsoft publishes Translator extension for Edge that you cannot install

gHacks Technology News - 8.7.2020 13:48

TIL that Metallica was the first band to perform on all seven continents by performing live and un-amplified (to protect the environment) in Antarctica.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 13:05

TIL that A Fistful of Dollars (Clint Eastwood spaghetti Western) was a remake of the Japanese samurai film Yojimbo (Toshiro Mifune)

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 13:20

TIL the extravagant 80's & 90's Queen of Color Lisa Frank had an official club with mail-out catalog, store in the Tucson mall, and even an amusement park planned!

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 13:21

TIL All the gold ever mined would make a cube 71 ft on each side (21.7 m)

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 13:22

TIL The "Black Beauty" from the Green Hornet TV series of 1966, was customized by Dean Jeffries in just 30 days. The customization cost $50,000 due to the lack of special effects, which is about $385,000 in todays money. Customization included a telephone, sweeping brooms to cover its tracks & more.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 13:36

TIL The High Place Phenomenon, also known as "The Call of the Void" is a sudden, strong, but usually very quickly dismissed, urge to do something incredibly stupid, usually associated with jumping off a high place.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 13:40

TIL that the Cowbird is the laziest bird in the animal kingdom and is known as a "brood parasite." It lays its eggs in other birds' nests, and their eggs hatch faster than other birds so the other birds feed them once they hatch (before their own eggs do).

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 13:49

TIL that "free-range" is a USDA regulated term. Free-range chickens must have free access to food and water and the ability to roam free, but typically do so in massive indoor sheds. Further, free-range chickens only need "access" to the outdoors. A hole they can stick their head out of is enough.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 13:55

TIL that Scotland re-established its parliament in 1999 after the Scotland Act (1998) was passed by the British parliament after a referendum. One of the first words spoken in the Parliament were, "The Scottish Parliament, which adjourned on March 25, 1707, is hereby reconvened." - Dr. Ewing.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 13:59

ΟΗΕ: «Πάρτι» λαθρεμπορίου μασκών και αντισηπτικών προκάλεσε ο κορωνοϊός - 8.7.2020 13:28

Χάρβαρντ και ΜΙΤ εναντίον του Τραμπ: Θέλει να διώξει τους ξένους φοιτητές - 8.7.2020 13:30

Low-code Limits Customization Flexibility: Myth or Reality? Feed - 8.7.2020 13:32

The EU General Data Protection Regulation Explained by Americans

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 11:59

KeePassXC 2.6.0 Released

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 11:22

EasyOCR: Ready-to-use OCR with 40 languages

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 11:30

Show HN: A weirdly detailed graphical analysis of women's tops sold by Goodwill

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 11:41

An extremely useful guide to aid in critical thinking

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 12:56

US to hit 3 million coronavirus cases as global cases top 13 million - 8.7.2020 12:04

Amazon Fire TV adds support for YouTube TV and Sling TV, with Hulu + Live TV coming soon - 8.7.2020 12:04

MobileIron launches phishing protection for enterprise mobile devices - 8.7.2020 12:05

Samsung could also stop including chargers with its phones - 8.7.2020 12:06

SHERLOC instrument built at Johnson Space Center will travel to Mars - 8.7.2020 12:06

Cloud vs a new on-premises - 8.7.2020 12:07

Jonsbo Intros Angeleyes TW2 Pro Color AIO Coolers Lathered in RGB - 8.7.2020 12:08

HellaBlack wants to help Black-owned businesses tell their stories - 8.7.2020 12:12

Facebook civil rights audit urges ‘mandatory’ algorithmic bias detection - 8.7.2020 12:14

Millions of sites are inaccessible as Google appears to have lost control of - 8.7.2020 12:14

Apple’s Independent Repair Provider Program expands, over 700 US locations now available for iPhone service - 8.7.2020 12:15

My name is potato - 8.7.2020 12:15

SpaceX will try to launch Starlink satellites with “visors” on Tuesday - 8.7.2020 12:17

Call of Duty glitch lets Warzone tricksters gain unfair advantage against rivals - 8.7.2020 12:19

Your chances of finding authorized iPhone third-party repairs just improved - 8.7.2020 12:23

Western Digital Finally Launches Ultrastar DC HC550 18 TB Drives With EAMR for Enterprise - 8.7.2020 12:25

China partners with Didi Chuxing to test digital currency - 8.7.2020 12:28

(PR) Brawl Without Limits in WWE 2K Battlegrounds - 8.7.2020 12:29

Over 15 billion sets of credentials in circulation on criminal marketplaces - 8.7.2020 12:29

2021 Mazda3 2.5 Turbo official: More torque, more tech - 8.7.2020 12:30

the component passed down from generation to generation

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 07:03

Woman pilot fixes new landing wheel mid air

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 08:30

The happiest mother

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 08:43

The Troller Strikes Back

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 09:15

This is how you feed baby Manatees.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 09:06

small achievement but I just finished my first week of quitting smoking!

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 10:23

ADB plans to raise $30-35 bn from capital mkt in 2020; sells $4-bn bonds

International - 8.7.2020 12:20

Spotify’s new personalized playlists are designed for your workouts

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 12:00

Karma Automotive raises $100 million as it looks to resell it EV platform to other automakers

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 12:21

TIL Samuel L. Jackson was an usher at the funeral of Martin Luther King Jr.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 12:16

TIL the Greek question mark is nearly identical to the semicolon, to the point that its Unicode representation is, in practice, equivalent

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 12:32

TIL Sweden has a higher percentage of English speakers than Canada.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 12:37

TIL in 2019 researchers studied DNA samples from Loch Ness and ruled out the presence of the large animals that are commonly said to have been behind the monster sightings. However, the researchers did not discount the possibility that the sighted animal was a big eel.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 12:40

TIL that the first ever racing game was Gran Trak 10, it was released in 1974 and it was playable on an arcade machine complete with a steering wheel controller as well as pedals and a gear shift

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 12:51

TIL: In 2016 323 reindeer were killed in a lightning storm In Norway

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 12:51

TIL Disney issued a cease and desist against the screening of a movie on Kimba The White Lion due its similarities between it and Lion king. Disney has been heavily accused of plagiarizing The Lion King from Kimba The White Lion.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 12:58

Πολιτικός σεισμός στη Γαλλία: Δύο υπουργοί κατηγορούνται για σεξουαλικά αδικήματα - 8.7.2020 12:26

Τι ισχύει για την ετήσια άδεια των εργαζομένων- Online υπολογισμός από την ψηφιακή πλατφόρμα της ΓΣΕΕ - 8.7.2020 12:34

How to kick down a door, keep it mind you may need to kick multiple times, and some doors are very hard to kick down if not impossible

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 11:39

Interview guide

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 11:56

Global Warming. Inequality. Covid-19. And Al Gore Is ... Optimistic? - 8.7.2020 11:00

Amazon Fire TV Live adds virtual pay TV options from Sling, YouTube, and Hulu - 8.7.2020 11:00

Garmin’s Instinct Solar is the smartwatch that never dies - 8.7.2020 11:00

Fire TV better integrates live programming on Sling, Hulu Live and YouTube TV - 8.7.2020 11:00

Garmin updates some of its most popular watches with solar charging - 8.7.2020 11:00

This country hit 300,000 coronavirus cases, lockdown lift planned soon - 8.7.2020 11:02

China's Ride-Hailing Giant Didi to Test Beijing's New Digital Currency - 8.7.2020 11:09

Walmart+ tipped to take on Amazon Prime later this month - 8.7.2020 11:09

Ubuntu 19.10 is getting killed off on July 17 – so make sure you upgrade - 8.7.2020 11:10

ACH fraud is up. Learn how to defeat it. (VB Live) - 8.7.2020 11:10

Intel is ending its Gemini Lake budget CPUs (but you probably won’t miss them) - 8.7.2020 11:11

PUBG Mobile Season 14: start date, update and royale pass - 8.7.2020 11:13

Significant Apple Music battery drain issues reported by some iOS 13.5.1 users - 8.7.2020 11:14

Samsung Crystal 4K UHD and Unbox Magic 3.0 series of Smart TVs unveiled in India - 8.7.2020 11:14

The Morning After: Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 event is set for August 5th - 8.7.2020 11:15

Samsung Galaxy Note20's S Pen could add a pointer functionality - 8.7.2020 11:16

Best phones under Rs 15,000 in India for July 2020 - 8.7.2020 11:17

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX teased, would support up to 2TB RAM - 8.7.2020 11:20

OnePlus Nord leak points to quad-camera array with 48MP main sensor - 8.7.2020 11:24

3D Graffiti shows two different paintings!

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 08:08

Blind man explains the positive side of being blind

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 07:07

A farmer bought this cow and shocked to see that a leopard visited his cow every night. On inquiring from the previous owner, he got to know that the mother of this leopard was killed when the cub was only 20 days old. The cow fed him her milk and saved his life. He considers cow as his mother.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 08:08

Covid-19 has plunged working world into 'unprecedented crisis': ILO

International - 8.7.2020 10:43

Amazon Fire TV now pulls in live TV content from Sling TV, YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 11:00

Creating Tiny Desktop Apps With Tauri And Vue.js

JSFeeds - 8.7.2020 12:54

Dew Drop – July 8, 2020 (#3229)

Morning Dew - 8.7.2020 11:16

TIL that Earth And Venus Form a Stunning Pentagrammic Pattern in Space

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 11:14

TIL Jeff Lynne initially refused to allow the song livin' thing to appear in Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights because he has a problem with sex and violence in films. However after PTA provided a screening, Lynne loved it soo much he allowed it to appear in the final scene and credits.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 11:18

TIL Dracula ants, so named because they suck the blood of their young in a process dubbed "nondestructive cannibalism," were first discovered in a rotting log in Madagascar more than a decade ago.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 11:22

TIL Muhammad Ali was stripped of his heavyweight title, had his passport revoked and faced a five-year prison term for refusing to serve the US-Army in the Vietnam war. "I ain't got no quarrel with those Vietcong.", he said, "They never called me n****r."

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 11:25

TIL The Swiss Air Force didn't respond to a hijacked airliner in their air space as it was outside normal office hours. A spokesman stated: "Switzerland cannot intervene because its airbases are closed at night and on the weekend"

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 11:27

TIL about Project West Ford. During the Cold War, out fear of the Russians sabotaging overseas communications. The USA launched 480 Million needles into space to try to create an artificial ionosphere to solve the issue. As of March 2020, 36 clumps of needles were still known to be in orbit as junk

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 11:27

TIL that when David Lynch signed up for Dune (1984) he agreed to direct and write the screenplay, though he had not read the book, known the story, or even been interested in science fiction. Lynch worked on the script for six months yielding two drafts & subsequently worked on five more drafts

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 11:42

TIL that Axolotls can regenerate the same organs and limbs up to 5 times, including its heart, arms, spine and parts of it's brain!

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 11:55

TIL the Beatles could not write nor read musical notation

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 11:55

TIL: The reason why pigs are the enemy of birds in Angry Birds is because at the time the game was being designed, the swine flu epidemic was in the news.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 11:58

TIL that China with a new security law, outlaws global activism.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 11:58

ΟΟΣΑ: Πολυεθνικές εταιρείες μεταφέρουν τα κέρδη τους για να πληρώνουν χαμηλότερους φόρους - 8.7.2020 10:55

Γερμανικά ΜΜΕ: «Χώρα-πρότυπο» στη διαχείριση της πανδημίας η Ελλάδα - 8.7.2020 11:10

Το αστρονομικό ποσό που έδωσε ο Γουόρεν Μπάφετ σε δωρεές φέτος - 8.7.2020 11:21

Σε δωρεά 546.000 ευρώ στο Πυροσβεστικό Σώμα προχώρησε η Eurobank - 8.7.2020 11:25

Πληρώνονται απόψε το βράδυ τα αναδρομικά των επικουρικών - 8.7.2020 11:30

«Τέλος» η μάσκα στα εμπορικά κέντρα και το όριο των 6 ετόμων ανά τραπέζι - 8.7.2020 11:40

Προειδοποίηση Χαρδαλιά: Δεν έχει τελειώσει τίποτα ακόμη με τον κορωνοϊό – Δείτε τι γίνεται στα Βαλκάνια - 8.7.2020 11:40

Πανελλαδική δημοσκόπηση: Πώς βλέπουν οι Έλληνες την Επανάσταση του 1821- Ποιον ήρωα ξεχώρισαν - 8.7.2020 11:46

Common Accessibility Problems (and How to Fix Them)

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 07:25

Best mobile hotspots 2020: top 4G LTE and 5G wireless routers for working from home - 8.7.2020 10:23

LG announces GX soundbar to pair with its GX Gallery TVs - 8.7.2020 10:24

Google is experimenting with showing traffic lights in Maps - 8.7.2020 10:26

New Indictment Tries To Tie Julian Assange To A Hacking He Had Nothing To Do With - 8.7.2020 10:28

Drones and aerial vehicles are set to change our cities, but how? - 8.7.2020 10:29

Facebook shows off heat-recovery system for its Danish data centre - 8.7.2020 10:30

LG’s massive OLED TV expansion has been delayed, yet again - 8.7.2020 10:30

LG’s new GX soundbar is the perfect partner for its pricey Gallery Series OLED TV - 8.7.2020 10:31

Here's how to correctly wear your coronavirus mask and not what to do - 8.7.2020 10:32

This new Cyberpunk 2077 concept art is stunning – and has us excited to explore Night City - 8.7.2020 10:33

Google Maps preps displaying traffic lights on Android - 8.7.2020 10:37

The More Senior Your Job Title, the More You Need to Keep a Journal - 8.7.2020 10:40

2021 Kia K5 pricing: Kia’s Optima replacement starts at $24,455 - 8.7.2020 10:41

Ajit Pai is making lots of enemies on the road to 5G - 8.7.2020 10:42

10 truly helpful Windows 10 tools you might not know about - 8.7.2020 10:45

(PR) Asetek Collaborates With HPE to Deliver Next-Gen HPC Server Cooling Solutions - 8.7.2020 10:47

Amazon Music Unlimited is free for new users - 8.7.2020 10:49

Amazon's Alexa App Gains 'Hands-Free' Voice Activation Feature - 8.7.2020 10:49

Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Fold 2 have an official launch date - 8.7.2020 10:50

Nintendo brings more retro games to the Switch, including Donkey Kong Country - 8.7.2020 10:52

Sad reality

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 05:54

China makes criticizing CPP rule in Hong Kong illegal worldwide

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 05:25

The tech industry comes to grips with Hong Kong’s national security law

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 10:52

Kinda sorta weakened version of EARN IT Act creeps closer

Naked Security - 8.7.2020 10:46

TIL of Craig Williamson, a Florida man who was watching "Unsolved Mysteries" and recognized himself as the missing person in Colorado. He claimed he was beaten in a robbery and developed amnesia. He was later reunited with his wife whom he had no memory of. Police are skeptical of the story.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 09:59

TIL The woman killed in the Gare Montparnasse accident was filling in for her husband at his newspaper stand

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 10:08

TIL that Pro Wrestling Great, George "The Animal" Steele, was not an animal nor was he a dummy. He was a well educated man, teacher and all-around good guy. He has a YouTube video that was uploaded a day after his death, per his instructions, that shows him sharing his life story.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 10:12

[TIL] A "Who wants to be a millionaire" contestant, Charles Ingram cheated his way to the 1 Million British Pound question by using a trick. The production team discovered that whenever Ingram read out an answer that was correct, an accomplice from the audience would make a coughing sound.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 10:22

TIL That there is an instrument you can play without physical contact it's called the theremin

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 10:39

TIL Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson made a live action/animated movie in 1973 where they got sucked into an animated world, but no studio wanted to bankroll it

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 10:40

TIL that rapper Lil Skies was a straight A student in high school, and that he graduated HS and briefly attended Shippensburg University PA before dropping out to focus on his rap career.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 10:59

Γ. Περιστέρης (ΓΕΚ ΤΕΡΝΑ): Δρομολογούμε επενδύσεις της τάξης των 3,5 – 4 δισ. ευρώ - 8.7.2020 09:46

Όμιλος ΟΤΕ: Ο απολογισμός των πολιτικών βιώσιμης ανάπτυξης το 2019 - 8.7.2020 09:46

Ανιψιά Τραμπ: Ο Ντόναλντ Τραμπ μπορεί να έχει πολλαπλές ψυχικές διαταραχές - 8.7.2020 09:47

Η εργασία σε «πρωτοφανή κρίση»: Η πανδημία αλλάζει προς το χειρότερο όλο τον πλανήτη - 8.7.2020 10:01

Δανεισμός με σχεδόν μηδενικό επιτόκιο για το ελληνικό δημόσιο - 8.7.2020 10:39

Σημαντική βράβευση για την The Kompany στα Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards 2020 - 8.7.2020 10:44

Amazon, Lee Child & John Grisham Sue ‘Kiss Library’ Pirate eBook Sites

TorrentFreak - 8.7.2020 09:30

Project mouSTer – The ultimate mouse adapter for retrocomputers

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 07:35

The GNU Name System IETF Draft

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 04:41

Ariane RISC-V CPU – An open source CPU capable of booting Linux

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 08:43

How to be a Power Google User

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 09:57

iPhone Fold might borrow a key feature from the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - 8.7.2020 09:06

AMD Ryzen 4000 desktop CPUs looking ‘great’ and on track to launch in 2020 - 8.7.2020 09:14

Jonsbo Rolls Out Angeleyes TW2 Pro Color Series AIO CPU Coolers - 8.7.2020 09:16

Spotted: Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX Processor with 8-channel DDR4 - 8.7.2020 09:16

Japan Supercomputer Suggests Life Changes Amid Airborne Coronavirus Threat - 8.7.2020 09:18

TeamGroup T-Force XTREEM ARGB Memory Takes AIDA64 Quad-Channel Memory Record - 8.7.2020 09:20

Samsung updates mid-range Galaxy A51 and A71 with flagship S20 camera features - 8.7.2020 09:26

The Bosch Design Vision shows how the ebikes of tomorrow might shape up - 8.7.2020 09:29

Probe of failed Boeing Starliner launch finds a long list of problems - 8.7.2020 09:29

Mercedes-Benz embraces the touchscreen in the new version of MBUX - 8.7.2020 09:30

Trump formally withdraws United States from World Health Organization - 8.7.2020 09:31

Out of ten demands from civil rights groups leading a Facebook ad boycott, the social media giant addressed just one — and its vague response failed to impress - 8.7.2020 09:34

South Africa’s mobile networks performance during lockdown ranked - 8.7.2020 09:38

Android phones could be hiding ‘undeletable’ malware - 8.7.2020 09:40

(PR) Synaptics to Acquire Rights to Broadcom's Wireless IoT Connectivity Business - 8.7.2020 09:42

Gboard is adding support for the new Android 11 emoji (APK download) - 8.7.2020 09:46

Apple Stores in Victoria, Australia to Reclose Following Return of Lockdown - 8.7.2020 09:46

These 2 books will strengthen your command of Python machine learning - 8.7.2020 09:49

Men have "fragile egos" because the average woman doesn't know how to tell men things in ways that make them want to listen

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 03:34

Happy Game Day!

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 04:39

He missed the throw

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 05:47

melon gang

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 07:07

welp, i tried

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 05:48

Hold on for three seconds, I won't let you down.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 07:58

If he were here he'd consume these morons with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his arse

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 06:52

UK’s Farewill raises $25M for its new approach online will writing, funerals and other death services

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 09:15

Zoom Video Communications launches new hardware as a service

Technology - 8.7.2020 08:49

Gmail for iPad update adds support for Split View multitasking

Technology - 8.7.2020 08:56

Dell launches premium XPS consumer laptops in India starting at Rs 144,807

Technology - 8.7.2020 09:06

7 in 8 Indian smartphone users seek superior fast-charging tech, OPPO leads

Technology - 8.7.2020 09:44

TIL that three sailors who perished during Franklin's lost expedition to traverse the Northwest Passage were exhumed in 1984 and were found to be the best preserved examples of a corpse since the ancient Tollund Man.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 09:34

TIL that because the UK Royal Navy's Astute class nuclear powered submarines can purify their own air and water and run on nuclear fuel, that the endurance is only limited to 90 days due to breakfast storage capacity for 18,000 sausages and 4200 Weetabix

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 09:36

TIL there are chemicals in the water that are turning the frogs transgender

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 09:47

Παγκόσμια έρευνα της Adecco: Πώς αλλάζει ο κόσμος της εργασίας στην πανδημία - 8.7.2020 08:48

ΟΟΣΑ: Στο 20,6% ο μέσος συντελεστής φορολογίας επιχειρήσεων το 2020 - 8.7.2020 09:04

Μελέτη Accenture: Αισιόδοξοι για την ανάκαμψη στην Ευρώπη εμφανίζονται οι επικεφαλής των επιχειρήσεων - 8.7.2020 09:23

Ο Λαγκάρντ δεν αλλάζει τίποτα στη νομισματική πολιτική της ΕΚΤ - 8.7.2020 09:30

Τουρκικά ΜΜΕ : Η Αγιά Σοφιά θα γίνει τζαμί – Ύβρεις και προκλήσεις κατά Ιερώνυμου και Βαρθολομαίου - 8.7.2020 09:32

ΙΟΝ: Ισχυρές επιδόσεις για την ιστορική σοκολατοβιομηχανία - 8.7.2020 09:34

Έτοιμα Γεύματα “ΑΒ You’ll love”… Italian Edition, με την υπογραφή του σεφ Άκη Πετρετζίκη - 8.7.2020 09:34

Round numbers as evidence of voter fraud

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 01:30

Google drops breaking hundred thousands of permalinks

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 07:40

Curry Before Columbus

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 07:33

Git commit accepts several message flags (-m) to allow multiline commits

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 07:58

Basic Kali Linux and Aircrack Commands For Wireless Pen Testing

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 08:07

Data Science Algorithms

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 08:12

Gaming Console Peripherals

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 08:46

Concerns Over Proposals for Slovenia’s Coronavirus Contact Tracing App - 8.7.2020 08:10

Huawei may be working on two different foldable smartphones - 8.7.2020 08:11

Scrabble tournaments may soon ban slurs, because they didn't before - 8.7.2020 08:14

The LG GX Sound Bar is an expensive audio accessory for an expensive OLED TV - 8.7.2020 08:15

Instagram Reels launches in India, just in time to take TikTok’s place - 8.7.2020 08:17

Highlights of the day: MediaTek slows down mmWave chip launch - 8.7.2020 08:17

Sky Q gets its biggest ever update – and it’s packed with new features - 8.7.2020 08:19

JBL Club series headphones come to India - 8.7.2020 08:31

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX Processor Pictured: 8-channel DDR4 - 8.7.2020 08:31

Here's an exclusive look at the pitch deck this Dubai-based proptech startup used to raise $4 million - 8.7.2020 08:34

Amazon's Alexa app now works hands-free on Android and iOS devices - 8.7.2020 08:35

Spending on smart TVs to decrease by 9.4% in second half of the year in MEA - 8.7.2020 08:36

LinkedIn will let you upload audio clips to tell people how to pronounce your name - 8.7.2020 08:42

Binance snaps up Swipe to make cryptocurrency more accessible - 8.7.2020 08:43

Audi's new Q4 Sportback e-tron concept has 'sexy back,' cool AR features inside - 8.7.2020 08:43

Building a programming language? It’s pretty much the same as playing with LEGO - 8.7.2020 08:43

Dell launches its latest XPS 13 and XPS 15 premium laptops in India - 8.7.2020 08:46

Some iPhone Users Report Significant Battery Drain Due to Music App Background Activity - 8.7.2020 08:49

Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Leaked data shows how the FBI uncovers Bitcoin laundering’ - 8.7.2020 08:50

Microsoft launches Project Freta to detect malware in Linux kernels - 8.7.2020 08:51

Tom Cruise performed this sequence where he's hanging onto a flying airplane without digital effects or a stunt double. At times the aircraft reached 5,000 feet in the air.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 02:48

For over 30 years, Daryl Davis has converted white supremacists to stop supporting racism. He has converted over 200 White supremacists to leave the KKK. He has multiple books in how Love succeeded over racism. He treats them with respect, and confronts their belief systems.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 04:37

From a little kid in the village who didn't even know what a computer was to developer

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 03:02

In race for 2020 elections, Trump accused of stoking racial tensions

International - 8.7.2020 07:50

Foreigners turn net buyers of Asian equities in June after 4 months

International - 8.7.2020 08:01

Facebook, Zoom join others to pause Hong Kong's requests for users' data

Technology - 8.7.2020 07:52

TIL Arco, ID was the first city to be powered by a breeder reactor (in 1951) and later became the first to face a nuclear meltdown too. When the reactor started generating power, it produced enough power to light 4 200-Watt light bulbs.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 08:01

TIL China is the first and only country that's currently constructing a national forensic DNA database. They aim to collect and store genetic profiles of 10% of the country's male population, which can be used to construct genetic links to China’s entire male population, roughly 700 million people.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 08:17

TIL that Encrochat was a encrypted messaging network, that run on custom phones, used by criminals to plan drug deals, murders and extortion plots. Each phone costed €1000, plus €1500 for a contract of six months, and had a “panic button” that would erase all data.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 08:44

Today i learned, Become an ultimate human lie detector in 6 minutes.learn to decipher deciet and honesty instantly.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 08:54

Καθηγητής Γώγος: Αν αυξηθεί η επιδημιολογική καμπύλη, να εξετάσουμε κλείσιμο χερσαίων συνόρων - 8.7.2020 07:48

Πέντε αναπάντητα ερωτήματα για τη λοίμωξη COVID-19 και τον SARS-CoV-2 - 8.7.2020 07:55

Πώς θα αξιοποιηθούν τα 320 εκατ. ευρώ από το ομολογιακό της Lamda Development - 8.7.2020 08:03

Η νέα εποχή για τα Ναυπηγεία Ελευσίνας: Το τιμόνι στα χέρια της ONEX - 8.7.2020 08:09

Καβάλα και Θάσος σε κατάσταση συναγερμού: Εντοπίστηκαν κρούσματα κορωνοϊού - 8.7.2020 08:44

Why Developers Stop Learning: Rise of the Expert Beginner

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 06:30

New to this game: purely subjective "blades I've tried" comparison

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 07:25

The World's deadliest animals

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 07:43

ASUS Outs New AGESA Firmware To optimize Ryzen 3000XT processors - 8.7.2020 06:40

(PR) Team T-Force XTREEM ARGB Memory Takes AIDA64 Quad-Channel Memory Record - 8.7.2020 06:44

LG Releases new Soundbar that pairs perfectly with the GX Gallery OLED TVs - 8.7.2020 06:45

TikTok algorithm promoted anti-Semitic death camp meme. TikTok has deleted a collection of videos found by the BBC to be using a "sickening" anti-Semitic song that gained more than 6.5 million views. - 8.7.2020 06:51

AMD Ryzen 4000 Pro 4350G , 4650G and Ryzen 7 4750G APUs Pop Up at Distributor - 8.7.2020 06:57

WHO To Review Evidence of Airborne Transmission of Coronavirus - 8.7.2020 07:00

Scrutiny is key to the success of digital immunity passports - 8.7.2020 07:00

Pope pulls speech on Hong Kong freedom, raising questions over Beijing pressure - 8.7.2020 07:08

Ingraham Lashes Out At Dems Who Dare Question ‘Trump Recovery’ From Coronavirus - 8.7.2020 07:21

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood slated for 2021 - exclusive to the Epic Games Store - 8.7.2020 07:27

Trump’s Old Attack On Obama Looks Really Awkward In Light Of New Allegations - 8.7.2020 07:29

US mulls a ban on TikTok and other Chinese social media apps - 8.7.2020 07:32

Watch: Jay Leno drives the subscription-only ‘car of the future’ - 8.7.2020 07:35

Rumor: Pricing and specs for upcoming GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3070? - 8.7.2020 07:37

You probably haven’t even heard of one of the best shows on TV right now - 8.7.2020 07:39

Samsung Introduces HW-Q950T and HW-Q900T - New Premium Soundbar Line-up - 8.7.2020 07:39

Microsoft takes another step towards killing off the Control Panel in Windows 10 - 8.7.2020 07:43

so glad he got to do that

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 03:46

Licensed Dad Joke

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 04:56

IATA air traveller survey shows coronavirus pandemic concerns globally

International - 8.7.2020 06:49

US announces visa restrictions on Chinese officials over access to Tibet

International - 8.7.2020 07:08

Students taking combination of in-person, online courses can get visas: US

International - 8.7.2020 07:11

Enterprise architecture software company LeanIX raises $80M Series D

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 07:00

Instagram starts testing TikTok competitor feature Reels in India

Technology - 8.7.2020 07:07

Instagram begins testing 'Shops' feature with select users for online store

Technology - 8.7.2020 07:33

TIL About 120,000 Chinese tourists visited North Korea in 2018, compared to fewer than 5,000 Western tourists. The Chinese government also offers 60 students full scholarships to North Korean universities each year and 70 other Chinese students pay their own way there

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 07:05

TIL about The Independent, the tallest building in Austin, Texas. It has been nicknamed the "Jenga Tower" and the "Tetris Tower" due to the unique design of “overhanging / suspended” sections

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 07:12

TIL A mathematician named Nicolas Bourbaki who has made many strides in mathematics, never even was a real person, but was a collective pseudonym for a group of mathematicians who wrote their own textbooks

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 07:16

TIL there's a type of rabbit-sized mini deer (chevrotain)

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 07:23

TIL the Lurie family tree is considered the oldest (3000 years old, started 1037 BCE) family tree in existence. It begins with King David and continues up to the present day and includes among its members Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx and many kings of Judah, and almost every Ashkenazi Jew in existence.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 07:24

TIL most of the Total War franchise's music was composed by Jeff Van Dyck. His wife Angela van Dyck even features in some of Rome Total War's songs like Forever, which plays during the credits and Angela also wrote the lyrics for the song Divinitus, written in quasi-Latin

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 07:26

TIL that when a friend of Kurt Cobain wrote "Kurt smells like teen spirit" on a wall,he assumed it was anti-establishment slogan and wrote the hit song. However,months later he found out his friend had been making fun of him,as his girlfriend wore Teen spirit,a deodorant marketed to teenage girls.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 07:26

TIL that in US food labeling, the term "natural" essentially means nothing and does not ensure that the product is unprocessed or all natural in any way.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 07:28

TIL of Globophobia or the fear of balloons. Suffers of globophobia generally fear the sound of balloons popping and will normally refuse to touch, feel or go near them for fear of popping them.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 07:29

TIL that orange (fruit) was named first.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 07:35

Αντιδράσεις προκαλεί η απόφαση της Βρετανίας να ξαναρχίσει τις πωλήσεις όπλων στη Σαουδική Αραβία - 8.7.2020 06:57

Η Mytilineos επενδύει στρατηγικά στο μέλλον της βιώσιμης ανάπτυξης - 8.7.2020 07:23

Εφορία: Τέλος τα γκισέ – Ποιες υποθέσεις θα εξυπηρετούνται με courier και e-mail - 8.7.2020 07:26

EquiFund: Κεφάλαια άνω των 96 εκατ. ευρώ έχουν λάβει έως τώρα επιχειρήσεις από την πρωτοβουλία - 8.7.2020 07:35

Dog able to verbally communicate with people

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 06:22

Tucker Carlson Calls Combat Vet Tammy Duckworth A ‘Coward’ For Not Debating Him - 8.7.2020 05:14

Privacy-Focused OS Wants to Know How Facebook and the FBI Hacked it - 8.7.2020 05:27

Nintendo Switch Online is adding 'Donkey Kong Country' this month - 8.7.2020 05:31

Google Maps tests showing traffic lights on Android - 8.7.2020 05:34

Amy Kennedy Defeats Democratic Machine In South Jersey House Primary - 8.7.2020 05:43

Pump up the jam and save 30% on a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 - 8.7.2020 06:00

We got an exclusive look at the pitch deck will writing startup Farewill used to raise $25 million - 8.7.2020 06:00

You can now access Emoji 13.0 on Android 11 with latest Gboard beta - 8.7.2020 06:28

Instagram introduces Reels in India fill the nation’s TikTok-sized void - 8.7.2020 06:29

3 neck-stretching routines you can easily do at your desk - 8.7.2020 06:30

Mafia remake has been postponed to September 25 - 8.7.2020 06:31

What's really happening in the world

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 03:25

Expert opinion

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 02:06

Brazil's president Bolsonaro says hydroxychloroquine to cure his virus

International - 8.7.2020 06:32

Nepal Communist Party's Standing Committee meeting adjourned till July 10

International - 8.7.2020 06:32

Blavity has a big opportunity with Black millennials, despite struggling to fit the VC formula

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 06:23

Facebook expands Instagram Reels to India

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 06:31

Samsung to host online Galaxy Unpacked event 2020 on August 5: Details here

Technology - 8.7.2020 06:02

Hackers break into 570 e-commerce stores including in India: Gemini report

Technology - 8.7.2020 06:15

Instagram rolls out 'pinned comment' feature for everyone: Details here

Technology - 8.7.2020 06:18

AORUS team up with NVIDIA for South Asia Tournament in Call of Duty, PUBG

Technology - 8.7.2020 06:20

Instagram rolls out pinned comments feature to all for user engagement

Technology - 8.7.2020 06:32

Quick Picture Viewer is an open source program with a picture-in-picture mode, slideshow and screenshot tool

gHacks Technology News - 8.7.2020 05:15

TIL Mary Kay Letourneau's father John G. Schmitz once ran for President of the United States, and was such an extreme right-winger, the ultra-conservative John Birch Society expelled him

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 06:06

TIL That At Least 29 Canadians Were Awarded The Medal of Honor For Serving in the American Civil War

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 06:32

TIL hardgainers (people who struggle to gain weight) can subconsciously burn upwards of a 1,000 calories per day just from sitting and standing, easily while doing nothing.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 06:34

TIL the world will start running out of fresh water by 2040

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 06:49

TIL vanilla beans are seed pods that grow on an orchid plant. The vanilla orchid grows like a vine and flowers after reaching 20-30ft in length. Once the flowers bloom they only remain open a few hours, and when they're pollinated (generally by hand) the seed pods develop.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 06:51

Politico: Γιατί το Ταμείο Ανάκαμψης δεν θα βοηθήσει - 8.7.2020 05:50

Πανελλαδική στάση εργασίας σήμερα στο Δημόσιο από την ΑΔΕΔΥ - 8.7.2020 05:56

Από το 2016 πλασματικά τα μεγέθη της Wirecard - 8.7.2020 06:04

Ρεκόρ 60.000 μολύνσεων και πάνω από 1.100 νεκροί σε 24 ώρες στις ΗΠΑ - 8.7.2020 06:09

Πότε και πώς δίνονται φοροαπαλλαγές σύμφωνα με τους επενδυτικούς νόμους - 8.7.2020 06:35

Ο Μπόρις Τζόνσον προειδοποιεί την ΕΕ: Η Βρετανία μπορεί και χωρίς συμφωνία - 8.7.2020 06:40

Better Synonym

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 05:33

Mask protection efficiency

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 05:56

Show HN: ip2unix – Turn IP sockets into Unix domain sockets - 8.7.2020 03:54

Best smartwatch deals for July 2020: Samsung, Fitbit, and Apple Watch sales - 8.7.2020 04:01

N. K. Jemisin’s Dream Worlds - 8.7.2020 04:32

BrandPost: AI Conversations: Reimagining Success in Higher-Education - 8.7.2020 04:40

Fig: Visual Apps and Shortcuts for Your Terminal - 8.7.2020 04:49

AMD Offers Assassin's Creed Valhalla to New Ryzen Buyers - 8.7.2020 05:12

Raijintek Intros EOS 12 RBW ADD Fans - 8.7.2020 05:22

His accent makes the video

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 02:13

Masks grant advantage on the roll.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 01:51

That’s not something you should ever try to do

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 02:04

Real Life Lessons

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 01:14

Policy change on foreign students is misguided: US varsities and lawmakers

International - 8.7.2020 04:34

US airlines reach deal on govt loans as Covid-19 threatens demand, jobs

International - 8.7.2020 05:22

China's espionage, intellectual property theft 'greatest threat' to US: FBI

International - 8.7.2020 05:46

OnePlus Nord-series smartphone set to go official on July 21: Details here

Technology - 8.7.2020 05:13

From Samsung to Jabra: A selection of TWS earphones for calls and music

Technology - 8.7.2020 05:47 Special Defacements - 8.7.2020 05:43

TIL laser hair removal is sometimes used after gender reassignment surgery to remove hair growth in the vagina.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 05:12

TIL that George Orwell, the author of 1984 and Animal Farm, was actually a pseudonym for author Eric Arthur Blair.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 05:14

TIL Final Fantasy 7 was originally going to be set in New York City in 1999. It partially resembled the final story, the main characters were still part of an organization trying to destroy Mako reactors but they were pursued by a hot-blooded detective named Joe and eventually blew up the city.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 05:34

TIL Founded in 1898, the focus for Belgium's Royal Museum for Central Africa has shifted from the degradation the Congolese people faced under Belgian rule to an anthropological celebration and a space for contemporary African art. After a $84 million facelift, it became the AfricaMuseum in 2018

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 05:45

Σε δημόσια δημόσια διαβούλευση το νέο φορολογικό νομοσχέδιο: Τι προβλέπει - 8.7.2020 05:41

Increase in delirium, rare brain inflammation and stroke linked to Covid-19

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 02:35

Yoloface-500k: ultra-light real-time face detection model, 500kb

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 03:00

TikTok cuts off the edges of your videos - here's how to avoid that

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 04:04

New Bill Looks to One-Up Previous Anti-Encryption Law by Requiring Backdoors in Nearly Every Electronic Device - 8.7.2020 03:38

Civil rights leaders are still fed up with Facebook over hate speech - 8.7.2020 03:47

iOS 14 could let you make Apple Pay purchases by scanning QR codes - 8.7.2020 03:58

Save over £1,000 on this extensive coding class bundle - 8.7.2020 04:00

Apple Stores in Melbourne area reclose after lockdown returns - 8.7.2020 04:00

U.S. is probing allegations TikTok violated children’s privacy - 8.7.2020 04:02

MediaTek to push back launch of mmWave 5G chips - 8.7.2020 04:04

Check your router now - it could be a huge Linux security risk - 8.7.2020 04:25

Never Have I Seen So Much Fake Unemployment and Jobs Data by the Bureau of Labor - 8.7.2020 04:25

Mary Kay Letourneau, Former 6th Grade Teacher Jailed For Raping Student, Dies - 8.7.2020 04:27

Manage & secure your business data to keep your company safe - 8.7.2020 04:28

Become a data analytics expert with this set of accessible classes - 8.7.2020 04:30

NACON Announces Partnership with Microsoft to Create Licensed Xbox Controllers - 8.7.2020 04:48

I’m working on a dashboard which maps 600,000 Paycheck Protection loans so that you can see which businesses in your neighborhood were able to get funding and which were not. It’s a slow process, but after running code all day I have 9 states done. [OC]

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 00:56

Pilot celebrates at her graduation as the first black female tactical jet pilot in US Navy history.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 01:52

Germany's DHL to cut 2,200 jobs at UK Jaguar Land Rover plants, save costs

International - 8.7.2020 04:17

Mozilla suspends Firefox Send service temporarily

gHacks Technology News - 8.7.2020 04:51

TIL The Internet weighs the same as a strawberry (approx. 50 grams). Because the internet is run by electrons, which has a very miniscule mass.

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TIL Pluto and its moon Charon are mutually tidally locked. This means they are both always facing each other with the same hemispheres, so Charon would appear to be "fixed" in a point in the sky from the surface of Pluto rather than rising or setting.

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TIL a new national park was created at the end of 2019

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TIL that Molly Norris, the cartoonist responsible for starting "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day", was forced by the FBI to change her identity after Islamists put her on a hit list. As of 2015, she's still in hiding.

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Types of Keto Diet

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Battle Rope Workout

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 03:13

Body Building Workouts

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 03:17

For all you Bass fisherman

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 03:20

Beginners Muscle Building Workout

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 03:21

Plant Based Protein

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 03:29

I drew a pictorial NATO alphabet guide [OC]

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 03:57

Scientists warn of potential wave of Covid-linked brain damage - 8.7.2020 02:35

Woman Filmed Coughing On Baby Loses Her School District Job - 8.7.2020 03:00

Grab this exclusive 10% off Squarespace coupon code to build your next website - 8.7.2020 03:00

ASUS Intros RT-AX89X AX6000 Gaming Router with Dual 10GbE Ports - 8.7.2020 03:01

Apple Pay QR code support could be coming soon - 8.7.2020 03:12

This new ‘super material’ is like Kevlar on steroids - 8.7.2020 03:14

Firefox for Android fixes critical security vulnerability in latest update (APK Download) - 8.7.2020 03:17

Tucker Carlson Accused Of Echoing White Supremacist Talking Points On Fox News - 8.7.2020 03:20

DOJ indicts 'fxmsp' hacker who reportedly breached hundreds of companies - 8.7.2020 03:21

City Builds Open-Access Broadband Network With Google Fiber As Its First ISP - 8.7.2020 03:30

OnePlus Nord price leaked ahead of AR launch event - 8.7.2020 03:42

(PR) Cherry Launches WeTex Hygienic Keyboard Covers - 8.7.2020 03:45

Dog park and a trophy 🏆

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 00:07

It's tough being a kid

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 00:15

Motivation is key.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 00:04

Very Normal behavior in a Very Normal country

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 00:31

I made life-sized Pokemon out of LEGO.

reddit: the front page of the internet - 8.7.2020 01:48

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus

International - 8.7.2020 03:22

US probing allegations TikTok failed to protect children's privacy: Report

International - 8.7.2020 03:23

Donald Trump paid someone to take his SATs: Niece in scathing tell-all book

International - 8.7.2020 03:52

Too little, too late: Facebook’s Oversight Board won’t launch until ‘late fall’

TechCrunch - 8.7.2020 03:47

Samsung to launch Galaxy Note20-series, other Galaxy devices on August 5

Technology - 8.7.2020 03:30

TIL how one way mirrors work, One-way mirrors are coated with a half-silvered layer, allowing the mirror to reflect half the light that strikes its surface.

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TIL of Brian Moran, 31, a minor league pitcher with the Toronto Blue Jays. In 2019, in his major league debut, Moran pitched a scoreless inning. He struck out one batter, his brother, Colin Moran.

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TIL DavesFrameClass was the window class that drew the CPU meter on the Performance page of Task Manager

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 03:45

TIL That you don't actually need to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.

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Introduction to BigQuery Feed - 8.7.2020 02:39

Deep Learning in Finance: Is This the Future of the Financial Industry? Feed - 8.7.2020 03:20

5 Ways Conversational AI Will Revolutionize Your Contact Center Feed - 8.7.2020 03:26

Why “I don’t have time” is a lie

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 02:26

DOJ indict Fxmsp hacker for selling access to hacked orgs, AV firms - 8.7.2020 01:44

Feds Charge Seventh eBay Exec Over Obsessive Plot to Cyberstalk Critical Bloggers - 8.7.2020 01:45

iPhone 12 Sizes Compared with iPhone SE, 7, 8, SE 2, X, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max - 8.7.2020 01:49

Nokia 1 Android 10 update has started rolling out - 8.7.2020 01:51

WNBA Players Call For Senator Kelly Loeffler To Be Booted From League - 8.7.2020 01:57

SUV plows into BLM protest in NYC's Times Square, similar potentially deadly attacks happening around U.S. - 8.7.2020 01:58

Upcoming Google Home improvements include Assistant routines from device makers - 8.7.2020 02:00

THE SMART SPEAKER REPORT: Smart speakers could be the fastest-growing digital platform ever — here's how to engage with customers through the devices - 8.7.2020 02:02

Security Cameras Can Tell Burglars When You're Not Home, Study Shows - 8.7.2020 02:03

This state has done the best job of containing the coronavirus - 8.7.2020 02:12

University Of California Will Have Its First Black President - 8.7.2020 02:14

Trump Promises To Pressure Governors To Reopen Schools In Fall - 8.7.2020 02:16

Finally revealed: identity of hacker blamed for stealing from 300+ companies and governments, in 44 countries - 8.7.2020 02:16

Chief Justice John Roberts Was Hospitalized Last Month After A Fall - 8.7.2020 02:27

Make serious cash as an Amazon FBA or dropshipping magnate with this comprehensive training - 8.7.2020 02:30

(PR) Intel Mobileye and WILLER Partner on Self-Driving Mobility Solutions - 8.7.2020 02:39

ARM shifts away from IoT to focus on core chip business - 8.7.2020 02:42

Sci-Hub Downloads Boost Article Citations -- And Help Academic Publishers - 8.7.2020 02:46

Despite Covid-19, Trump to 'pressure' officials to reopen schools by Sep

International - 8.7.2020 02:17

Laravel Docker Starter

PHP Classes: Latest entries - 8.7.2020 00:47

TIL Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has two easter eggs to Uncharted. One is at the intro for Crash 2 where Coco has her laptop watching Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4. Another is in the intro for Crash Warped where a photo of Nathan can be seen at Crash’s house next to the fireplace.

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TIL that George Washington ordered the entire Continental Army inoculated against smallpox despite popular resistance to the practice

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 02:05

TIL that owls have legit legs under their coats.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 02:11

TIL Donating a loved ones body to science is a free way to get cremated remain back.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 02:18

TIL that stapes (or stirrup) is the smallest bone in humans, measures roughly 3 x 2.5mm and is found in the middle ear

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 02:31

TIL there are only three native land mammals to New Zeal, and all three are Bats.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 02:33

TIL that some farm animals can reliably predict earthquakes up to 20 hours before they occur.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 02:36

TIL Chinese Martial Artist and Actor Bolo Yeung fought Bruce Lee and later, his son Brandon Lee.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 02:36

TIL the only avian dinosaurs to survive the asteroid mass extinction event were no larger than a duck and still had teeth.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 02:46

TIL An extinct bird resurfaced 30,000 years after it became extinct. The flightless bird was rendered extinct thousands of years ago when its home island became flooded by the sea, but it recently appeared on an island.

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Intel in Macs

Hacker News - 8.7.2020 00:32

12 exciting ways to get motivated

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 01:32

Cops Seize Server That Hosted BlueLeaks, DDoSecrets Says - 8.7.2020 00:45

Samsung announces its next Galaxy Unpacked event for August 5 - 8.7.2020 00:46

Google adds more accurate visualizations for shorter meetings in Calendar - 8.7.2020 00:50

Galaxy A51 and A71 get gifted with Galaxy S20 camera features - 8.7.2020 00:51

(PR) EK Water Blocks Announces EK-Quantum Inertia D5 Body D-RGB Pump-Tops - 8.7.2020 00:52

(PR) Antec Announces Earthwatts Gold PRO White 750W Model - 8.7.2020 00:58

The 10 best documentaries of 2020 so far (that you can watch right now) - 8.7.2020 01:00

LG's $1,300 sound bar is made to match the new GX series OLEDs - 8.7.2020 01:00

New Stuff - 8.7.2020 01:04

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 event will take place on August 5 - 8.7.2020 01:05

Hump-day special: Catch knocks 33% off the Dyson V7 Origin - 8.7.2020 01:08

Mathematician Ronald Graham Dies At 84 - 8.7.2020 01:09

NASA’s Mars ‘mole’ saga is getting sadder and sadder - 8.7.2020 01:10

Galaxy Watch 3 strikes a pose as it passes by Taiwan’s NCC - 8.7.2020 01:20

AMD Launches Ryzen 3000XT Series CPUs At Higher Clock Speeds To Battle Intel - 8.7.2020 01:30

Donkey Kong Country heads July’s Nintendo Switch Online games - 8.7.2020 01:31

Californians Who Allegedly Defaced Black Lives Matter Mural Face Hate Crime Charge - 8.7.2020 01:31 Special Defacements - 8.7.2020 01:26

TIL That During the Cold War, This Man, Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov, Prevented A Nuclear War Which Would Have Caused Global Devastation With Unimaginable Numbers of Civilian Deaths.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 01:01

TIL A study testing the idea of negative calorie foods, by feeding fasted bearded dragons celery and inspecting their feces and urate after meals, found celery and other foods to not be negative calorie. But, they do contribute to generating a negative energy budget and thus the loss of body weight.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 01:21

TIL There is a 2 foot wide panel studded with 100 mirrors on the moon, which astronomers can use to measure the distance between earth and the moon extremely accurately.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 01:25

TIL that Rhea Perlman (Carla from Cheers) is and has been married to Danny DeVito since 1982

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 01:35

TIL that the destruction wrought by Genghis Khan led to about 700 million tons of carbon being removed from the atmosphere thanks to previously cultivated land becoming depopulated and forested - equivalent to a year of global demand for petrol today.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 01:35

TIL that irukandji jellyfish are both the smallest and one of the most venomous jellyfish in the world. There stings are so severe they can cause fatal brain hemorrhages and have been described as "100 times as potent as that of a cobra and 1,000 times stronger than a tarantula's".

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 01:36

TIL that Kidz Bop is still ongoing, having released their 40th album in November 2019.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 01:41

TIL there are 14 Land Before Time movies spanning 28 years

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 02:00

User data gathered by platform

newest submissions : coolguides - 8.7.2020 00:15

DocuSign expands into remote notary business with $38M deal to buy Liveoak Technologies - 8.7.2020 00:00

Only 9% of Visitors Give GDPR Consent To Be Tracked - 8.7.2020 00:02

Clouds Hover Over TikTok: The Information’s Tech Briefing - 8.7.2020 00:02

U.S. is investigating claims that TikTok violated children's privacy - 8.7.2020 00:05

Civil rights groups called their meeting with Facebook execs a 'disappointment' and said the company isn't ready to address the platform's 'vitriolic hate' - 8.7.2020 00:13

A ton of details about the new OnePlus Nord just leaked - 8.7.2020 00:15

A San Francisco tech CEO was filmed leveling a racist rant against an Asian family at a California restaurant - 8.7.2020 00:27

Ubuntu 19.10 set to reach end-of-life this month - 8.7.2020 00:30

Cat food recall: Natural Balance pulled for 'deadly' side effects - 8.7.2020 00:33

TIL about Nasubi, a contestant on a Japanese game show who was forced to live alone, naked, in a small room and required to enter contests in magazines to provide him with physical objects, such as food and cloths. He never knew he was on TV as the producers had lied to him. Show ran for 15 months.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 00:21

TIL Sea Lions are considered to have the foulest-smelling flatulence of any animal, "by far"

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 00:27

TIL: Humanity invented nuclear weapons before we invented compound bows.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 00:48

TIL JK Rowling helped Luna Lovegood actress Evanna Lynch from Harry Potter overcome an eating disorder when she was 11, 12 years old. While she was in and out of the hospital, she became pen pals with Rowling and "her books and her kindness really made me want to live again"

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 00:58

TIL of the Everleigh Club, a former brothel in Chicago, Illinois, that was in operation from 1900 to October 1911, would serve iced clam juice and a tablet of aspirin as a starter for breakfast, which began at 2:00 in the afternoon.

newest submissions : todayilearned - 8.7.2020 00:59

Build a Serverless Email to SMS Gateway with Twilio and AWS Lambda

JSFeeds - 8.7.2020 00:25